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WWE RAW Results – December 14, 2020

WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results will be updated live throughout the show, so make sure to check back for the latest results as they happen.

Emanating live from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field, Tampa, Florida –tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw features the g0-home show before WWE’s TLC PPV Event on Sunday 20th

Already announced for tonight’s show:

  • Jeff Hardy & The New Day vs. The Hurt Business
  • Lana takes on rival Nia Jax as both competitors look to gain momentum ahead of WWE TLC
  • Matt Riddle vs. MVP
  • AJ Styles vs. Sheamus as Drew McIntyre watches on following an Ascension Ceremony
  • The Firefly FunHouse goes on a class trip to the ThunderDome.

The Dirt Sheet Presents ‘The Nightmare Before TLC’

  • The Miz begins by announcing that John Morrison and himself will face off against Keith Lee in a handicap match later on tonight
  • The ring is filled with a ladder, Christmas presents and a large decorated Christmas Tree
  • We then get a full on pantomime production of the upcoming events at TLC, including John Morrison dressed up as Robert the Bruce.
  • Styles and The Miz begin to argue, following Mr.Money in the Bank’s premonition that Styles will fail and The Miz will leave TLC WWE Champion
  • Sheamus interrupts to run off The Dirt Sheet and tell Styles he is tired of him running his mount and he wants their match to take place right now.

Analysis: Over the last few weeks of the WWE Raw Results I have critiqued the repetitive opening pattern of RAW, a 5-10 minute promo segment from one of the same five or six performers. This technically continues the issue outlined in those WWE Raw results, however, I think it was in principle unique enough to feel different and less repetitive than previous weeks have felt. Something is missing from RAW’s main event at the moment and I think it is the lack any real juicy story to get stuck into. NXT & AEW have loads and SmackDown has the Reign’s storyline, meanwhile RAW seems to be treading water until we get to Drew vs. Sheamus.

AJ Styles defeats Sheamus via pinfall in 16:01

  • Sheamus is working a snugger boxing-style-game early on in the match, this allows the former champion to control and limit the pace and agility of Styles.
  • Omos and Sheamus go close to blows on a series of occasions, the distraction creating openings for the Phenomenal One to get back into the match.
  • ‘The Celtic Warrior’ is nearly counted out on the outside following a strategic chop block from McIntyre’s TLC opponent, however he is able to slide back in at a count of eight.
  • As Sheamus finds some momentum Omos plucks Styles out of Sheamus’ arms and puts himself between the two competitors
  • Returning from the Ad-Break, Omos’ involvement has allowed Styles to regain the momentum and work over the legs of the bigger man to weaken him for the Calf Crusher Submission.
  • The ‘Ten Beats of The Bodhran’ blisters Styles ribcage and gives Sheamus the opening to hand Drew McIntyre a weakened opponent at TLC.
  • ‘White Noise’ gives us a near-fall, with Styles only just managing to muster up the strength to kick out at 2.
  • Styles sweeps the leg of Sheamus on the second rope before converting the fall into a quick pinfall for the win.
  • As Sheamus attempts to attack Styles after the bell, Omos grabs him and ties him up in the ropes by the feet, before working Sheamus’ upper body and left knee over with a Steel Chair.

Analysis: From a purely in-ring POV, this match was solid, two very talented performers working at a TV Match pacing. Omos proved effective once again even if he is still yet to do anything physical in-ring, possibly due to the rumours Vince McMahon has asked both him and Keith Lee to improve as performers. The most match beat down angle was much needed heading into Sunday’s PPV, Styles -to this point- has been very trivial since his movement to RAW from Friday Night Smackdown, and with McIntyre a slightly comically booked champion at points, it had led to a very flat title feud with little build. This changes that, this gives Styles some edge and Drew a reason to be angry at his challenger and to bring out the best side of the McIntyre Character, angry McIntyre.

The Hurt Business defeat Jeff Hardy & The New Day [With Bro E] via Submission in 12.29

  • Prior to the match Riddle approaches The New Day & Hardy and suggests that because they are missing Big E, that ‘Bro E’ is in their corner tonight before his match again the leader of the ‘The Butthurt Business’ MVP later tonight.
  • Jeff Hardy suggests that they give ‘The Hardy Bruhs’ a shot after all.
  • The opening segment of the match consists of a variety of quick tags with the face team taking out Lashley and working over Alexander and Benjamin to hold control of the match heading into the segment Ad-Break.
  • Nasty spill to the outside as Lashley tosses Kingston to the outside causing the former World Champion to almost land head first.
  • Xavier Woods plays Jeff Hardy’s theme on Francesca throughout the match.
  • Benjamin locks in a Camel Clutch on Kingston whilst using the ropes for added leverage, aiming to work on the Lumbar region of the Tag Team Champion
  • Alexander continues to show off his character devolution as he over confidently taunts Woods and Hardy allowing Kingston to finally make the tag into his partners and escape the beatdown of The Hurt Business.
  • The New Day get over ambitious with a series of suicide dives, and a reversal from Lashley creates the opening for the US Champion to isolate Hardy
  • Lashley reverses the Twist of Fate into The Hurt Lock to pick up the win for his team.

Analysis: Firstly, regardless of the in-ring action of this match, some combination of The New Day and The Hurt Business facing off has featured on nearly every episode of WWE Raw since these WWE RAW Results posts began with the WWE Draft. No matter how good something is, or how much potential it has, if you oversaturate it/over expose it like has occurred here then it becomes stale. At this point I want to see both teams take on literally another tag team on the roster. Additionally, outside of the in-ring action, the teaming of The New Day and Jeff Hardy has come at such an unfortunate time for the WWE. That is a pairing made for the WWE House Show loop, shows consisting of much younger fans who adore The New Day’s shenanigans and bright colours but also love the charming charisma of Hardy, I can see the merchandise sales from here. Finally, I want to draw attention to the fantastic character work being done by Cedric Alexander, since joining The Hurt Business he has gone from generic underdog to increasingly over-confident young lion. He is the baby of the team and is acting out of line, going against the values of The Hurt Business before quickly realising his role. The eventual Alexander vs Lashley feud could do wonders for elevating Alexander to the level he is capable of performing at given his incredible in-ring ability.

Lana defeats Nia Jax via pinfall in 2:01

  • Lana pays the price of bravery early one after attempting to take on Jax in a test of strength/coller-and-elbow tie up.
  • The former Ravashing Russian converts a power bomb attempt into a fantastic Hurricanrana
  • Jax takes Lana up to the top rope for an Avalanche Samoan Drop attempt, however, Lana sweeps the legs of Jax causing her to come crashing down.
  • Lana takes advantage, piling on a quick pinfall and picking up the win over the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion
  • Post match, Baszler takes out Asuka and Jax attacks Lana.
  • The duo then work over the leg and knee of Lana as she screams for mercy in pain.
  • Segment ends with Asuka coming back out to make the save as commentary puts over the seriousness of Lana’s injuries.

Analysis: There are tiers of uncomfortability in wrestling, something like Roman vs Jey Uso at HIAC was deliberately hard to watch but in an effective manner. It made you route for Jey and get behind him whilst selling the character change in Roman. Meanwhile this is just unpleasant to watch uncomfortable, it doesn’t make me route for Lana or dislike Nia and Shayna. Instead, it just makes me want the segment to end as its not enjoyable to watch. Additionally, the road agents at WWE have been guilty over the last few months of allowing identical finishes in several matches on the same show, in last weeks WWE Raw Results It was the low blow finish/non finish and this week we have had 2/3 matches finishes with a knocked off the top rope spot.

Elias Introduces us to Jaxson Ryker, R-Truth Interrupts

  • As Elias introduces us to his new electric guitar, replacing his classic acoustic look, he also introduces us to his new security guard/guardian angel… Jaxson Ryker
  • Elias begins to play us a concert with Ryker leading a chant when 24/7 Champion R-Truth interrupts.
  • Truth is here to apologise for interrupting on Main Event last week…by interrupting on RAW.
  • The 24/7 division run out to attempt to capture the prestigious Championship from Truth, only for Ryker to clean house ending with a huge sit-out chokeslam onto Metalic

Analysis: I will give it some time to play out, especially because the sit-out chokeslam from Ryker was genuinely impressive, but I am not a fan of this pairing on paper and that’s purely from a wrestling POV. The 24/7 Division should really be left in 2020 as the writers are clearly out of ideas for it which is completely understandable, it was a short gag that has lasted far too long.

The Miz & John Morrison defeat Keith Lee In a Handicap Match via pinfall in 6:07

  • Despite the superior power game of the former NXT Champion, Morrison & Miz are able to gain control early on utilising quick tags and underhanded tactics
  • Keith Lee regains control quickly however, body checking Morrison over the top rope onto The Miz on the outside as we move to our first Ad-Break of the segment
  • A double-flapjack followed up with a snap DDT and Standing Shooting Star Press regains control for The Dirt Sheet
  • ‘Grizzly Magnum’ gives Lee a glimpse of control before the numbers advantage immediately plays back into Miz and Morrison’s favour.
  • Commentary are still debating the rule of the match, seemingly unable to decide if this is a tornado handicap match or if Miz and Morrison are meant to be tagging in and out.
  • Keith Lee regains control, however, a chop block / spring board combination followed by a double pin allows The Miz & John Morrison to pick up the win.

Analysis: This was truly a bit of a nothing segment, the in-ring action was limited and the construction of the match [including commentary] was a bit of a mess. Arguing over the rules of the match, telling the audience one thing whilst the other happens is truly distracting and removes from the action. Keith Lee looked like a chump throughout this match and a shadow of the man that dominated Survivor Series 2019. I understand keeping Miz strong for a potential cash-in but Keith Lee is not the performer to use to achieve this. I do not know what the future holds for the Limitless One but a few changes are needed to kickstart his rise to the top should those in charge truly see him in this role.

The Firefly FunHouse Christmas Field Trip

  • Wyatt kicks off the segment introducing his friends in the ThunderDome crowd, including Mercy the Buzzard and the whole crew.
  • The former Universal Champion continues on, recapping the events of last weeks show including The Fiends’ interruption of their match.
  • Sadness is all that will exist after TLC according to Wyatt, who introduces a celebration of laughter tonight featuring a selection of jokes
  • What follows is a series of Tim Vine-esque one liners before Orton interrupts the segment via a message on the titantron
  • Orton invites Wyatt to come play a game of Hide and Seek tonight on WWE Raw, in a continuation of the mind games discussed in last weeks WWE Raw Results article.
  • Later in the night Wyatt is walking around backstage attempting to find Orton when he bumps into Riddle, the former NXT Tag Team Champion pitches Bro-Nouns to Wyatt before asking Rambling Rabbit to sign a Carrot for his bunny at home who is a big fan.
  • R-Truth and Huskis share a moment discussing life in the pen, before Wyatt appears telling him not to talk to strangers setting up Truth to tell him to listen to his father.
  • Wyatt finds a rocking chair in a black room and cannot resist it, this allows Orton to jump him from behind and lock him inside a box.
  • Orton sets the box a light, leading to The Fiend emerging from the fire and laying out Orton with The Claw.

Analysis: This weeks episode of The Firefly FunHouse featured the puppets at ringside and on site, it had a mass of comedic potential especially regarding mini Vince. Instead the puppet pals were simply at ring side for a source of diegetic laughter. The game of hide and seek will likely lead to a small brawl between the Orton and Wyatt before some Fiend spookiness occurs. Reviewing this analysis now having seen the full segment, it is a lot more enjoyable than originally seemed. The interactions with Riddle and Truth were fun and wacky and the segment ended with Bray Wyatt being burned alive and The Fiend rising from the fire.

Mace defeats Ricochet via pinfall in 4:18

  • Very simple size vs. speed story told within the ring with the main focus of the segment being Ali on commentary
  • A lovely Wheel Kick from Mace gives him the control in the opening segments of the match
  • As commentary ask why Mace is the way he is, Ali directs the question back to Joe who the former Cruiserweight Champion claims is sitting in Mace’s seat
  • A combination of attacks/distractions from the Retribution members allows Mace to pick up the win in decisive fashion

Analysis: There are a lot needed but this was a positive small step in the rebuild of RETRIBUTION’s legitimacy. Not only did Mace pick up a dominant win of Ricochet, but, the discussion of Mace’s past and tying in Joe’s involvement was great postive character development for the former Dio Maddin. As much as I would like to see the faction move on now, we are set to get Ricochet beat downs every week until he joins the group so it is unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Dana Brooke defeats Shayna Baszler via DQ in 1:44

  • As the match kicks off, commentary announce that due to the injuries sustained by Lana at the hands of Nia and Shayna earlier in the show she is unable to compete at WWE TLC
  • Before the match can get underway Nia pushes Dana off the top rope leading to the DQ
  • Nia and Shayna beat down Dana before her partner Mandy Rose returns to make the save
  • Asuka and Mandy work together to clear out the ring and rescue Dana Brooke

Analysis: I guess this means Lana and Nia is going all the way to the Rumble and possibly WrestleMania. The Tag Team Champions have lost far too often recently for my liking and those titles once again should be on NXT. If Mandy Rose and Asuka is a team moving forward I am not completely against it, I think Mandy is legitimately very good and it could set her up for a serious programme against Asuka down the line. In a dream scenario, Io Shiari would appear on Sunday win the belts and bring them to NXT and defended them once a month with Asuka but that is unlikely.

Riddle defeats MVP via pinfall in 1:30

  • Riddle immediately hits the Final Flash Knee Strike
  • The Ultimate Bro then follows up with the Broton for the win
  • Matt Riddle then avoids Lashley’s attack escaping just in time

Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles face-off at the Ascension Ceremony ahead of WWE TLC

  • Styles kicks off the segment talking down Drew’s accomplishments and how long it took him to get to top of the WWE, when Styles did it in less than a year.
  • McIntyre rebuts, stating that Styles is a dream match of his but AJ needs to realise that he is the champion that took WWE throughout uncharted times in 2020 and he is more than prepared to take on Styles.
  • The WWE Champion quotes William Wallace stating “every man dies but not every man lives”
  • As the title is raised above the ring, Styles makes a last remark stating that Drew might be prepared to take on Styles for the title in a TLC match but what if its not just him?
  • On queue Morrison and The Miz jump McIntyre from behind with a ladder, although Drew manages to clear The Dirt Sheet out the ring, Styles is able to beat down McIntyre using a range of weapons and tools including Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Stairs…all with the assistance of Omos.
  • The show ends with Styles putting McIntyre through a table and climbing up the ladder to receive the title, a sign of things to come?

Overall this was an above average episode of WWE Raw and was one of the more enjoyable shows to write the WWE Raw Results for. The show had solid pacing and at no point felt like it was dragging or stalling. A few good decisions such as the pairing of Riddle and Hardy and the evolution of Cedric Alexander but also a few questionable including removing Lana from the TLC match that is solely built around her after 11 weeks of build and the repeat finishes back-to-back. The opening and closing segments uniquely felt repetitive and refreshing at the same time which is an impressive feat for sure.

Almost everything on the show is worth checking out for the most part, the sub three minute matches can easily be skipped and Keith Lee vs The Miz and Morrison is the definition of inconsequential booking so that can be missed out as well if you are trying to only watch what matters.

Make sure to check back again on Wednesday, for live results from the upcoming AEW and NXT episodes featuring the fallout from both WarGames and Winter is Coming.

WWE RAW Results will return next week as we see the fallout from this Sunday’s upcoming WWE TLC PPV Event.