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WWE RAW Results – April 19, 2021

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Find out everything thatโ€™s set to go down tonight on WWE RAW!

WWE RAW will emanate from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida as the red brand presents its second episode post-WrestleMania 37, with WrestleMania Backlash set to take place in three weeks!

Charlotte Flair will clash with long time rival Asuka whilst Drew McIntyre will face off against last weeks shock re-debuts Mace & T-Bar.

Elsewhere on the show: Weโ€™re also likely to see appearances from the likes of Damian Priest, Braun Strowman after his definite win over Shane McMahon inside a steel cage on night 1 as well as Randy Orton, The Fiend and Alexa Bliss following their bizarre match which opened night 2 of WrestleMania.

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Summarised Results:

  • The Viking Raiders defeat Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander via Pinfall (The VikingExperience)
  • Riddle defeats Randy Orton via pinfall(Crucifix Pin).
  • Sheamus announces United States Championship Open Challenge.
  • Lana & Naomi defeat Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax via pinfall (Double-Facebuster)
  • Elias defeats Kofi Kingston via pinfall(Flying Elbow Drop)
  • Drew McIntyre defeats Mace & T-Bar via DQ
  • Mace & T-Bar defeat Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre via DQ.
  • RETRIBUTION unmasked on RAW
  • Damien Priest defeats The Miz via pinfall (Hit the Lights).
  • Sheamus‘ United States Championship Open Challenge is answered by Humberto Carrillo
  • Asuka defeats Charlotte via pinfall (Roll-up)

Drew McIntyre opens WWE RAW, Mace & T-Bar attack.

  • McIntyre recaps last weeks events including his victory over Randy Orton & Braun Strowman before discussing Mace and T-Bar’s jumping of him post match.
  • MVP [debuting a new theme] makes his way down to the ring to deny the allegations that he hired Mace & T-Bar before warning McIntyre to expect the unexpected.
  • MVP reiterates that Lashley is the one calling the shots not him and more so Lashley has already beaten McIntyre himself so why would he need help to do it again.
  • McIntyre approaches MVP only to be jumped by Mace & T-Bar and left lying following the double-chokeslam.
  • Post segment interview in which T-Bar and Mace list animals before comparing McIntyre to a Sabre Tooth Tiger in that he will soon be extinct.
  • McIntyre demands Pearce give him a match against T-Bar and Mace, Pearce demands McIntyre finds a partner.

The Viking Raiders defeat Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander

  • Erik and Benjamin start things off exchanging heavy strikes and grapples before Benjamin tags in the faster and more agile ‘Prime’ Alexander.
  • Eventually Ivar makes the tag and immediately swings the momentum back in The Viking Raiders’ favour.
  • Benjamin keeps Ivar in a heel hook to isolate him from Erik before transitioning into an Ankle Lock, eventually however Ivar Cartwheels out into the tag.
  • Alexander hits a beautiful Tornado DDT onto Erik however Ivar breaks up the pinfall attempt.
  • Erik catches Alexander mid-air following a Springboard attempt, The Raiders then hit The Viking Experience to pick up the win for the second week running.
  • Post-match, Riddle interrupts a Randy Orton interview suggesting seeing as they both don’t have titles they should team and form RK-Bro.
  • Orton simply ignores Riddle and walks away.

The Viking Raiders defeat Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander via Pinfall (The Viking Experience).

Charlotte Flair addresses Rhea Ripley and Asuka

  • Charlotte states that she is the “Biggest Star in this Division”, she runs down the locker room calling them lame and fake.
  • Charlotte debuts her new nickname ‘The Opportunity’ before stating that she is going to remind Asuka tonight just how much she does not like her.
  • Asuka makes her way to the ring but before ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’ can speak, Ripley makes her way to the entrance ramp.
  • Charlotte speaks slowly so Asuka “can understand her” before Asuka calls her a bitch and Ripley states Asuka will beat Charlotte every time.

Riddle defeats Randy Orton

  • Opening sequences see Riddle lock in a range of choke holds with each one getting closer to causing the Viper to tap out.
  • Riddle locks in a body lock however Orton rolls out under the bottom rope.
  • As Riddle attempts a running kick on the apron Orton catches the leg and sends The Original Bro head first down onto the Apron.
  • Orton sends Riddle crashing onto the Announce Desk via a big Back Bodydrop.
  • Although Orton dominates the middle section of the match, Riddle holds his own causing increasing frustration to Orton.
  • Riddle hits a Broton before locking in a Rope Assisted Arm-Bar to continue to wear down ‘The Viper’
  • Orton connects with the Draping DDT allowing him to set up for the RKO, however Riddle counters the RKO attempt into a Crucifix Pin to pick up the win.
  • Sheamus talks backstage with Pearce who goads him into announcing a United States Championship Open Challenge.

Riddle defeats Randy Orton via pinfall (Crucifix Pin).

Lana & Naomi vs. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

  • As first revealed by Sean Ross Sapp “This is the 14th match featuring Lana or Naomi against Shayna and/or Nia since September”.
  • Lana and Naomi are being dominated by the Champions with Baszler stomping down the arm of the former ‘Ravishing Russian’
  • Rose and Brooke interrupt reshowing their attack of Jax and Baszler backstage last week.
  • Jax is enraged by Rose and Brooke and abandons the match to chase them down, leaving Baszler to face off against Naomi & Lana alone.
  • Double-Facebuster from Lana & Naomi gives them a pinfall victory over Baszler.

Lana & Naomi defeat Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax via pinfall (Double-Facebuster)

Elias defeats Kofi Kingston

  • Prior to the match as Elias begins to play his guitar, Woods appears at ringside playing a fully amped bass…poorly.
  • Ryker is at ringside with Elias however he has zero involvement in the entire match.
  • Elias dominates early on following a quick paced Flying Knee Strike.
  • Eventually, thanks to a Bass distraction from Woods, Kingston regains control however it is short lived before Elias wears down the former WWE Champion again.
  • Elias kicks out of Kingston’s SOS following a huge Frog Splash onto a prone Elias.
  • Elias hits a turnbuckle dropkick before climbing to the top rope and descending with a Stiff Elbow Drop which allows him to pick up the win.

Elias defeats Kofi Kingston via pinfall (Flying Elbow Drop)

Alexa’s Playground With Lily

  • Alexa starts by informing us Lily has always been in her life, they show a montage of photos of Lily and Alexa together in childhood.
  • Bliss states that Lily once had her break a girls arm because they wouldn’t share ice-cream.
  • Lily is revealed as the one who is responsible for the banishing of The Fiend because she simply didn’t like him.
  • Segment ends by Bliss telling the RAW roster that Lily doesn’t like them either.

Drew McIntyre defeats Mace & T-Bar via DQ, Mace & T-Bar then defeat Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre via DQ.

  • McInyre controls the match early on isolating T-Bar from Mace.
  • The Numbers game becomes too much causing McIntyre to take a barrage of handicap offence including a Double Suplex
  • McIntyre is beaten down as MVP watches on via TV Monitor.
  • As McIntyre gets back into the match T-Bar traps him in the right turnbuckle.
  • Mace and T-Bar beat him down despite referees rejection causing the DQ finis
  • The former RETRIBUTION members do not stop after the bell causing The Monster Amongst Men to come down and save McIntyre.
  • Following the ad-break the match is restarted this time as a tag match.
  • Braun and Mace go shoulder to shoulder with Strowman coming out on top as McIntyre laughs at ringside.
  • Braun is dominating Mace until a Chopblock by T-Bar takes down Strowman allowing a barrage of double team offence to follow.
  • McIntyre unmasks Mace before beating him over in the corner until the ref is forced to cause a DQ, McIntyre declares i have just done you a giant favour as he reveals the face of Dio Madden.
  • Strowman then unmask T-Bar revealing Dominik Dijakovic as the segment ends.

Drew McIntyre defeats Mace & T-Bar via DQ, Mace & T-Bar then defeat Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre via DQ.

Damien Priest defeats The Miz

  • Early on The Miz controls the match thanks to a sequence of outside interference by Maryse.
  • Priest and Miz exchange boxing like strikes with Priest coming out on top.
  • Match was built to in a earlier segment during which Maryse confirmed the match following Priest’s declaration The Miz has no balls.
  • Miz tosses Priest into the Steel Steps and Barricade on the outside however it is still not enough to keep The Archer of Infamy down.
  • Replication of last weeks finish gives Miz a two-fall however Priest kicks out and connect with Hit the Lights to pick up the win.

Damien Priest defeats The Miz via pinfall (Hit the Lights).

Sheamus’ United States Championship Open Challenge is answered by Humberto Carrillo

  • Sheamus announce he will do the open challenge every week or when he can be bothered.
  • Carrillo answers the OC but is jumped before the bell and beaten mercilessly by the defending champion.
  • Saxton puts down Sheamus’ anger to the formation of the European Super League.
  • Before the bell even runs Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick laying out Carrillo and taunting him as he lays lifeless on the floor.

Asuka defeats Charlotte via pinfall

  • Rhea Ripley takes a Steel Chair and sits down on the ramp to see her two challengers compete.
  • Charlotte debuts a new devil inspired gear to go with her new look as ‘The Opportunity’.
  • Flair lays out Asuka on the ring apron before working her over back inside the ropes, however the control is short lived as Asuka comes off the top rope with a Dropkick.
  • Big German Suplex from Asuka pivots control back in her favour however Charlotte is quick to kick out.
  • Spear from Charlotte almost wins her the match but it is not enough for Asuka to stay down.
  • As Charlotte bridges into the figure eight Rhea Ripley breaks up the submission leading to Asuka rolling up Charlotte for the win.
  • Frustrated, Charlotte brutalises the official following the bell including a series of elbow strikes to the skull.

Asuka defeats Charlotte via pinfall(Roll-up)