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WWE RAW Results – 8 February, 2020

WWE Raw Results

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE RAW results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida featuring all build towards the Elimination Chamber event.

Matches and segments announced for the show include:

  • Drew McIntyre will respond to Sheamus‘ Brogue Kick
  • Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans will come face-to-face
  • Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton in a non-title match

Results and Analysis Proved by ITRWrestling Writer: Liam Stewart.

Summarised WWE RAW Results:

  • Shane McMahon returns to WWE RAW
  • Drew vs. Sheamus vs. Styles vs. Hardy vs. Orton for the WWE Championship inside Elimination Chamber confirmed for the PPV of the same name.
  • AJ Styles [w/ Omos] defeats Jeff Hardy via submission
  • Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston defeat T-Bar & Slapjack [w/RETRIBUTION] via pinfall
  • Lacey Evans [w/ Ric Flair] defeats Charlotte Flair via DQ, Evans is Asuka’s new #1 Contender.
  • Keith Lee defeats Matt Riddle via pinfall, Lashley leaves his mark.
  • Lana [w/ Naomi] defeats Nia Jax [w/Shayna Baszler] in a Table Match
  • Naomi defeats Shayna Baszler via Pinfall.
  • Randy Orton defeats Drew McIntyre via DQ.

Adam Pearce opens the show, Shane McMahon returns to WWE RAW

  • RAW Tonight is presented in memory of the late, great Butch Reed
  • Shane and Pearce announce that at the Elimination Chamber, Drew McIntyre will defend his WWE Championship inside the chamber.
  • Adam Pearce has announced that Drew McIntyre will defend his WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber against the following: Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles , The Miz and Sheamus
  • As Shane McMahon leaves, AJ Styles enters the ring and confronts Adam Pearce calls him a dumb-ass and tells Pearce to leave his ring as he wants to show everyone whats going to happen at the Elimination Chamber.
  • Jeff Hardy comes out and the first match of the Night is set up.

Analysis: A Very hot opening to the show, a big surprise return in Shane who we haven’t seen since RAW Underground died and then we get the blockbuster PPV announcement. Pearce justified everyone in the Chamber as a former World Champions Elimination Chamber which helps cover why someone like Hardy who lost to Ryker recently can be included. Interestingly this does throw a spanner in the work for Mania as it is possible that Orton sneaks a win leading to Edge vs. Orton again or Miz loses and cashes in to open up the WrestleMania main event for himself. Either way this creates exciting possibilities and was much more enjoyable than the usual slow promo openings.

AJ Styles [w/ Omos] defeats Jeff Hardy via submission

  • Unsurprisingly technically sound opening exchange between the two former TNA World Champions with Hardy finding his rhythm and controlling the match early on.
  • Edge confirmed as making an announcement regarding his WrestleMania opponent tonight.
  • As Hardy takes a big bump he lands poorly on his leg and ‘tweaks’ his knee selling the significant damage, whilst on the outside Styles hits a vicious chop block onto Hardy’s damaged leg.
  • Serious focus is put on Hardy’s injuries, looks like we could be writing him out of this match possibly opening the door for a certain former Universal Champion with a vicious Jackhammer.
  • Styles locks in the Calf Crusher and Hardy barely gets to the bottom rope however the damage seems to already be done to Hardy’s left leg.
  • Hardy’s incredible ring awareness allows him to counter the Phenomenal Forearm by swiping the top rope away from the footing of the former TNA Triple Crown Champion.
  • Despite the sustained injuries, Hardy pulls himself together and hits the Twist of Fate however rather than going for the pin Hardy slowly ascends to the top rope for the Swanton Bomb.
  • The Charismatic Enigma takes too long to to get to the top rope and Styles is able to avoid the aerial offence and lock in a final Calf Crusher picking up the win and dealing more damage to Hardy’s left leg.

Analysis: Very Strong opening match that not only told a very simple yet effective in-ring story but also leaves a range of storyline opportunities open for the Elimination Chamber. I may have convinced myself that Goldberg will replace him at the end of the night so let’s see how that plays out but one things for sure, this match will have consequences on WrestleMania for sure.

Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston defeat T-Bar & Slapjack [w/RETRIBUTION] via pinfall

  • Mustafa Ali is on commentary and he is inspired and incredibly passionate and well executed but it is fundamentally the same story we have heard for around two/three months now.
  • The former Dijakovic sets up for the Feast Your Eyes but Kingston counters into a roll-up attempt before T-Bar reverses with a huge strike of his own.
  • Air Kofi takes off striking out both T-Bar and Slapjack on the outside as we head to the segments first Ad-Break, the camera perfect catches Kingston smiling at the camera as he soars through the air.
  • Xavier is worked over for a the middle section of the match however nothing of note truly happens, eventually Kingston gets a strong hot tag and fires on all cylinders however the camera man really misses the Boom Drop as it cuts to the ThunderDome screens.
  • Blind tag for Woods and then back to Kingston allows The New Day to hit Day Break to pick up the pinfall victory.
  • Xavier Woods shouts let me fight reckoning as The New Day make their way up the ramp.

Analysis: Ali is incredible on commentary and he is working so hard to make this enjoyable but I just have no reason to be invested in this feud at current. RAW currently have Keith Lee and Dijakovic on the same roster and rather than acknowledge this in anyway or allow them a huge platform to put on a show stealing match, Dijakovic is put behind a mask and made to wrestle the same three or four performers exchanging victories back-and-worth over a feud with no real finish line in sight. The Road to WrestleMania for these teams is foggy at the moment, outside of a Battle Royal appearance I fail to see what RETRIBUTION could do at WrestleMania that wouldn’t feel forced, for some ungodly reason I cant get it out my head that a team of legends is going to beat them up at Mania to clear the ring and get a pop for ridding the show of the pesky heels. In another time, or with a different story and more clear focus Kingston vs. Mustafa could be something truly special, for now it’s just another momentum stop on WWE Raw.

Lacey Evans [w/ Ric Flair] defeats Charlotte Flair via DQ, Evans is Asuka’s new #1 Contender.

  • Pre-match promo from Flair and Evans in which they state their relationship is purely casual but also that Lacey Evans is coming for Asuka and she has all the tools to be the best in the business.
  • Charlotte makes her grandiose entrance before cutting a promo scathing her father and Lacey Evans for being nothing but trash and especially for her father degrading the Flair name.
  • Lacey Evans reveals that Pearce has stated that if she beats Charlotte in a match that she is next in line for Asuka’s WWE Raw Championship.
  • Charlotte is jumped pre-match by the newly dubbed Charlotte 2.0 and tossed into the steel steps, this allows Evans to control the match in the opening exchanges.
  • Flair puts himself in the way of Charlottes offence allowing Evans to swipe her legs on the apron and send her crashing down onto the hardest part of the ring.
  • The former WWE Raw Women’s championship spikes herself on the skull on the outside of the ring following a arm-wrench from Evans assisted by a Ric Flair distraction.
  • The former Marine attempts to lock in the Figure-Four but is unable to execute the manoeuvre however this causes Charlotte to snap who unleashed a flurry of elbow strikes onto Evans leading to Charlotte getting DQ’d and thus awarding Evans the win.

Analysis: As outlined in every week of WWE Raw Results for around the sixteen weeks I have had the pleasure of doing these WWE Raw Results Live, the RAW Women’s division in a mess. Lana vs Nia in a tables match and Charlotte and Evans feuding over sleeping with her father are the two primary feuds of the division. Bianca Belair being announced for the show is the best piece of women’s division news on this show and she is not a RAW Roster remember. Asuka is lost on this division and it is in no way the performers fault as she clearly gives 100% but when she is only allowed to wrestle Shayna, Nia or Lana in sub four minute matches there is nothing really she can do to save that. I am not invested or enjoying Charlotte vs. Lacey at all but unlike the Nia Lana feud prior I must compliment the in-ring abilities of the two performers. Charlotte is of course excellent technically but I feel Evans is criminally underrated both on the mic and inside the ropes but she always seems to be stuck with strange storylines that don’t generate good crowd reaction.

This was the best of the segments between Charlotte and Lacey but it still has a long way to go, It would seem like the title will end up on Evans setting up Flair vs. Evans at WrestleMania which will receive and interesting reaction for sure.

Edge addresses his WrestleMania decision, The Miz and Co interrupt

  • Edge has now appeared on RAW, NXT and SmackDown [Read the WWE Raw Results/ WWE NXT Results and SmackDown Results for more information] and he has more information on his decision.
  • He states that although he may have had a decision in mind, the Chamber has changed things as it could change the landscape of the WWE Championship.
  • The Rated R Superstar confirms he won’t be making his decision until after the Elimination Chamber, making this segment achieve nothing at this point.
  • The Miz, Morrison and Angel Garza interrupt talking down to Edge, stating that even if he does win a WWE Title he will be there as the true ultimate opportunist to cash in his Money in the Bank Briefcase and leave WrestleMania WWE Champion.
  • Edge reminds The Miz that he is the reason that Briefcase is on the map before insulting him for revealing his plan and running his mouth.

Analysis: Did I really think on todays WWE Raw Results I’d be able to write who Edge was facing at WrestleMania, no…not really, but I did think they would do something more teasing with it than this. This just felt a bit lack lustre at first but luckily Edge cut a incredible passionate and intense promo to make this a solid enough segment.

Damian Priest [w/ Bad Bunny] defeats Angel Garza [w/ The Miz and John Morrison] via pinfall.

  • Bad Bunny gets a full solo entrance with pyro and custom titantron.
  • The former North American Champion hits Garza with a vicious series of strikes early on demonstrating his innovation and varied offensive move set.
  • The Miz and Morrison provide a series of distraction allowing Garza to gain an advantage of many occasions especially as Bad Bunny keeps getting caught trying to make the save by the Referee in peak heel/face manner.
  • Priest demonstrates his background in Karate unloading a series of strikes before setting up for the huge leaping elbow strike, however, Garza using the distraction for Miz and Morrison knocks Priest to the outside.
  • Bunny grabs the the MITB Briefcase to distract Miz and Morrison and lead to them getting sent to the back, further distraction from the huge star allows Priest to connect with The Reckoning and pick up the pinfall victory over Garza.

Analysis: Credit where it is due, everything on WWE RAW the last two weeks regarding Damien Priest has made perfect sense and has helped build him as a mainstream star. Priest is somewhat built for the main roster and the major media attention and the lights and flares of the big screen. Everything from his entrance, to his look and his cadence screams main roster star.

Keith Lee defeats Matt Riddle via pinfall, Lashley leaves his mark.

  • Match was announced earlier in the show before an entertaining backstage segment saw Riddle discuss the Air Buds movies whilst Lee asks him to move aside and leave Lashley to someone who can take care of him.
  • Commentary heavily focusing on the fact that this is a first time ever singles match in the WWE.
  • Riddle immediately targets the limbs of Lee locking in a serious of Arm-Bar attempts, MVP who is on commentary for the match discussed the credentials of both men as US Champion Challengers.
  • A flurry of body kicks from Riddle keeps Keith Lee isolated in the corner however a explosive shoulder charge takes Riddle down in the centre of the ring.
  • Ridldle fails to find the power to hit Lee with the Xploder Suplex opening room for Lee to dominate for a while however despite what one would assume the match would unfold as, Riddle in fact controls Lee for large portions of the match including a near-fall following the Floating Bro.
  • The Former NXT Tag Team Champion has Lee in a Triangle Choke however Lee is able to power up into a Buckle Bomb only for Riddle to burst out with a Final Flash Knee.
  • Unfazed by the Final Flash Knee, Lee catches Riddle in the air and connects with a huge Spirit Bomb to pick up the pinfall victory over Riddle.
  • Post-Match Bobby Lashley charges the ring lays out Riddle and hits Lee with a single handed power bomb, incredible power.
  • Lashley grabs the steel steps and lays Lee out with a huge strike to the head over the announce table, looks like our Elimination Chamber US Title Match is all but confirmed.

Analysis: This was really fun, the match was enjoyable even if it could have done more and the post match angle made Lashley look great and Lee look sympathetic. I really hope we build to a US Title Ladder Match at Mania consisting of something like Lashley, Lee, Riddle, Benjamin, Alexander and MVP.

Lana [w/ Naomi] defeats Nia Jax [w/Shayna Baszler], Naomi defeats Shayna Baszler via Pinfall.

  • Nia Jax powerbombs Lana right off the mark before following up with another very very stiff power bomb.
  • Jax follows with a Stretch Muffler into the Turnbuckle face first, Lana tries to protect her neck but Nia mis positions the swing and leaves Lana unprotected.
  • Lana counters a third power bomb attempt to put Jax over the top rope and teetering above a prone Table on the outside, however Jax powers out.
  • The Ravishing Russian roles out the way of a leg drop on the apron causing Nia Jax [No Joke] to scream “Aaah My Hole’ before wobbling on her feet.
  • Lana pushes Jax over and she falls into a standing table, Lana wins.
  • Post match Naomi saves Lana from a Baszler attack leading to an immediate impromptu match between the two which despite initial athleticism from Naomi, Baszler is able to control.
  • Baszler goes out ring to beat down Lana only for Naomi to steal a roll-up victory upon The Queen of Spades reentry.

Analysis: Naomi not being a key factor in the result but rather just in preventing the post match beat down was refreshing but truthfully thats were the compliments can end for this segment. It is around two months delayed for the natural conclusion of the feud but also Nia Jax’s overselling and screaming took away from the legitimacy of the in-ring story telling.

Randy Orton defeats Drew McIntyre via DQ.

  • Prior to the match, Keith Lee vs. Riddle vs. Lashley at Elimination Chamber for the US Title is confirmed.
  • Both men reveal how familiar they are with one another as they avoid finishers straight off the bell, McIntyre then attempts to hit vintage Orton on Orton.
  • Sheamus’ music hits and he charges down to the ring providing the necessary distraction for Orton to throw McIntyre off the apron into the barricade shoulders first.
  • A huge Superplex gives us a double down however Orton is the one able to take advantage connecting with the Vintage Orton Draping DDT and setting up for the RKO.
  • McIntyre counters the RKO into the Future Shock DDT however as McIntyre looks to take advantage Sheamus charges in attempting to Brogue Kick McIntyre however he misses and Connects with Orton instead.
  • The WWE Champion closes the show connecting with a Claymore Kick onto his former best friend.