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WWE RAW Results – 28 December, 2020

WWE RAW Results

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE RAW results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida with three weeks to go till the Royal Rumble!

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Results from tonight’s show:

  • Mustafa Ali [with RETRIBUTION] defeats Ricochet via submission in 9:01
  • Charlotte Flair [with Asuka] defeats Nia Jax [with Shayna Baszler] via DQ in 10:10
  • Keith Lee defeats Sheamus via pinfall in 14:33 to become #1 contender to Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship.
  • AJ Styles [with Omos] defeats Elias [with Ryker] via pinfall in 15:11
  • Shayna Baszler defeats Dana Brooke [with Mandy Rose] via submission in 6:19
  • Grand Metalik defeats The Miz via pinfall in 4:05
  • The Hurt Business defeat Matt Riddle, Jeff Hardy and The New Day [Xavier Woods + Kofi Kingston] via submission in 13:37

WWE RAW Results and Analysis provided by ITRWrestling writer Liam Stewart

RAW Opens Paying Respects to the Late Great Luke Harper

  • Tribute card pays respect to Jon Huber aka Luke Harper
  • Commentary opens the show saying “RAW is live tonight on Monday and you know what that means”

Analysis: Lovely touch from WWE to open the show paying their respects.


Drew McIntyre opens the show, Keith Lee defeats Sheamus via pinfall in 14:33 to become #1 contender to Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship.

  • Drew also pays respects to Luke Harper referencing his social media account
  • He continues saying because of the fans he now truly is the chosen one
  • McIntyre then states that next week, legends such as Hogan and Flair will get a first hand view of him defending his WWE Championship
  • Sheamus interrupts defending his actions on last weeks RAW [see last weeks WWE Raw Results for further explanation] however, as he and Drew talk about how great their match would be Keith Lee interrupts
  • The Limitless One states that Sheamus cannot be trusted, and that he will stab Drew in the back.
  • As the two challengers get close to blows, McIntyre tells them save for the match and then decides that hey…let’s open the show right
  • The referee runs down to get the match underway however, as the ref is getting down the ramp Sheamus blindsides Lee with a Brogue Kick to take a cheap advantage
  • Drew McIntyre joins Phillips, Joe and Saxton on commentary for the match-up, discussing his Slammy wins and last years Royal Rumble
  • Sheamus is able to dominate the momentum early on, primarily thanks to his pre-match jump on Keith Lee.
  • Eventually Keith Lee is able to gain control of the match thanks to a huge back body drop over the top rope to the outside.
  • A well placed pump knee strike from Sheamus allows him to regain control before taking advantage of the momentum switch by hitting a top rope Meteora to the outside.
  • The two see-saw control of the match, exchanging heavy power strikes and powerful top rope offence.
  • Keith Lee eventually catches Drew McIntyre with the Spirit Bomb to pick up the win and book his ticket to Legends Night.

Analysis: This was a fantastic opening to RAW, both the touching brief tribute to the late Luke Harper and the opening Drew McIntyre segment. As stated in previous WWE RAW Results, RAW has a tendency to open with a long promo segment relating to the main event that we replay throughout the show. This week however, we pulled the main event forward and grabbed the viewers attention immediately. The match itself starts of fairly slowly, much more akin to Lee’s match against Karrion Kross than any of his matches against T-Bar [then Dijakovic] with the focus early on being on the power clash of the two WWE Superstars. Keith Lee gets a huge win, the former NXT Champion has been booked in a. dominant position since his August call-up even if fans haven’t always loved what he has been booked to do. With RAW set to shake up due to low ratings it is very possible that we get a shock title change next week, and honestly I would not be entirely against it. Keith Lee is the complete package and just needs a great gritty feud to elevate him…enter Brock Lesnar?

Grand Metalik defeats The Miz via pinfall in 4:05

  • The focus of the match is not on the in-ring action but rather on Miz’s determination to have his MITB contract restored
  • The former Mr.MITB is unable to gain control early on as he appears to be focused elsewhere
  • Metalik shows why he is the ‘King of the Ropes’ hitting a beautiful top rope moonsault to the outside onto Miz
  • Miz gets back into the match catching Metalik in mid-air with a big knee strike before locking in a camel clutch
  • However, the lack of attention from Miz eventually costs him as Metalik catches him off-guard with a roll-up to pick up the win.

Analysis: Gran Metalik is ridiculously talented and he has never been used in a manner that reflects his talent. The story telling in this match was simple but very effective, The Miz is off his game and unable to focus because he is distraught at losing the briefcase. Metalik was the under qualified opponent for Miz to lose to that allows his unraveling to accelerate. I only hope as well as building Miz’s story they use this to give Metalik a platform to elevate himself, a short feud and feature match against Lashley for the US Championship could be fantastic.

Shayna Baszler defeats Dana Brooke [with Mandy Rose] via submission in 6:19

  • Baszler and Brooke start off the match by exchanging strikes before Brooke traps Baszler in the corner
  • Brooke attempts to hit the cartwheel splash only to be caught by the knees of Baszler
  • ‘The Queen of Spades’ works over the arm of Brooke before getting caught off-guard by a well timed roll-up attempt
  • A baseball slide attempt from Brooke is countered into a rear-naked choke from Baszler who then targets Rose’s arm in the steel steps.
  • Dana Brooke is able to get the jump on Baszler and get’s a very good near-fall thanks to a twisting neck breaker, however, Baszler gets the shoulder up
  • A jumping knee strike from Baszler sets up the Kirifuda Clutch for the submission victory.
  • Post match Baszler attacks Mandy Rose, also choking her out with the Kirifuda Clutch.

Analysis: This was pleasant, Baszler looked dominant and unhinged once again whilst allowing Brooke to show why she is underrated by a large portion of the WWE fan base. I wonder what the future holds for Rose and Brooke as although they are a very talented team I feel seeing Rose in a more traditionally heel role would allow her to shine and show off why she has the tools to dominate the WWE Women’s Division.

Randy Orton takes a seat in Alexa’s Playground, Randy Orton vs. Alexa Bliss set for later tonight.

  • The playground features the same aesthetic as last week with purple lighting, a swing set and carpeting over the ring apron
  • Alexa performs in a very pantomime-esque over the top monologue fashion
  • Bliss welcomes Orton down, however, as his music plays it shortly cuts out and Orton does not appear
  • We cut to to the Firefly FunHouse as Randy Orton makes an appearances
  • He begins to destroy the FunHouse set including destroying Huskis the Pig and Mercy the Buzzard
  • The only thing that Orton does not destroy is the painting of the burning Wyatt compound.
  • Bliss, distraught by the destruction, challenges Orton to a match tonight. Orton then accepts

Analysis: This was a fun and well constructed segment, the aesthetic was great and Bliss’ delivery was exceptional. Let’s get this out the way straight away though, Bliss vs. Orton is not going to happen tonight. They may face-off in a firefly bumper car match but they aren’t going to do a collar and elbow tie up and flow into mat wrestling. This would be a great time for Bliss’ version of The Fiend to debut and would end the show on a great cliff hanger going into the New Year.

AJ Styles [with Omos] defeats Elias [with Ryker] via pinfall in 15:11

  • Match was built to in a sub two-minute backstage segment in which AJ and Omos demanded Elias stops playing his music
  • Style’s is keen to get the match over and done with, punishing Elias with a flurry of strikes before attempting several fast roll-ups
  • Elias uses his superior power game to dominate Styles and attempt to ground the former WWE Champion
  • AJ takes a huge back body drop which then allows Elias to showboat hitting ‘Walk with Elias’ for a close near-fall
  • Despite being the traditional underdog based on historic achievements, Elias is in control for the majority of the match
  • ‘Drift Away’ gives Elias a very close two-fall, however, Styles is still able to kick-out and take out Elias on the top rope
  • The Pele kick gives Styles the breather he needs to get back into the match
  • A TKO gives Elias another near fall however Styles once again finds the power to kick out
  • Eventually, Styles is able to connect with the Phenomenal Forearm to pick up the pinfall victory.

Analysis: This was a surprisingly competitive and enjoyable match. With Styles in the match it was always going to be at least serviceable, they don’t say he could wrestle a stick for nothing. However, Elias not only looked strong in the match but he kept up with the former WWE Champion. I am unsure where Styles goes from here, history would suggest that he will get involved in next weeks match between Drew and Keith Lee [covered in next weeks WWE RAW Results] I would be interested to see Styles get his teeth into a new fresh feud.

Mustafa Ali [with RETRIBUTION] defeats Ricochet via submission in 9:01

  • Prior to the match we are shown a clip from The Bump in which Ricochet states it’s time he makes a change because he refuses to be a stepping stone any longer
  • Commentary are constantly putting over that should Ricochet lose, maybe he should join RETRIBUTION
  • T-Bar and Mace wipe Ricochet out from the top rope thanks to a distraction from RECKONING
  • Mustafa hits a huge splash onto the outside taking the wind out of Ricochet before we head to an Ad-Break
  • The RETRIBUTION leader connects with a beautiful mid-rope back breaker to continue the beat down of the former NXT Tag Team Champion as the match begins to pick up pace.
  • Ricochet hits an incredible backflip German Suplex to take down Ali and allow himself the space to regain control of the match and recover from the early onslaught from RETRIBUTION
  • Ricochet then hits Ali with a beautiful discuss Lariat, have to think that one was for Brodie Lee.
  • A near-fall riles Ricochet up who then wipes out every member of RETRIBUTION with a flurry of high octane offence including a spike ddt onto the apron
  • Mustafa Ali blocks the Shooting Star Press before locking in the Koji Clutch and tapping out Ricochet to pick up the win.
  • Post match Ali offers Ricochet the opportunity to join RETRIBUTION, and Ricochet teases joining RETRIBUTION before wiping out Ali with the Recoil

Analysis: To the surprise of nobody, Ali and Ricochet put on an excellent match. However, with that being said the outcome and post match sequence was thoroughly disappointing. Ricochet’s rejection means that this feud will continue in this format for another several weeks and it has already become slightly bland. I do not know how they save RETRIBUTION and make them exciting and interesting again, but they need to do something soon because its like watching RAW on repeat at this point [as stated in previous weeks WWE RAW Results]

Charlotte Flair [with Asuka] defeats Nia Jax [with Shayna Baszler] via DQ in 10:10

  • Prior to the match both Baszler and Jax officially enter the 2021 Royal Rumble match
  • WWE bill this match as six-months in the making, in reference to the six months out Charlotte Flair has had at the hands of Nia Jax’s attack
  • Although Jax has the clear power advantage, Flair is able to counter this advantage using her superior wrestling brain and by out smarting the ‘Irresistible Object’
  • Flair channels an aggression we haven’t seen from the 13 time champion since her feud against Becky Lynch
  • Asuka prevent Baszler getting involved, however, Flair turns her back on Jax and this allows former Women’s Tag Team Champion to regain control of the match heading into the segments second Ad-Break.
  • As Charlotte locks in the figure four leg lock, Baszler appears from behind and locks in the rear-naked.
  • This gifts Flair the DQ victory.

Analysis: The fighting style implemented by Charlotte during this match was a notable devolution towards the signature aggression we saw from The Queen during her feud with Bayley. This would indicate the although she is teaming with the baby-faced Asuka, deep down she is still the modern dirtiest player in the game. It will be interesting to see how Charlotte and Ric Flair interact next week, but if the future for Flair is as a heel I think attacking Ric could be an excellent way to get there. The finish to this match was disappointing and continues the trend of Nia and Shayna being a low point of the show each week, Baszler is alright for the most part but nothing Nia does or says is hitting at the moment and a reset or some time off is needed for sure.

The Hurt Business defeat Matt Riddle, Jeff Hardy and The New Day [Xavier Woods + Kofi Kingston] via submission in 13:37

  • Fightful Wrestling revealed earlier today that WWE had trademarked the name ‘The Hardy Bros.’ suggesting the partnership between Riddle and Hardy will be around for a while.
  • Xavier Woods pays tribute to his late friend, dawning a ‘Brodie’ arm band as he makes his way to the ring.
  • Riddle dubs the foursome of friends ‘The Positively Hard Bros’
  • Bobby Lashley announces that he has entered the Royal Rumble Match
  • MVP and Riddle exchange blows with Riddle coming out on top, however, The Hurt Business utilise a series of fast tags to wear down The Stallion and maintain control of the match
  • Hardy and Riddle show their chemistry hitting a fluid Poetry in Motion onto Benjamin
  • All four faces are required to team up on the US Champion in order to take him out, and regain control of the ring
  • Xavier Woods protects Kingston from Cedric Alexander, instead connecting with a lovely springboard elbow drop before taking out MVP on the outside
  • “A Big Harper Clothesline” ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’- Lovely touch from Phillips and Joe on commentary as Woods connects with a beautiful Discuss Lariat
  • During the match Woods also declares ‘This is for you Brodie”
  • Lashley connects with The Hurt Lock on Jeff Hardy, submitting the multi-time WWE Tag Team Champion to pick up the win.
  • As The Hurt Business attempt a post match beatdown, Riddle blindsides Lashley with a Final Flash Knee Strike possibly setting up a title match down the line.

Analysis: I feel like this match was for the performers and for Brodie and for that reason it was incredible. Nobody will understand the level of hurt the roster is feeling at the loss of their friend so to be able to go out there and put on any sort of match is incredible. Additional note that I am a fan of hope much Lashley has been protected as US Champion it legitimises his dominance, however, I would like to see him defend it more because it’s surprisingly easy to forget he has the belt.

The Miz is reinstated as the Money in the Bank Briefcase holder

  • Suddenly Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre has a new element of possibility to it
  • Sensible choice, would have left the main event scene missing a key element had it disappeared

Alexa Bliss challenges Randy Orton to burn her alive

  • As Randy enters the ring he demands Alexa tells him where ‘he’ is, Bliss responds stating this isn’t about him it’s about her
  • Bliss then opens a mysterious present in the middle of the ring, inside is petrol and matches
  • She hands Orton the matches and fuel before lying down and challenging Orton to do to her what he did to him
  • The former Women’s Champion pours out the fuel leading to her before lying done once again and calling Orton a coward for not doing it
  • ‘You are nothing but a little bitch’ Bliss declares to Orton before dousing herself in the gasoline
  • Orton replies that Bliss is stupid for thinking he won’t do it, before picking up the matches and declaring that he wants to do it
  • He continues that he won’t however, because he knows it’s what she wants and therefore it won’t bring him pleasure
  • As Orton states ‘Maybe I will light you on fire’ The Fiends music hits and from the light of a match we see Orton grin before the show ends.

Overall this was a positive episode of WWE RAW, the show moved fast and for the first time in a few weeks it did not feel like a three hour show. The opening segment and match were fantastic, Metalik vs. The Miz made perfect sense and opens the door for some interesting story opportunities moving forward. Additionally, Alexa’s playground was constructed perfectly and left viewers curious and requiring to watch the main event to find out what would happen next.

Unfortunately nothing outside of the opening half hour had any stakes at all, Ricochet lost and was still able to just say no to joining RETRIBUTION and no other match had any sort of stipulation or risk involved. Now not every week can have title matches and big grudge pay offs but good writers finds away to make the outcome of matches important regardless of if it’s a title match or a throwaway singles match.

Baszler & Nia Jax, RETRIBUTION and Brooke and Rose need to find a new direction or a new twist to put on their weekly performances because between them they are all treading water on week-to-week programming.

Next weeks WWE RAW Results will cover the WWE Legends Night edition of WWE RAW, which sees Hogan, Flair and more return to WWE TV and Drew McIntyre take on Keith Lee in singles action for the WWE Championship

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