Cody Rhodes and The Miz on WWE Raw

Logan Paul added to Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match; WWE RAW Live Updates, Results, & Reactions

We’ve got a new episode of WWE Raw on the way! What will go down with just a couple of weeks left until the Money in the Bank premium live event? Follow along with our live Raw 6/19 coverage, results, and reactions, as well as any other breaking news of the day!

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LA Knight

LA Knight has some strong words for Logan Paul

Logan Paul made his return to WWE Raw tonight — the first appearance since the social media superstar suffered a loss in a match against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania last April. Paul immediately returned to a top spot on the card when he immediately declared himself one of the participants in the upcoming Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match at the premium live event of the same name.

LA Knight, another participant in the match, isn’t impressed by Paul. And furthermore, he wants Paul to understand that he’s the one opponent to look out for in this match because he’s on a path to the top.

Who walked in the door? Logan Paul. All of a sudden, he decides he’s just going to declare himself for Money in the Bank. Is that how it works, huh? Because as far as I know, each and every one of us had to go do a qualifying match, did we not? That’s fine. I’m not going to sit here and bellyache and complain. Tell you what, Logan Paul, they call you a “social media megastar.” Good for you. But right now, you’re looking into the eyes of the megastar. Don’t get lost in the sauce because here’s the deal, man, when we get to Money in the Bank, well, come on down. Because what you’re going to find is you’ll get stung like it’s killer bees.”


Updated card for WWE Money in the Bank

After tonight’s Raw, two new additions were added to the 2023 Money in the Bank matches. On the men’s side of things, Logan Paul made a return to WWE tonight and claimed his spot in the now-seven-man ladder match. As for the women, Trish Stratus won her match against Raquel Rodriguez due to disqualification when the referee saw Becky Lynch deliberately attack Stratus when provoked. The winners of those matches, of course, will earn an opportunity to challenge for any WWE Championship at any time of their choosing.

You can see the updated card for Money in the Bank 2023 below:

  • Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Logan Paul vs. Ricochet vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. LA Knight vs. Santos Escobar vs. Butch vs. Damian Priest
  • Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Zelina Vega vs. Zoey Stark vs. Becky Lynch vs. IYO SKY vs. Bayley
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Finn Balor
  • Cody Rhodes vs. Dominik Mysterio
  • Bloodline Civil War: Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso)

Tommaso Ciampa reacts to his WWE return on Raw

Tonight’s episode of WWE Raw kicked off in a big way. After Seth Rollins was deemed unable to compete in his World Championship open challenge due to an attack by Finn Balor, The Miz came down to the ring and made an open challenge of his own. The WWE Universe was shocked when it was revealed that a returning Tommaso Ciampa would answer his call, making it his first appearance on Raw since September 2022. caught up with Ciampa after his return, which can be seen below:

It feels great to be back. Nine months. Nine months it’s been since I’ve walked out in front of those people. Nine months since I’ve stood here in front of this camera… You want to know what Tommaso Ciampa wants? I want it all! I want Monday Night Raw. I want SmackDown. I want every premium live event! I want Money in the Bank. I want the briefcase. I want SummerSlam. I want Survivor Series. I want Royal Rumble. I want to start 1 and go to 30. I want to go to WrestleMania. I want to be the main event! I want to be the main attraction. I want to be the guy that everybody talks about!”

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens stand tall as Raw concludes

We’re back with Priest in control, delivering an elbow in the corner as Judgment Day trades rapid tags. Balor with a backbreaker that assists Priest as he hits a leg drop. A two count on Zayn follows. Priest hits a cheap shot on KO and then goes for Zayn in the corner but he misses him. Dom tags in and immediately knocks off Zayn’s teammates so he can’t make the tag.

Balor comes in, but out of the corner, Zayn explodes with a clothesline and FINALLY makes it to KO. He meets Dom in the middle of the ring with punch after punch and kick after kick, followed by a shot to Priest to knock him off of the apron. Dom tries to escape the arena but Owens meets him and brings him back. Superkick and a cannonball squish Dom in the corner for a close two count.

Balor gets a blind tag and takes over, raining down punches on Owens and using a sling blade. Owens with a superkick! He struggles but finally makes it to Cody Rhodes for the hot tag! Priest and Cody collide, with Rhodes coming off the ropes with a forearm, his signature uppercut, and a scoop slam. Disaster kick gives Cody another close two count!

Rhea Ripley jumps on the apron, allowing enough of a distraction the Priest gets the South of Heaven. Zayn breaks it up at the last second! Dom attacks Zayn, but Sami reverses it and knocks Dom outside the ring, into Rhea’s arms. Ripley talks trash on the apron to Sami, which Zayn responds to by swantoning over her to attack Dom. Rhode with the Cody Cutter on Priest for a CLOSE two there!

KO and Balor swing at each other on the outside as Priest gets a quick roll-up for the two. Cody meets Priest in mid-air with a forearm attack but Dom breaks it up just before the three ends it. Dom attempts the 619, but Sami comes out of no where to clothesline him and use the Helluva Kick. Stunner from Owens! Cody hits the Crossrhodes on Priest for the three count! The babyfaces stand tall tonight!

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, & Cody Rhodes vs. The Judgment Day

KO, Zayn, and Rhodes enter first, follow by The Judgment Day. Dom Mysterio acts like he’s gonna start the match against Cody, but Finn tags right in. Finn takes the advantage first with a knockdown and a wrist lock on Cody. Rhodes cartwheels out and eventually gains momentum with a gutbuster on Finn. Balor brings Cody into the corner and Dom tags himself in. Mysterio with a hard back chop and then he slides out of the ring and taunts with Mami.

Priest and Zayn tag in, with Damian pressuring Sami into the corner and stomping him out. Zayn retaliates with an elbow and then another elbow off of the top rope. Zayn puts him in a headlock but he’s pushed into the corner and Dom tags into the match. Mysterio with several rights before attempting the three amigos. Zayn turns it around with a vertical suplex and a boot to the face. The ref gets distracted as Mami jumps to the apron and clotheslines Zayn down.

Seth Rollins

Are y'all ready for the main event?!

Backstage, Seth Rollins addresses the attack from earlier tonight. Can he compete tomorrow night? He doesn’t really give a damn if there’s something wrong with his ribs or anything else — he’ll be at NXT tomorrow night with the World Title on the line.

As for Finn Balor, he’s glad the guy that beat him seven years ago. Money in the Bank can’t come soon enough now. We see an ad for the upcoming NXT match between Seth Rollins and Bron Breakker tomorrow night.

Here come Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens!

Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed takes advantage of Ricochet's distraction

We return with Reed in control of the match, hitting a hard chop before he is evaded in the corner. Nakamura comes off the second rope with a flying knee, but Reed kicks out at two. Shinsuke with a front-facing headlock but Reed claps back with a snap powerslam that drop Nakamura on his head. Shinsuke goes for the triangle choke but it’s reversed into a powerbomb from Reed for another two.

Reed knocks Shinsuke off of the apron with a running forearm. He follows it with a running shoulder tackle off the ring apron onto Shinsuke. He tries to throw Shinsuke into Ricochet at ringside, but Ricochet reverses it and sends Nakamura into Reed instead. Reed tosses Ricochet back-first into the ring steps, but another distraction curses him and allows Reed to hit his Tsunami splash for the win. Reed is victorious!

Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bronson Reed

Byron Saxton catches up with Becky Lynch backstage where he asks about what happened out during the last match. Lynch knows she screwed herself, but it also may be a plus that she gets to be in a match where she has ladders and Trish in the same ring. She has tons of enemies now, and it may end in her destruction, but she’s taking Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark with her.

Shinsuke enters the arena first, followed by Bronson Reed. The bell rings and Shinsuke immediately hits a flying kick, followed by some stomps and “good vibrations” in the corner. He hits a leaping knee and gets a short kickout. Reed with that full body splash and a jumping elbow to flatten Shinsuke. A headbutt follows, and then he grips the waist of Shinsuke to trap him.

Nakamura tries to blast him with some punches but a hard chop knocks him back down to his back. Nakamura with an enziguri and a sliding German suplex. Ricochet walks down to the ring and says he’s just watching the match.

Bron Breaker

Bron Breakker vows to hurt Seth Rollins even worse than tonight

We see another replay of what happened between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor earlier this evening. How will this affect Seth Rollins’ scheduled title defense against Bron Breakker tomorrow night on NXT?

Bron Breakker walks up and reacts to the possibility of Seth being unable to compete tomorrow. Bron says that he surely won’t use this as an excuse to get out of a World Title match. If we thought Finn’s attack on Seth was bad tonight, wait until you see what he does to him. Breakker vows we will see him more on Monday Nights because he’s going to become the new World Champion.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bronson Reed is up next!

Trish Stratus

Raquel Rodriguez vs. Trish Stratus

We see a video from earlier tonight where Trish says that either she or Stark will become Ms. MITB. It can be anyone but Becky Lynch, for them.

The bell rings and Trish immediately hits some kicks, strikes, and clubby blows. Raquel catches Trish in a bear hug and starts rag-dolling her around with ease. That looked gnarly. Raquel uses a body slam and then puts Trish in the corner, splashing into her after. Trish battles out of her grip with elbows, and then a hard slap to the face.

Raquel drives Trish in the corner several times with shoulder after shoulder. She comes in for a running spear in the corner, but Trish evades and Rodriguez hits the corner post. Trish takes over, even grabbing Raquel’s hair and driving her face into the ring. Trish with a running punt to Raquel’s abdomen. She takes her into the corner of the ring and tries choking her out, but Raquel uses her power to slam Trish into the turnbuckles. She misses a kick and Trish recaptures the momentum.

Raquel goes for a powerbomb but Trish uses leg scissors to send her face-first into the turnbuckle. Stratus with a hard right and a camel clutch that traps Raquel in the center of the ring. She fish hooks at the sides of Rodriguez’s mouth, but Raquel makes it to her feet and slams Trish to escape. Rodriguez with a splash in the corner and snake eyes to the Hall of Famer.

Rodriguez delivers a lariat that flattens Trish. She delivers a Fallaway slam that sends Stratus out of the ring. Zoey Stark gets a cheap shot in while the ref is looking away, allowing Trish to send Raquel into the post and get a close two count. Becky Lynch is here! She beats down both Stark and Trish at ringside, forcing a disqualification and giving Trish the technical victory. Oh no! Stratus and Stark slither up the ramp as Lynch and Raquel exchange some passionate words inside of the ring. Becky is obviously sorry, but Raquel is understandably pissed.

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has found his partners for tonight

Backstage, Akira Tozawa meets Cody Rhodes backstage and says that he’s Cody’s man if he needs a partner tonight. Zayn and Owens show up, with Zayn saying that he got Cody’s text. They are down to help with The Judgment Day tonight. Cody says Tozawa already offered, but he hadn’t accepted yet. Owens is excited he gets to punch people in the face now!

JD vs. Cody Rhodes, Zayn, & Owens is official now!

Raquel Rodriguez makes her entrance, followed by Trish Stratus with Zoey Stark.

Raquel Gonzalez

Raquel Rodriguez wants Rhea Ripley

Raquel Rodriguez is interviewed backstage. She says she’s honored that she gets to step into the ring with Trish Stratus tonight, but what Rhea just did was not cool. Champions shouldn’t act like that, so when she wins this match and goes on to capture the MITB briefcase, she wants to cash in on Rhea and remind her about respect.

Rhea confronts her, but Raquel stands tall and says she isn’t ready for Rodriguez. Raquel vs. Trish is next!

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley dominates Natalya once again

We come back with Natalya backstage. She’s asked how tonight will be different than Night of Champions. Nattie says that what happened that evening rocked her to her core. Tonight is a second chance for her to prove she belongs and to herself that she still belongs in WWE.

Nattie makes her entrance next. As soon as she gets to the ring apron and poses, Rhea attacks her from behind. She starts the beatdown on the floor without remorse, slamming Nattie against the barricade and the ring steps. She slams Nattie into the side of the ring and headbutts her in the chest. Before the match even starts, Rhea destroys her with the Riptide.

Referees and producers run down to the ring and break Rhea away from a wounded Nattie. Ripley says the women’s division is on lockdown and she’s not going anywhere.

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley in action next!

Backstage, The Judgment Day says that it doesn’t matter who Cody Rhodes picks because they aren’t on the same page as their team. They check in with Finn and Damian, who say that they only have issues with other people — not one another.

Here comes Rhea Ripley! Rhea vs. Natalya is next!

Chad Gable

The Viking Raiders vs. Alpha Academy

We see a clip from before Raw where Chad Gable was giving a wrestling lesson to Maxxine Dupri. She says that because of his great training abilities, she’s ready for anything Valhalla might throw at her this week. She trains for a vertical suplex as the video ends.

Here come The Viking Raiders next! Erik and Chad Gable start things out, with Chad doing some wild reversals and then a snap suplex. Ivar tags in and taunts a bit. Gable wants a powerhouse vs. powerhouse, so he tags in Otis. The two meaty men slap some meat, with Otis knocking Ivar down with a shoulder tackle. He splashes Ivar in the corner and then goes for the signature caterpillar. Erik interrupts, allowing Ivar to use a spinning kick to floor Otis.

Erik and Ivar trade tagsto inflict double damage on Otis. Front-facing headlock from Ivar, followed by some clubby blows. Otis reverses a vertical suplex with a suplex of his own, grounding both men. Erik and Gable tag in at the same time, with Gable delivering uppercuts, a back kick, and a rolling neckbreaker. Gable even hits a running clothesline to send Ivar to the outside. The Viking Raiders are on the floor where Gable uses a moonsault off the second rope. He tosses Erik back into the ring and connects with a diving headbutt for a close two count.

Valhalla jumps on the apron and tries to interfere in the match, prompting Maxxine Dupri to come interfere and hit a snap suplex on Dupri. Erik with a sick-looking neckbreaker out of nowhere for a win! Viking Raiders are victorious tonight.

Kevin OWens

Kevin Owens almost loses his cool at Imperium

Riddle is getting help walking backstage when we come back from commercial.

Owens and Zayn are having a conversation backstage when Imperium walks up. Owens is getting a bit heated when Kaiser asks if they saw what happened to Riddle tonight. Kaiser says that if the two of them are not careful, the same thing will happen to them. Owens starts freaking out about the situation, but a message on Zayn’s phone interrupts the conversation. Was it Cody asking for partners in the main event?

Here comes Alpha Academy!


Riddle overcomes the numbers games of Imperium for a win

Kaiser is met on the top rope by Riddle who nails a fisherman superplex that drives Ludwig hard into the mat. They struggle to get to their feet, but when they do, Riddle Riddle gets a flurry of offense like an overhead kick, a T-bone suplex, and an attempt at a broton splash that is reversed with Ludwig’s knees. Riddle uses a leg scissors to pull Kaiser to the outside of the ring, which is followed up with the floating bro off the ropes to the outside.

Riddle with a fisherman suplex into a pin for another close two count. Kaiser claps back with an uppercut and an enziguri, but Riddle returns with a high kick, a gutwrench, but then he comes off the ropes and is caught in a botched looking slam for a two count. Kaiser with a belly to belly, but when he come off the top rope with a spinning uppercut, Riddle nails him with a knee and the Broderick for a 3 count. Riddle wins it!

Gunther immediately attacks, kicking the leg out from under Riddle and dropping him on his head. Imperium gangs up on RIddle, with Kaiser holding Riddle back by his arms as Gunther stomps away on his exposed leg/ankle. It appears Imperium got revenge for what happened to Vinci last week, despite it being Imperium’s fault it went down that way.


Matt Riddle vs. Ludwig Kaiser

Riddle makes his entrance first, followed by Ludwig Kaiser. The bell rings and the two men lock up. Kaiser backs Riddle into the corner but is met with some kicks to the chest. Riddle uses a forearm in the corner but eats a hard right for it. He’s slapped in the face and is then tied up in the ropes before getting hit with a dropkick. They trade forearms and uppercuts until Riddle nails a series of gutwrench suplexes and a broton.

Riddle meets Kaiser on the outside with a running punt to the face from the apron. Gunther distracts Riddle momentarily, allowing Kaiser to take advantage as we head to commercial.

Seth Rollins

A medical update on Seth Rollins following Finn Balor's attack

We see replays from earlier tonight when Finn Balor attacked Seth Rollins twice — once in the ring and once backstage. Rollins is no longer able to compete tonight but may be able to tomorrow night for his scheduled World Title defense against Bron Breakker.

Up next is Matt Riddle vs. Ludwig Kaiser is next!

Logan Paul

Logan Paul makes his WWE Raw return

Logan Paul sits atop a ladder next to the MITB briefcases. He tells the crowd that he’s glad to be back in Ohio where he sees a bunch of kids that are trying to achieve greatness like he did. Paul says the best people came from Cleveland: Lebron James, Jerry Lawler, and Logan Paul. He looks back at the moments that made him great in Cleveland, and it all happened when he left.

Paul says it’s cold, it smells like industrial steel outside, and the Cleveland Browns still suck. Paul says he’s the best of those people from Ohio cause they are always losing, like his brother in his last boxing match, him at WrestleMania, and The Miz tonight. Logan Paul is ready to turn the tide around for people from Ohio.

Paul reveals that he’s been added to the Money in the Bank ladder match! Ricochet comes out from the back and tells Paul congratulations for getting a way into the ladder match. Ricochet says that he and everyone else knows he’s gotten his big because of their viral moment at Royal Rumble earlier this year. Regardless of what Logan is going to do, Ricochet expects to be walking out of London as Mr. MITB.

Shinsuke Nakamura comes out! He asks if they’re done talking. Shinsuke cares that Paul has been added to the mix because it’s one more person he can beat to be Mr. Money in the Bank. LA Knight is here! The crowd is excited to see him! Knight says he sees all the guys in the ring. He throws some jabs at Paul and his Prime Drink brand before telling the group that his name is on that MITB briefcase.

Santos Escobar comes out and tells the group they’re just full of empty promises and lies. He welcomes Logan to the mix, but says that no matter who is in the match, he’s going to represent the LWO. Butch walks down to the ring but he doesn’t want to talk — no, he starts a brawl by punching Logan right in the face. Chaos ensues, ending with Paul using a huge swanton splash over the ropes to take out a group of his opponents at MITB.

Paul climbs to the top of a ladder and poses with the MITB briefcase as the segment ends.


Indus Sher vs. Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander

Veer and Sanga come out after Benjamin and Alexander. Shelton immediately knees Sanga off of the ropes. Alexander and Shelton then work together to start beating down Veer inside the ring. They move their attention to Sanga on the outside, using a combo splash/blockbuster on him. Shelton is back in the ring and eats a full body attack from Veer. On the outside, Sanga slams Cedric onto the ring barricade.

Veer with a double chop to the throat of Shelton. Sanga tags in, and Veer sets him up on the ropes so he can kick him in the head. Indus Sher with a combo elbow drop/sidewalk slam for the victory. Indus Sher remain dominant!

We see KO and Sami Zayn backstage where a random guy backstage accidentally runs into Owens and spills water on him. Zayn thinks Owens is gonna get pissed, but he stays cool. They walk up to Matt Riddle and he starts acting like his typical self, making some jokes. Owens plays it cool even though he’s obviously annoyed.

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes accepts the challenge from The Judgment Day

We go to the top of the ramp where Cathy Kelly is ready to interview Cody Rhodes. He makes his entrance as the crowd goes wild. Cody responds to the challenge made by The Judgment Day for a six-man tag team match tonight. Cody praises JD and how everyone except Dom has a significant place on the roster right now.

Rhodes accepts the challenge for a six-man tag team match. He says finding two partners should be no problem.

Chelsea Green

Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green vs. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance

We come back from the break and see some funny Tik Tok videos that Green has made over the past few weeks. Deville and Chance start out, with Sonya using strikes and stomps to get control fast. Green tags in and continues the trend, with a stomp and a hair pull on Chance. Carter tags in and goes to work on both opponents, putting them in the corner with a double forearm. She hits a dropkick/splash combo and tags Chance in once more.

They use a tandem springboard splash/leg drop for a two count on Green. The two bring Deville into their corner and deliver the Afterparty finishing move (neckbreaker/450 splash) to win the match!

Kevin OWens

Does Kevin Owens have an anger problem?

Backstage, we catch up with Byron Saxton who is catching up with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Saxton asks Zayn about The Bloodline, but Owens interrupts and asks why they have to talk about The Bloodline every week. Zayn says he didn’t want to do this in front of everyone, but he thinks Owens is a “rage-aholic.” He thinks he has an anger problem.

Sami bets Owens that if he can go the rest of the night without having any tantrums, he won’t bring it up again. But if he blows up at least once, he has to admit he has a problem going on. They leave it at that.

Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green battle Kayden Carter & Katana Chance

FInn Balor

Finn Balor and The Judgment Day are ready to take over WWE Raw

Finn speaks up first, telling Seth Rollins that his open challenge is canceled for tonight because of him. He’s the “only one” that’s going to take the World Heavyweight Title from Seth.

Balor tells the audience that they’ll have to sing his song at his funeral. They start singing the song in response, prompting Rhea Ripley to tell them to shut up and respect JD and Mami. She says that the WWE Universe will be bowing down to them and Balor after Money in the Bank after every single member of the faction comes out victorious at MITB.

Priest emphasizes her point, saying that the MITB briefcase is coming home with him at the PLE. And the contract inside will have Damian Priest written all over it. He turns to Dominik Mysterio and tells his rival, Cody Rhodes, that he needs to keep Dom’s name out of his mouth or he will be in a position where he can never fight again.

Dom starts talking, which, of course, cause some deafening boos to drown out his words. He looks frustrated as he tries to speak up some more. He ends up yelling that Cody is going to get what’s coming to him, and tonight, he wants Rhodes to find two partners to battle The Judgment Day as a collective force tonight.

We then see a replay of what happened to The Bloodline on Friday.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul returns to WWE tonight

The commentators give a rundown of tonight’s WWE Raw card, including Logan Paul’s return.

Here comes The Judgment Day!


Tommaso Ciampa returns to WWE Raw

Tommaso Ciampa immediately punches Miz in the face and the match gets started. He stomps away at Miz in the corner and then meets him on the outside of the ring where he batters Miz’s face against the announce table. Ciampa with a back suplex on Miz into the top of the announce table, cracking the wooden “Raw” sign on top. Ciampa brings Miz back inside the ring and hits a series of clotheslines.

Ciampa exposes the knee in the corner, but as he goes for the finishing blow, Miz avoids it and hits a DDT for a two count. He rains down punches on Ciampa and slams his head into the mat. Miz with a boot to Ciampa’s face, but he’s countered with chops. Ciampa comes running in off the ropes but eats a big boot that nails him right in the mush.

Miz rakes at Ciampa’s eyes and delivers some kicks in the corner. Ciampa uses some punches and chops to get out of the predicament. Miz regains the control and does his signature running clothesline in the corner. He then climbs to the top rope but his double axe handle is met with a knee to the face. Fairytale Ending from Tomasso for the win! He gets the W in his return match!

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins continues getting beaten down

We return from the commercial with a replay of Balor attacking Rollins before the open challenge went down for the World Title. Rollins is backstage and yelling for Balor. As he asks where he’s at, Finn attacks from behind once more and slams Rollins into tables and giant crates. He steps on Balor’s neck and holds the World Title in his face while he tells Seth that he’s been waiting 7 years for Money in the Bank.

The Miz is inside the ring now, saying that he doesn’t want to hear about Rollins’ problems anymore. He was ready to accept the open challenge but now that’s all ruined. Miz says he wanted to please the people in the “hell hole” that he’s from, so he’ll do an open challenge of his own.

It’s Tommasso Ciampa!

FInn Balor

Finn Balor interrupts Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins comes down to the ring and embraces the audience singing his theme music. It appears the open challenge for the World Title is taking place first.

Suddenly, Finn Balor attacks! He strikes and stomps at Seth until he falls to the outside of the ring. He smashes Seth against the announce table and continues the assault until producers and referees break the fight up. Balor slithers out of their grasp and uses a coup de grace on Seth from both the ring steps and the announce table.

He hits a third from the ring steps! Rollins is hurt and Balor is telling the producers off as we go to commercial.


WWE Raw starts now!!!

Buckle up, buckaroos! WWE Raw is starting right now!

Kevin Patrick welcomes us to Monday Night Raw as our World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins comes out first!


Amanda Huber reportedly working in AEW Producer role

Amanda Huber, the widow of the late, great Brodie Lee, has taken on a new role in AEW. According to a new report by PWInsider, Huber has graduated to the production team as recruited by Michael Mansury. Mansury, hired back in December 2022, serves as the company’s Senior Vice President & Co-Executive Producer.

Huber previously worked on the community outreach team, serving as “AEW Together’s Community Engagement Coordinator.” Her son with Brodie Lee, Brodie Lee Jr., is signed to AEW and will become an official roster member at 18.


The week ahead: What's in store for Wednesday's AEW Dynamite

We’re less than an hour away from WWE Raw, but what about what’s on the books for this Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite? After last week’s standout match between Adam Cole and MJF that ended in a time-limit draw, Cole will be in the house to address what is next for him. We will also see a unique stipulation match when Mark Briscoe and Jeff Jarrett battle in a concession stand brawl.

You can see the current card for the 6/21 AEW Dynamite below:

  • Orange Cassidy & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Daniel Garcia & Zack Sabre Jr.
  • Concession Stand Brawl: Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Briscoe
  • Adam Cole speaks
  • Blind eliminator tournament for an AEW Tag Team Championship shot
  • TBS Championship: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie
  • The Hardys vs. The Gunns
  • Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, & Minoru Suzuki vs. Action Andretti, Darius Martin, & AR Fox
Big E

The New Day appears together at the USFL Panthers game

This weekend, the Michigan Panthers went up against the Philadelphia Stars in a game to determine who will receive a USFL playoff spot. When the dust settled at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, the Philly Stars came out on top. But The Panthers had some star-studded support in the form of WWE’s The New Day.

Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods all reunited to be a part of the big game, even being interviewed and explaining what the Michigan Panthers bring to the table.

Big plays; explosive plays. Even bigger plays; even more explosive plays. The most explosive plays you’ve ever seen!” Big E said in his typical humorous fashion.

Gable Stevenson

Update on Gable Steveson's NCAA status

Ever since winning the Olympic Gold Medal and signing a contract with WWE, the WWE Universe has been awaiting Gable Steveson’s debut pro wrestling match. However, we may have to wait even longer now, as it’s being reported by FloWrestling that Steveson will use his final year of NCAA eligibility to wrestle collegiately.

Steveson was last featured on WWE programming back on December 9, 2022, during Kurt Angle’s SmackDown birthday celebration.

Steveson still has to sort out scheduling details with the WWE before his return is official, but if all goes according to plan, he will be back on the NCAA mat next season.


Tommaso Ciampa scheduled to be at tonight's WWE Raw

Tommaso Ciampa has been absent from WWE television since September 2022, but that might not be the case for much longer. A new report from PWInsider Elite has emerged that reveals Ciampa will be backstage at tonight’s episode of Raw. Will this be the night of the former NXT Champion’s return to the red brand?

It might be a perfect night for not only Ciampa to make a return, but it would also be fitting for Johnny Gargano to realign with Ciampa to re-form DIY. Raw will be in Gargano’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, so it’s expected that the rising WWE star will appear in some capacity.

You can read more about this story here.


What's in store for tonight's WWE Raw

It’s almost time for the new episode of Raw! Ahead of the show, let’s take a glance at everything announced so far for tonight. As we approach Money in the Bank 2023, the final spot in the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match will be determined tonight when Raquel Rodriguez and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus clash in a qualifying match. Seth Rollins will also be defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship in an open challenge.

You can see the current card for the 6/19 WWE Raw below:

  • Logan Paul returns
  • Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bronson Reed
  • Matt Riddle vs. Ludwig Kaiser
  • WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Natalya in a Night of Champions rematch
  • Seth Rollins defends the WWE World Heavyweight Title in an Open Challenge
  • Raquel Rodriguez vs. WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus in the final WWE Money In the Bank qualifier

Good evening!

Good evening, folks! We’re getting ready for a new episode of Raw that will feature the return of Logan Paul for the first time since WrestleMania when he battled Seth Rollins. What will Logan have to say? And will he be interested in trying to snag one of the Men’s MITB ladder match spots despite the field already being narrowed down? We’ll find out tonight.

Elsewhere in the news, former Impact World Champion Moose has decided to re-sign with the company in a major deal. He has been with the company since 2016 and has provided countless memorable moments in the Impact Zone.