WWE RAW Results – October 26, 2020

Randy Orton will appear live on tonights episode of Monday Night Raw

WWE RAW emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida tonight as it presents the fall out from Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV.

Matches and segments announced for the show include:

Live results from WWE Monday Night RAW will be updated throughout the night as they unfold.

Drew McIntyre addresses his loss to Randy Orton at WWE Hell in a Cell

  • Drew states that he has no excuses for what happened on Sunday but he promises that he will be rise once again and capture the World Championship.
  • He continues to say although he may seem chipper and upbeat inside his head he is thinking dark thoughts that would scare any man.
  • The Miz w/ John Morrison interrupts – to the former champions disgust.
  • Mr. Money in the Bank states Drew does not need worry about facing Randy Orton because he has beaten Randy in Orlando once before and he is going to do it again.
  • Miz name drops ‘Angry Miz Girl’ before teasing a cash in tonight.
  • McIntyre has enough and drops Miz and Morrison with a pair of headbutts.

Analysis: A classic Drew McIntyre opening segment, all guns blazing and a excellent promo exchange between two of the best speakers on the RAW roster. The tease of Miz vs Drew for later tonight is an excellent idea to build both men moving forward. The Miz mentioning his history with Orton and MITB was sensible and adds to the possibility of a cash in tonight or more likely- at Survivor Series.

AJ Styles w/ Jordan Omogbehin defeats Jeff Hardy in 13:34 via pinfall, to qualify for the WWE RAW Men’s Survivor Series Team.

  • AJ Styles brags before the match that he is 2-0 since returning to RAW, continues to say that this is the return of the Phenomenal Era to Monday Night RAW.
  • Styles questions why he is in a qualifying match when he has proven himself both in WWE and around the world. Furthermore, he believes he should be the team captain at Survivor Series.
  • Hardy attempts a splash to the outside only to be caught in midair by Omogbehin as we fade to an ad-break.
  • ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ swings momentum back into his favour with a swinging corner dropkick.
  • Incredible near-fall as Hardy hits a leg drop into a pinfall.
  • Styles able to regain control through distraction from Omogbehin.
  • AJ capitalises on the distraction shoving Hardy into the turnbuckle before connecting with a Phenomenal Forearm.
  • Elias lays Hardy out with a guitar shot from behind to close the segment.

Analysis: This match was always going to be at least good, it features two of the greatest light heavyweights of all time and the match was given enough time to develop. The continues presence of Omogbehin added a lovely element to the storytelling of the match. The finishing sequence was lovely with Omogbehin proving a valuable asset to Styles once again.

Lucha House Party defeat Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak via pinfall in 3:33.

  • Match doesn’t get much underway before R Truth comes out to scout opponents.
  • All competitors turn their attentions to pinning Truth.
  • Match doesn’t end with Truth his Tozawa, for reasons.
  • LHP take advantage of the distraction to pick up the win as we move to an ad-break.

Analysis: I will start with the positive, R Truth remains entertaining as all heck and i quite enjoy Tozawa. However, i think it’s time for Truth to retire the title, have him lose it on holiday or when WWE leave the ThunderDome and let us move on from it as its lost its entertainment factor now.

Firefly Fun House with Alexa and Bray Wyatt

  • Alice [Alexa] in Wonderland themed episode of the FunHouse.
  • Bray talks about how brave and mad Alexa must be for coming here.
  • Wyatt continues to say Alexa can have greatness if she ‘ let’s him in’
  • Bray loses it when Alexa mentions Orton is champion, seeing visions of the compound burning down.
  • The Fiend says he will see Orton soon.

Analysis: Nothing overly noticeable here other than the tease of The Fiend reigniting his feud with Orton tonight. If that is the case i am very excited, the built to Bray vs Orton was excellent and the addition of ‘The Fiend’ character could be wonderful. I am all for Alexa under The Fiends control however i still hope we get to see her wrestle because the RAW Women’s Division needs her.

Elias vs Keith Lee in 10:32 via pinfall, to qualify for the WWE RAW Men’s Survivor Series Team.

  • Opens with the usual Elias performance plugging his new album ‘Universal Truth’
  • Having listened to the album i can confirm- it’s pretty good.
  • Keith Lee still has his old theme song despite reports he has been recording vocals for his new theme.
  • ‘The Limitless One’ hits a beautiful pounce early on following a over under sequence.
  • Elias is thrown over the announce table by Lee as we cut to the Ads.
  • Competitive back and forth between Elias and the former NXT Champion.
  • As Elias gets ready to pick up the win, Hardy’s music hits providing the distraction for Lee to pick up the win via spirit bomb.
  • Hardy returns the favour from earlier in the night attacking Elias with a Guitar.

Analysis: Thank the lord that Keith Lee won, i was very concerned that Strowman would get involved providing the distraction for Elias to win. Keith Lee was a major player in Survivor Series and although NXT are not involved this year Lee should be and it should be the platform to elevate him to the World Title Picture. I am not a fan of the recurring Guitar shot trope RAW has at the moment, between that and the Lana table bump i feel like i’m watching the same show week-to-week.

The Hurt Business defeat RETRIBUTION [2-0] via pinfall in 13:45

  • We get a full recap of the feud thus far from RETRIBUTIONS debut to Mustafa Ali’s reveal as leader.
  • WWE confirm that at Survivor Series we will get US Champion vs Intercontinental Champion [Lashley vs Zayn at current]
  • T-Bar and Lashley kick the elimination match off, exchanging stiff strikes in the corner.
  • MVP attempts to trash talk Mustafa only for Mace to tag in and take control of the match before tagging Slapjack in.
  • Mia Yim has a strange unprovoked fit on the apron providing the distraction for Slapjack to eliminate MVP.
  • Yim is sent to the back before Lashley hits Slapjack with a Spear to tie up the match at 3-3.
  • Lashley and T-Bar are both eliminated via double count-out as they brawl to the outside.
  • Alexander and Benjamin – Mace and Ali are the final 4.
  • Benjamin eliminates Mace via pay dirt leaving Ali alone.
  • Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander exchange words as Ali grabs a steel chair from the outside attacking Alexander and handing The Hurt Business the win via DQ elimination.

Analysis: This has killed RETRIBUTION, i always try to remain positive but i think this is over for them.You cannot come back from this, RETRIBUTION haven’t been successful at anything they have tried and even the addition of Ali has proved ineffective. I though they would win this to set up Ali vs Lashley but nope. They just lost, again.

Nia and Shayna confront Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke.

  • Mandy and Dana are rejecting Angel Garza’s advances backstage as the reigning women’s tag champions approach.
  • The two teams argue over who should captain the RAW Women’s team at Survivor Series.
  • Nia Jax accepts a rose from Garza much to Shayna’s anger.
  • Commentary tells us we will know the state of the RAW’s Women’s team before the end of the night

Analysis: I am actually enjoying all four members involved in this segment [Not Garza, sorry]. Mandy and Dana have a great chemistry and look about them and the Nia and Shayna almost buddy cop style bad guy routine is working wonders for Nia. I would like to see Shayna in a singles role moving forward however for now this is the perfect slot for her.

The Miz w/ John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre in xx:xx via pinfall.

  • Drew implements a more aggressive and intense in ring style than in recent weeks.
  • The Miz takes advantage of the Scot’s serious injuries, targeting the leg and ribs of Drew.
  • Momentum is with The Miz for the majority of the match due to Drew’s injuries, Drew manages to regain control briefly before outside interference from Morrison allows Miz to attempt a cradle.
  • Drew catches Mr. Money in the Bank with a Claymore to pick up the win.
  • In the matches aftermath Drew promises that he will visit Orton later on tonight and that his night will be anything but Blissful.

Analysis:A lot of character work in a short period of time, firstly Drew selling the severity of the injuries was lovely and it is refreshing to see continuity in RAW. Furthermore, Drew appeared more vicious and desperate to win this match than we have seen in recent weeks with Orton. This was great as Drew appeared overly calm early on but we were shown that under the surface he is irate at the result . I was kind of hoping we would keep Drew and Randy apart for a while but i guess if they have to interact again so quickly then including The Fiend will add a new dynamic at least.

The New Day parody The Street Profits to run through the Survivor Series card.

  • The New Day [in full Street Profit attire] cut a promo talking about being RAW Tag Team champions mimicking the cadence of Ford and Dawkins whilst addressing their upcoming match at Survivor Series.
  • Kofi begins to fall asleep before Woods tells him to Never go full Dawkins.
  • Asuka comes out and joins The New Day as they run through all the cross brand matches (champion vs champion) that we will get at Survivor Series.
  • The Hurt Business come out to hype up Lashley vs Zayn and warn The New Day they are coming for those tag team titles.
  • Asuka tells them they will fail because New…Day…Rocks.

Analysis: This was a fun method to run down the card, the imitation of the street profits was wonderful and Asuka coming out and leading a New Day Rocks chant was a lot of fun. Best thing to come from this was the confirmation that we are getting Asuka vs Sasha Banks, that could be Match of the Year.

Adam Pearce announces the WWE RAW Women’s Survivor Series Team, Lana defeats Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross via pinfall in 5:11.

  • Nia and Shayna Baszler are the first two names announced.
  • Mandy Rose and Dana Brookes are the next two.
  • Nia Jax with a vintage vine reference referring to Adam Pearce as Adaaaaaaaam.
  • Lana vs Lacey Evans vs Peyton Royce vs Nikki Cross will decide the final team member
  • That fatal four-way immediately follows the announcement.
  • Nikki dominates early on using her reckless high risk offence to gain momentum.
  • Lana is caught with a Women’s Right to nearly hand Evans the win.
  • Gorey Bomb from Royce gets a near fall over Evans before a kick out at two keeps the match alive.
  • Wonderful tower of doom spot including Lacey, Peyton and Nikki leads to Lana stealing the win.
  • Team Raw: Lana, Mandy, Dana, Shayna and Nia.
  • Nia puts Lana through the table again [6th time].

Analysis: Lana stealing wins has to go somewhere soon and if she doesn’t grab a win over Jax at some point then this will all look very mean in nature. My early prediction is that Lana gets replaced on the day by a mystery roster member [Charlotte or Eva Marie]. The match didn’t really get going before it was over but there was some nice in ring action in the limited time it was given. The growing friction between Nia and Shayna will surely intensify after SmackDown beat them [as they should] at SS and that can give us the blow off to this feud before freeing the Tag Titles up to go to NXT where they should be.

Sheamus defeats Riddle via pinfall in 12:22, to qualify for the WWE RAW Men’s Survivor Series Team.

  • Match starts of fast with a swift exchange of strikes from both Superstars.
  • Riddle uses his superior grappling ability to gain control however Sheamus superior power advantage allows him to dominate for periods of the match.
  • Riddle hits a beautiful springboard moonsault to the outside as we fade to an Ad-Break.
  • The Broton gives us the first near fall of the match with Sheamus just kicking out at two.
  • Sheamus gets a very close two fall with a vicious looking knee strike.
  • Top rope exploder suplex from Riddle nearly ends it.
  • Floating Bro is countered with the double knees to the low of Riddles back.
  • The Great White takes advantage of the weakened back attempting to hit the Irish Curse.
  • Riddle locks in a rear naked before sequencing into a German.
  • Sheamus connects with the Brouge kick after a hard fought affair to pick up the win and progress to Survivor Series.

Analysis: This was match of the night, incredibly hard hitting and non stop from bell-to-bell. Riddle should be on Survivor Series but there is still time for that. Sheamus is possibly the most under rated performer of the last decade, the man doesn’t do bad matches. Everything feels enjoyable and must watch and there aren’t many performers who can say that. I would be all for Drew and Sheamus feuding whilst both men are still at their physical peaks, i think the story involved could really elevate that feud.

A Moment of Bliss with Randy Orton –

  • Alexa asks Orton if he is proud of his “Super, Duper, Performance last night”.
  • Verbiage referring back to Orton vs Wyatt and the burning down of the Wyatt Compound its used throughout.
  • As Orton questions Bliss on The Fiends whereabouts Drew comes out to attack Orton [as Bliss laughs in the corner].
  • Drew sets up for the claymore as the lights cut out and we hear the sound of The Fiend playing.
  • As the lights rise up Alexa is gone and Drew and Orton at opposite ends of the entrance ramp.
  • Orton does the slow look behind to reveal The Fiend behind him, Orton shows fear for the first time all show.
  • Drew charges Orton, brawling with the champion around the ringside area and the show ends with Orton and Drew fighting on the announce table.

Analysis: Lot’s of really nice touches during this segment; Firstly, Bliss dropping in the reference to the compound fire was a great teaser of what was to come, additionally Bliss sitting on the turnbuckle laughing as all the chaos occurred was the perfect addition to her persona under The Fiend. The slow pan revealing The Fiend was beautiful cinematography, however not a fan of this ongoing trope of the show just ending with Orton and Drew fighting.

Overall, this was a fairly lacklustre episode of WWE RAW in my opinion. Definitely suffered from PPV hangover with a lot of recapping and setting up for Survivor Series which is only three weeks away at this point. Highlights of the show include the opening/closing segments and Riddle vs Sheamus both of which felt purpose driven and fast paced, gripping my attention throughout which is the key to a great segment.

Low points for myself include the continued failings of RETRIBUTION and a rather predictable and repetitive with both the winner [Lana] and immediate aftermath [table bump] feeling rather over done at this point.

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