WWE RAW Results – October 19, 2020

Monday Night WWE Raw Live Results

WWE RAW emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida tonight as it presents its season premiere on USA !

Matches and segments announced for the show include:

RETRIBUTION Ambush ‘The Fiend’.

  • ‘The Fiends’ music hits and Alexa Bliss is alone in the ring, she warns the RAW roster that ‘He is here’ and implores us ‘To Let Him In’.
  • ‘The Fiend’ gets his full entrance only to be surrounded shortly by RETRIBUTION (Excluding Martinez).
  • Mustafa Ali signals lights out, and commands his men to attack ‘The Fiend’.
  • As the lights turn up, ‘The Fiend’ is gone and The Hurt Business make their entrance.

Analysis: Clever way to open up Monday Night Raw, The Fiend’s entrance is a work of art and opening the new season with the entrance of a duo (Wyatt and Bliss) that will surely be prominent characters in the season is a great choice. RETRIBUTION approaching made perfect sense following their social media interactions earlier this week, ‘The Fiend’ peacing out is a great way to allow him to get involved later in the show as well.

The Hurt Business defeat RETRIBUTION via Submission in 11:08

  • The Hurt Business are presented as unwilling heroes by the commentary team, saying that they are here to defend RAW but only for the cash reward.
  • Mustafa Ali debuting new ring gear with a black-and-white theme.
  • As we head to an ad-break we here the screeching of The Fiend’s theme.
  • Mustafa Ali restricts his in-ring appearances focusing instead on motivating his men.
  • Lashley taps out T-Bar with a Full Nelson.
  • As soon as the bell rings ‘The Fiend’ appears in ring to attack RETRIBUTION and set his sites on Ali who manages to escape.
  • Alexa appears on screen and with Wyatt’s voice asks us to once again ‘Let him in’.

Analysis: Buried is a very strong word and i do not agree with social medias reaction that this is a burial for RETRIBUTION, however, with that being said i do very strongly question the decision to have this dominant faction not only lose, but lose on the season premiere. The match itself was fine and the weaving in and out from The Fiend was fun but i am not sure what it achieved. RETRIBUTION have a uphill battle already.

AJ Styles w/Jordan Omogbehin defeats Matt Riddle via Pinfall in 9:43.

  • AJ comes out with new bodyguard Jordan Omogbehin to talk down to the RAW roster and welcome everyone to a new era of Monday Night Raw, an era that belongs to AJ styles.
  • As the bell rings Omogbehin initially refuses to leave the ring as the referee begs in fear.
  • Riddle controls the match early on with a series of gut-wrench suplexes, however as Styles spills to the outside Omogbehin prevents Riddle capitalising and allows Styles to regain control.
  • Riddle takes a horrible looking bump as he spills from the top of the turnbuckle to the outside.
  • Riddle rushes back in the ring to avoid an attack from Omegbehin and gets hit with an immediate Styles Clash.
  • Styles gets the win thanks to his new bodyguard who is presented as a very real threat.

Analysis: The match itself was a fun TV match, Riddle and Styles have a selection of world class matches behind them and this was just a surface level reflection of that. The serious of Gut-wrenches from Riddle was superb and the finishing Styles Clash looks exceptional as always. The main takeaway here however is the introduction of Jordan Omegbehin, the former RAW Underground bouncer was presented as a monster to be feared. Everyone who interacted with him cowered in fear, including Riddle.There was exceptional body language from Omegbehin, the ref and Riddle to translate everything we needed to know about Omegbehin without him even raising a hand to another performer.

Recap of Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre, Drew Addresses Orton and WWE RAW.

  • Quick recap of the feud, shows us how we got to the point these two feel the need to face off in Hell in a Cell.
  • Randy states that this is the end point, if Drew wants to be a legend then he just needs to survive one last fight with ‘The Viper’
  • Drew talks about cementing his legacy and how he cant think of anyone’s “Arse” that he would prefer to kick in the process than Orton’s.
  • We cut to Drew backstage as he is interviewed regarding his upcoming match with Orton at Hell in a Cell.
  • Drew refers to Orton as the most evil man alive, but compliments him on his intelligence.
  • He informs Orton that when he speaks later on, don’t be surprised to see Drew there.

Analysis: Enjoyed this segment slightly less than last week, the viciousness of Drew does not feel suited to a controlled interview. Hopefully when Drew interrupts Orton’s interview from Hell later we get that same intensity that we did last week. I enjoyed Drew referencing his first run in WWE and how Orton acted back then as well. Drew and Orton are up there for two of the best talkers in WWE right now.

Asuka defeats Lana via submission in 4:45, to retain the RAW Women’s Championship.

  • Lana is presented as an legitimate threat to Asuka, although The Empress of Tomorrow’s dominance is reinstated.
  • Lana and Asuka trade kicks with Lana managing to take Asuka down before the champion regains control with a vicious headkick.
  • Asuka reverses a roll-up into the Asuka lock for a quick submission victory.
  • Post match Nia immediately puts Lana through the WWE RAW announce table whilst Shayna attempts to attack Asuka.

Analysis: I do not understand why this happened, Asuka didn’t look a monster because Lana still got sizeable offence in, Lana didn’t look competitive, the title did not gain prestige. The Nia putting Lana through table spot is not enjoyable to me and i honestly do understand who it is meant to be targeted to. Give Asuka a credible opponent asap and remind everyone why she is one of the greatest of all time.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler address the SmackDown and RAW Women’s divisions.

  • Nia and Shayna ensure the audience that they are on the same page, they then put both rosters on notice before inviting anyone from backstage to come and do something about it if they disagree.
  • Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke as well as Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans respond.
  • Finally The Riott Squad come out to set up a fatal four way match.
  • Commentary cannot decide early on if the titles are up for grabs or not.

Audience: The opening promo from Nia and Shayna that kicked this segment off was very enjoyable, they two have such a uncomfortable charisma that just really works together. WWE finally utilising the ‘any brand’ nature of the title was a nice thing to see even if it does *kind of* immediately undermine the draft split that happened only last week. Peyton Royce leaving a loved and proven tag team to focus on a singles career, only to get immediately put into a tag team with Lacey Evans makes literally zero sense. Commentary being unsure over the nature of the match regarding if the titles were on the line didn’t help this segment either.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeat The Riott Squad, Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans and Dana Brookes & Mandy Rose via Pinfall in 7:55.

  • Liv Morgan of The Riott Squad hits an incredible outside dive as we return from the initial ad break.
  • Peyton and Evans incorporated deliberate miscommunications into their in ring work to demonstrate their unfamiliarity as a team.
  • The Riott Squad get a near fall following a combination Riott Kick on Lacey Evans.
  • Shayna takes Ruby Riott out with the rear naked, Nia then hits Evans with the Samoan Drop to pick up the win.

Analysis: Some of this was really nice, some of it less so. The Riott Squad looked great and Liv Morgan in particular continues to improve everytime she is given screen time, which is awesome! Mandy and Dana continue to be surprisingly enjoyable with both coming on leaps and bounds over the last 12 months. However, outside of a lovely outside dive from The Riott Squad and one excellent near-fall, not a lot of note happened. The WWE Women’s Tag Titles remain a bit of a mess and i am not really sure why they aren’t on NXT yet. NXT has several duos and teams that have history and established personalities that could use that title to elevate their matches but instead it feels like a prop on the way to Asuka vs Shayna Baszler.

Elias performs a live concert for Jeff Hardy and the WWE RAW Universe.

  • Elias performs his new song Amen, that is -admittedly- very good.
  • He then performers another, less enjoyable -but still- good song.
  • His new album will drop next week “Universal Truth”.
  • A mystery guitarist goes off script and is called out by Elias.
  • The guitarist is revealed to be Hardy who swings his guitar at the head of Elias as the segment ends.

Analysis: Honestly, there is not much to analyse here. The concern was really entertaining and Elias holding a full on concert with pyro and full band during COVID-19 when nobody else can, is excellent. The Hardy reveal was fun and i look forward to more of this feud.

Tucker challenges The Miz and John Morrison to a Tag Match later on tonight.

  • The Miz informs everyone that the legal case with Otis is ongoing, and that he will be Mr. Money in the Bank moving forward.
  • He calls Mandy ungrateful and points out how much her career has progressed since being moved to RAW.
  • Tucker interrupts and says that he won’t standby and let Miz and Morrison get away with this.
  • He challenges them both to a match later on tonight and says he may not have Otis but he will find a partner.

Analysis: I love mystery partner angles, but they usually only work when there is the potential for a fun debut or return. This is unlikely to include either and instead is likely to feature a cameo from Babatunde or someone similar from the current RAW roster. separating Tucker and Otis is still a very poor move from the WWE however tonight Tucker may prove us all wrong if his tag partner is entertaining and the two become a regular team. Hopefully, this court case can be wrapped up shortly and The Miz and John Morrison can get back to better things that we all know they are capable of.

Kofi Kingston defeats Sheamus via Pinfall in 13:37

  • Xavier and Kofi ensure everyone that this is not a break-up and instead they are simply dividing and conquering both brands.
  • Sheamus refers to The New Day as “Two Turds of The New Day”.
  • Sheamus says that Xavier and Kofi need to accept that The New Day is dead and that if they want to divide, then divided they shall fall.
  • Kofi takes control early one with a flurry of strikes and quick reversals, however, a misdirected ‘Air Kofi’ allows Sheamus to regain control on return from the ad-break.
  • A deadly cave-in-esque double stomp from the former WWE Champion allows him to regain control over Sheamus.
  • Xavier responds to commentary questioning Kofi from ringside providing comedic relief throughout.
  • Kofi picks up the win with Trouble in Paradise in a hard fought encounter.
  • Big E is shown on screen celebrating Kofi’s win.

Analysis: A fun match that drew upon a established rivalry from prior to the WWE Draft, Kingston continues to be incredible in ring and Sheamus is a very steady base for the high paced offence of Kingston to bounce off. The “Two Turds of The New Day” pre-match promo did nothing for any of the performers involved, it had Suffering Succotash vibes from it. Xavier at ringside responding to commentary in a comedic manner was a fun distraction from the match. Kofi winning makes perfect sense, wrapped up a fun match and now hopefully we see The New Day move into a fresh feud as RAW Tag Team Champions.

Mustafa Ali responds to The Hurt Business and The Fiend.

Analysis: The result earlier on was still very harmful to RETRIBUTION, but this promo was EXCELLENT. Mustafa tied up the loose ends of the hacker storyline which made perfect sense, he then inadvertently explained the strange names of RETRIBUTION members by expressing his anger at WWE being routed in their refusal to get behind a man named Mustafa. Everything here made sense and i now know why they are called RETRIBUTION and why they are angry. Hopefully over the next few weeks we learn each members story and what in their past set them down the path of recruitment from Ali.

Tucker & El Gran Gordo defeat The Miz & John Morrison via Pinfall in 5:15.


  • El Gran Gordo talks in a hybrid Mexican and Southern accent whilst holding the El Lucha Lunch Box.
  • The Miz cuts an incredible scathing promo, calls Otis a disgrace to everyone to ever hold the Money in The Bank briefcase.
  • The Miz lets El Gran Gordo know that when people call Otis an underdog, it’s code for ‘They feel sorry for you’.
  • R Truth runs through the ring to avoid Gulak and Tozawa, Lucha House Party follow them (looking very confused at El Gran Gordo in the process)
  • Gordo picks up the win with a big splash from the second rope.

Analysis: First of all the reveal of El Gran Gordo was good comedy, The Miz wasn’t fooled for a second thus not appearing stupid and Otis had the charisma and comedic ability to make it legitimately funny as opposed to painfully cringe. What then followed was a legitimately world class promo from The Miz. Towing the lines between shoot and work perfectly, drawing in from the way Superstars like Otis have previously been talked about by those in charge of the WWE, this promo was a work of art. Byron Saxton screaming Ole every-time El Gran Gordo -The Big Fat- did anything, was hilarious. Otis using new offence and some Lucha Libre moves was great also. On a slightly negative note however, what are WWE planning to do with the MITB briefcase/lunchbox Otis is not going to be a World Champion and he isn’t going to challenge Drew or Roman so what’s next? Even The Miz doesn’t feel like a great pick for the contract however, him and Drew could have some incredible promo segments in the build up.

The Firefly Fun House Premieres on Monday Night RAW.


  • Bray discusses his excitement at making new friends on RAW already (RETRIBUTION).
  • Bray visualises destroying Rambling Rabbit, blending him and drinking him
  • There is a knock at the Fun House door and it’s Alexa Bliss in her version of the TV host character portrayed during The Fun House.

Analysis: Not much to discuss here, good to see the Fun House to continue and good to see that Bliss will be apart of them. It appears that The Fiend and RETRIBUTION aren’t done with one another yet and that’s not a great thing, neither can really afford to lose at this point so i am not sure where they go from here. Hopefully Firefly Fun House will shine some more clarity on the nature of the relationship between Bliss and The Fiend and we can evolve the story from there.

Braun Strowman defeats Keith Lee via Pinfall in 3:11


  • Keith Lee dominates Braun Strowman early on, Strowman selling the injuries from his match against Roman Reigns on Friday.
  • Strowman regains control with a headbutt low-blow, nice throw back to his match with Roman.
  • A quick big boot following the low blow leads to a quick victory for Braun Strowman.
  • Keith Lee attacks Strowman after the match introducing ‘The Monster’ to ‘The Dragon’.

Analysis: The was not great at all, Keith Lee who has racked up some impressive victories since moving up to RAW is kept down by a low blow and a big boot, only to immediately get his heat back and set up another match. This just reeks of 50/50 booking from the RAW writing team and it’s not great. No doubt this feud will go well past Hell in a Cell and there is even a chance that Strowman and Lee end up a tag team. I am not sure either of those is a good use of two exceptional talents, especially the incredible Keith Lee.

Randy Orton sends Drew McIntyre a “Message from Hell”.


  • Commentary heavily put over the experience advantage Orton has within cage matches, competing in eight vs Drew’s zero.
  • Randy sits inside the locked Hell in a Cell to address Drew one last time before he aims to capture his 14th World Championship.
  • Orton runs down his former Hell in a Cell opponents including Sheamus, John Cena, Daniel Bryan and most importantly The Undertaker.
  • As Orton tells the audience that Drew is nothing near a legend, The Scottish Psychopath’s music hits and he charges down to the ring.
  • Drew attempts to attack Orton however he is initially prevented from entering the demonic structure.
  • The current Universal Champion pulls out a pair of bolt cutters to break into the cell and lock both him and Orton inside the cell as the show fades to black.

Analysis: This was a fun segment to close the show, it built upon last weeks segment and continued to add new elements to the Orton McIntyre feud, with that being said i am more than ready to leave this feud behind post Hell in a Cell. One interesting note was the emphasis Orton put on his victory over Undertaker, with rumours of Drew wanting a match with The Deadman growing each day it will be interesting to see if this is called back to moving on from Hell in a Cell in order to set up Psychopath vs American Badass moving forward.

This is a prime example of what i remember RAW being before i stopped watching earlier last year, it was fine…just fine. There was some good stuff, namely the Mustafa Ali promo and the segment between Otis and The Miz. However, it was sandwiched between questionable booking decisions and sub par segments in such a way that the show becomes forgettable. What is worth noting as well is that this was RAW’s go home show for Hell in a Cell and i don’t think it did a good job at making me care about any of the matches RAW has on that card. Compare the closing Orton vs Drew segment with the Roman and Jey Uso segment from last Friday on SmackDown and it’s like night and day, one left me excited and eager to watch the match and the other left me completely unbothered heading into Hell in a Cell.

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