WWE RAW Results – November 9, 2020

WWE RAW Results

Live WWE Raw Results from the November 09, 2020 episode, will be updated here throughout the show.

WWE RAW emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida tonight as it presents the third week of build towards the inter-brand Survivor Series PPV.

Matches and segments announced for the show include:

Miz TV with The New Day

  • The Miz states “anything could happen on RAW tonight” posing with the Money in the Bank Briefcase.
  • He continues to say that his show is more important than anything happening on RAW tonight.
  • Orton takes issue with this statement and furthermore issue with The Miz flaunting the briefcase.
  • The Viper runs down his history with The Miz including having him excluded from the locker rooms.
  • John Morrison tries to calm down Randy Orton by stating they are focused on defeating The New Day tonight to get themselves a shot at the RAW Tag Team Titles.
  • The New Day run down Miz and Morrison before Orton catches Kofi with an RKO.
  • Drew comes out to make the safe only to be blindsided by The Miz and then laid out by Orton.

Analysis: As always with Randy Orton, this segment had a wonderful level of urgency and importance to it. Every word and action felt must watch and it was easy to see what the purpose of the segment was. Tension between Miz and Orton will clearly explode in the main-event and Orton’s paranoia will clearly lead to The Viper becoming even more unstable. It’s a shame RAW often struggles to match the pace that Orton’s opening segments provide because if they could the show would be incredible. Sadly, that is the negative of a three-hour show.

WWE Confirm ‘The Farewell of The Undertaker’

Read more about The current plans for The Week of Taker here.

Riddle defeats Elias & Jeff Hardy via pinfall in 10:04, to qualify for the RAW Men’s Survivor Series Team.

  • Elias and Hardy immediately target their aggression at one another in a continuation of their ongoing feud.
  • AJ Styles and The Associate are shown backstage watching the match.
  • Styles utilises his high risk offence to gain control over the two superior athletes in Elias and Riddle.
  • Elias reverses the Twist of Fate into the Driftaway, Riddle breaks up the pin with the Broton.
  • Fisherman Buster gives Riddle a near-fall as Hardy makes the save.
  • Hardy uses a prone Riddle to hit Poetry in Motion onto Elias.
  • A back-and-forth between The Charismatic Enigma and The Stallion ensues.
  • Riddle pins Elias with the Bro-Derek for the win.
  • Backstage Sheamus speaks to Styles, running down the Shoe-less Muppet- Matt…sorry Riddle.
  • Sheamus and Strowman state “AJ is not my captain” to end the segment.

Analysis: A fun -if somewhat predictable match- sees Riddle qualify for the RAW Men’s Survivor Series team. Riddle could be the perfect addition the already mismatched team that RAW has put together given history with Keith Lee and AJ Styles. Survivor Series will be the perfect platform for the ‘Barefooted Bro’ to show what he is capable of, and locking up with the likes of Rollins and Owens will be a spectacle to behold. I am a little bit over this Hardy and Elias feud and thought last week would be the end of it, however, it seems we are going to be going on with this feud for the foreseeable future.

R Truth defeats Drew Gulak to capture the 24/7 Championship for the 43rd time.

  • Drew Gulak approaches The Hurt Business in a bid to join their team.
  • Lashley says no and attempts to grab his tie, it turns out to be a clip-on which MVP then mocks him for.
  • He is then laid out by The Hurt Business for good measure.
  • R Truth crawls from behind to sneak the pin and capture the title for a 43rd time.

Analysis: As far as 24/7 title segments go, this was good. Gulak was great on the mic here, got his charisma and natural charm over and MVP is a magician on the microphone so the two worked well. I don’t think the R-Truth addition was a particular bonus but the interactions between THB and Gulak was fun enough to justify the segment being on the show.

Shayna Baszler defeats Lana via submission in 2:32

  • Lana jumps Shayna from behind who immediately shrugs Lana off.
  • Mandy and Dana Brooke are on commentary for this match.
  • The Queen of Spades dissects Lana with vicious submissions and strikes.
  • Lana is locked in rear naked choke and taps out in a matter of minutes.
  • Nia tears the lid off the announce table preparing to put Lana through it.
  • Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose protect Lana from the table, for now.

Analysis: I have no idea what this is trying to achieve, if it is to build Lana as a warrior who keeps coming back for more then she needs to get more offence in to show growth. If it is to make Nia and Shayna evil heels then Lana needs to be likeable for that to be effective. Nia has a match against Asuka later on tonight and i’m fairly confident we will get the ‘hilarious’ Lana table bump during then as she costs Nia the match.

AJ Styles host a RAW team meeting with Sheamus, Riddle, Lee and Strowman.

  • Styles states that the only reason last week fell apart is because they were missing the key factor Riddle.
  • He continues to keep reiterating that he is Captain much to the anger of the entire team.
  • Riddle gives everyone super secret code names including ‘Fireface’ for Sheamus which angers him greatly.
  • Styles announces he spoke to Adam Pearce and got Riddle and Lee vs Sheamus and Strowman confirmed for tonight.
  • AJ will also be the special guest referee for the match.

Analysis: This was a wonderful show of personality and unique characters. Everyone (except The Associate) got an opportunity to show their unique promo style and present their distinct character. There was a great blend of comedy and serious interaction mixed throughout and the decision to make your team fight against each other is so stupid that it makes perfect sense that AJ Styles would do it.

Riddle and Keith Lee defeat Braun Strowman and Sheamus via pinfall in 11:11.

  • Commentary put over the historic success of Sheamus and Strowman in Survivor Series matches.
  • Sheamus bumps into Styles preventing the special guest ref from counting the three count.
  • Riddle then accidentally connects with a high kick to styles before Lee and Strowman sandwich him in a double running body-check .
  • As we fade to the Ad-break The Associate Jordan Omognbehin rolls-up his sleeves and climbs over the top rope and commentary put over that we could see his true power tonight.
  • We return to action and The Associate is back on the outside and did not get involved.
  • Strowman misses a Senton attempt which ends up looking like a vicious two-footed football tackle instead.
  • Keith Lee dominates both Strowman and Sheamus before weaponizing Riddle to inflict further damage.
  • Sheamus and Strowman argue leading to Sheamus laying his partner out with the Brogue Kick.
  • Riddle gets a sneaky roll-up over the Celtic Warrior to pick up the win.

Analysis: This match was fun, a little dry at points but overall fun. All four guys got time to show what they can do in ring especially Keith Lee who reminded us all why he is a future world champion for sure. Riddle gets another big win to help build his momentum going into Survivor Series. RAW is fairly predictable at points and i’d assume next week we are getting Sheamus vs Braun Strowman to continue the issues within team RAW.

Alexa Bliss tells Nikki Cross “I choose him”.

  • Alexa is sat playing ‘He loves me, He hates me’ as her former BFF Nikki Cross approaches.
  • Nikki states that she saw Alexi last week and she ignored her, Bliss has no recollection of this event.
  • Cross explains she is sorry for not being there for Alexa when The Fiend called but she needs to leave him alone because he is dangerous.
  • Alexa laughs saying I don’t think i will, to which Nikki says you need to choose him or me.
  • Segment ends with Alexa choosing The Fiend.

Analysis: A very short segment but very effective at showing the level of control The Fiend has Alexa under. Nikki acts human and comes across very sympathetic whilst Alexa comes across distant and empty inside. This was wonderful fast paced storytelling and Alexa/The Fiend continues to be a highlight of RAW.

MVP and Bobby Lashley address Sami Zayn, Bobby Lashley defeats Titus O’Neil in 1:55, to retain the United States Championship.

  • MVP states that it will not be The Street Prophets vs The New Day at Survivor Series because next week on RAW, The Hurt Business will defeat The New Day for the RAW Tag Team Titles.
  • As Bobby Lashley is running down Sami Zayn, Titus O’Neil interrupts.
  • O’Neil states he was disrespected last week, and questions the purpose of Lashley having the title if he doesn’t defend it.
  • The Prime Time Player gets some early offence in with some big strikers however Lashley regains control with the Spear and locks the Full Nelson in to retain in under two-minutes.

Analysis: To start on a positive, it was great to see Titus on the microphone again and he is incredibly talented. I am however, disappointed to see Lashley just walk through another talented performer. More worryingly however is that in the small amount of solo microphone time Lashley got in this segment he is showing no real progress on the microphone. If he is going to ever ascend above the mid-card he needs to start improving.

Asuka vs Nia Jax via submission in 6:45

  • Lana, Mandy, Dana and Shayna are at ring-side for this match.
  • Nia Jax states she wanted this match to remind the division who the team leader is for Survivor Series.
  • Asuka dominates early on using submission transitions to grind down the much larger Nia.
  • Jax throws Asuka into the barricade to regain control of the momentum.
  • Lana is shown beside the announce-table throughout the match.
  • Hip attack gives Asuka her first near-fall of the match.
  • Asuka reverse a pinfall into an Arm Bar, Lana provides a distraction allowing Asuka to lock in the Asuka Lock.
  • Baszler breaks up the pin causing Asuka to pick up the DQ win
  • Nia puts Lana through the table after the bell.

Analysis: Firstly, it was great to see Asuka actually wrestle on RAW, since i have started covering RAW ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’ has wrestled once…against Lana The story told during this match is simple yet effective, Asuka is the smarter fighter however Nia is capable of using her sizeable power advantage to regain control at any point with a well timed strike. Asuka had the match won which makes the RAW result of the DQ less damaging to her legitimacy.

24/7 Shenanigans

  • Tozawa pins Truth to win the title
  • Erik pins Tozawa to win the title
  • Gulak pins Erik to win the title
  • Tucker pins Gulak to win the title
  • Gulak pins Tucker to win the title
  • Tucker pins Gulak to win the title
  • Gran Metalik pins Tucker to win the title
  • Lince Dorado pins Gran Metalik to win the title
  • R-Truth pins Lince Dorado to win the title

Analysis: Pretty pointless segment so not much to say about this at all other than, R-Truth won with the AA that was fun.

Mustafa Ali defeats Ricochet via pinfall in 13:57

  • Mustafa tells Ricochet to join him and be saved, Ricochet responds with a stiff elbow to the forehead.
  • Ricochet takes Ali down to the outside with an apron tornado DDT, RETRIBUTION provide the distraction however, preventing the former NXT Superstar from taking advantage.
  • Match is back and forth with some high quality in-ring action, the two performers demonstrated excellent chemistry.
  • Throughout the match Ali is attempting to recruit Ricochet to his faction.
  • Fantastic near fall with a Brainbuster to Ali from the former NXT Champion.
  • Ali hits a vicious looking top rope backstabber to Ricochet.
  • Ricochet returns with a very stiff forearm and poison-rana
  • Arabian corkscrew moonsault to the outside from Ricochet takes out RETRIBUTION
  • Missed Phoenix Splash attempt allows Ali to lock in the Koji Clutch for the win.

Analysis: This match was incredible, to the shock of nobody these two performers put on an instant classic on TV. A series of beautiful reversals and hybrid offence created a beautifully fluid match structure with a variety of near-falls and momentum shifts. Ricochet was ultimately defeated by RETRIBUTIONS presence and Ali looked powerful, this is progress for RETRIBUTION, more of this please.

Drew McIntyre and The New Day defeat Randy Orton, The Miz & John Morrison via pinfall in 10:33

  • Randy Orton is informed before the match that next week on RAW, he will defend his WWE Title in singles action against Drew McIntyre.
  • The Viper’s body language shifts to one of pure anger following this announcement.
  • The Miz attempts to tag Randy in who refuses to co-operate with the A-Listers.
  • Drew uses his psychical dominance to control and punish both The Miz and John Morrison.
  • Randy refuses to tag in, despite repeated baiting from McIntyre and walks to the lockeroom mid match.
  • The Scottish Psychopath punishes The Miz and Morrison with several Claymore Kicks and Future Shock DDT’s.
  • A distraction from Orton gives Morrison a near-fall however The New Day make the save.
  • Drew connects with a Claymore on Morrison for the pinfall victory.

Analysis: Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton for the title next week could have seismic implications for Survivor Series and Orton’s body language did a great job of showing this. The Miz looking extra cocky with the briefcase on the way to the ring after hearing this news is a great touch as well. The team dynamic between The Miz and Orton was the best example of the “can they co-operate” storyline that we have had three different times on this weeks show. Orton being a absolute coward and refusing to engage with the challenger before next weeks title match suits The Viper perfectly and shows where his mind is at heading into next weeks match. Nothing to special in-ring in terms of the moves or spots done but some very effective storytelling implemented throughout.

Overall, this week’s episode of RAW was a breeze to watch. The opening and closing segments were fast paced and action filled as always but for the first time in a few weeks the bulk of the middle of RAW was enjoyable and held pace with the rest of the show. Mustafa Ali vs Ricochet and the Men’s Survivor Series Team Tag Match were highlights of the second hour and kept interesting going into our main event.

I could have done with out the over the top 24/7 ten title change segment in the second hour and the Lana vs Shayna match along side Nia vs Asuka could have easily been scrapped and used on anything else. RAW at the moment has two identical stories in both their Survivor Series teams, a battle over leadership and a dominant monster beating down the smaller team members. It screams uncreative writing or at least unoriginal.

Next week’s episode of RAW features two title matches with Survivor Series consequences, as The New Day defend against The Hurt Business and Orton defends against McIntyre. If i had to predict those matches now i would guess we get one title change and given how much The Street Profits have put over the importance of their match with The New Day, i would predict Orton to lose to Drew possibly with a cash-in attempt from The Miz and our final Survivor Series match to be Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns.

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