WWE RAW Results – November 02, 2020

WWE RAW Live Results- October 02, 2020

Live WWE Raw Results from the November 02, 2020 episode, will be updated here throughout the show.

WWE RAW emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida tonight as it presents the second week of build towards the inter-brand Survivor Series PPV.

Matches and segments announced for the show include:

Randy Orton addresses ‘The Fiend’, Drew McIntyre attacks as The Miz attempts to cash in.

  • Orton starts by remind the WWE Universe that he is a 14-time WWE Champion.
  • States that referring to him as “The Best of the Best” is an insult, he is “The Best, Period.”
  • Lists Edge, Undertaker, McIntyre, and Cena as inferior wrestlers to himself.
  • Randy Orton is no longer “The Legend Killer” he now is simply… “The Legend”
  • He challenges anyone in the back to come out and challenge him if they want his title.
  • Alexa Bliss interrupts as the challenge is made to the lockeroom.
  • Bliss poses in-ring revealing a pair of play and pain gloves, dropping the play glove and mumbling “He could be here”.
  • As Alexa vanishes McIntyre appears from behind laying out Orton with a Claymore.
  • The Miz and Morrison appear from over the barriers and attempt to take advantage of a prone Orton.

Analysis: A fun, if slightly repetitive opening segment. Alexa has provided the Orton and Drew feud with a interesting injection of charisma whilst preventing the need for ‘The Fiend’ to appear on screen everyweek. The Miz’s attempted cash in was a fun teaser moment, and Drew preventing it was perfectly on brand for the ‘Scottish Psychopath’. I feel like there is a Drew vs Miz and Morrison handicap match coming up in the near future.

Jeff Hardy defeats Elias in a Guitar on a Pole Match via pinfall in 8:21.

  • Elias opens the segment, making sure to remind the WWE Universe that his new album ‘Universal Truth’ reached number 1 on the Itunes’ charts.
  • Hardy climbs the turnbuckle only to be knocked down at the hands of a thrown bar stool from Elias.
  • The Drifter dominates the power game early on, however Hardy uses his speed and agility to regain control.
  • Hardy hits a Twist of Fate before ascending to capture the Guitar.
  • The Charismatic Enigma hits the Smash Hit with the Fender to pick up the win.

Analysis: As far as “on a Pole” matches go, this wasn’t bad. It didn’t waste much time and gave us some face retribution (not the mask wearing kind) for Hardy. Not a lot of in-ring performing from Hardy or Elias, mainly just scrambling for the Guitar and hitting their respective go-to hits. Although this feud is probably only just beginning this feels like it should be the ending point for Hardy vs Elias, there is much more these two can do together (outside of a battle of the bands) that wont feel like a repeat of the last month.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeat Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose, via submission in 4:11 to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

  • Lana comes out after the initial bell and stands at ring side to “support her teammates”.
  • Miscommunication early on from the champions allows Dana and Mandy to gain control.
  • Nia is taken out on the outside as the result of a bump from Mandy Rose.
  • Baszler is distracted by Lana allowing Brookes to get a three count, however the referee is distracted and does not count the fall.
  • Shayna locks in the rear naked choke to pick up the win.
  • Lana escaped table bump free.

Analysis: In the short amount of time they were afforded Mandy and Dana looked very good and showed great team chemistry. The distraction/inclusion of Lana and short match time really harmed this match and continues to damage the lineage of the Tag Titles. If SmackDown do not win the Women’s match at Survivor Series something seriously wrong has happened.

Bobby Lashley defeats R-Truth via submission in 1:15, Gulak captures the 24/7 title.

  • R-Truth thinks he is coming out to meet Bobby Bushay of Waterboy fame.
  • He [Truth] attempts to lay down for Lashley to avoid pain, Lashley refuses.
  • The US Champion then locks in the Full Nelson to tap Truth out and pick up the win in a easy manner.
  • Gulak runs out to capture the 24/7 title from Truth, Lashley locks him in a Full Nelson for good measure for draping him over Truth to allow him to capture the 24/7 title.

Analysis: Waterboy reference aside, i am not sure what this segment was designed to achieve. Squashing Gulak and Truth doesn’t elevate the threat of Lashley especially given we haven’t seen him take on a considerable opponent for his title in a while. The 24/7 title stuff on its own also needs a serious mix up or to be faded out of the programming as it is just a constant segment on the show that achieves nothing and does not benefit the show as a overall product.

AJ Styles delivers a message to his RAW Survivor Series teammates.

  • AJ -shadowed by The Associate- states that although Jey Uso and Kevin Owens are strong competitors on the SmackDown Survivor Series team, that they are at a disadvantage because they do not have Captain Styles.
  • Captain Styles introduces “his team” one by one in an attempt to raise morale.
  • Keith Lee informs Styles that he isn’t intimidated by his “sizeable associate” and neither him or Sheamus agreed to call him captain.
  • Braun interrupts the segment, and says all RAW needs to win at Survivor Series is “these hands”.
  • Lee responds that Strowman needs to qualify like anybody else, Braun is quick to point out that he has the most eliminations in a Survivor Series match and that he also, already beat Lee one on one.
  • Adam Pearce (with a little help from AJ Styles) makes the match for after the break, Lee vs Sheamus vs Strowman and if Strowman wins he is on team RAW

Analysis: A fantastic and effective segment, all three initial performers got to develop some personality and show off their unique charisma. Lee, Styles and Sheamus are all wonderful promos in their own way, Lee has his methodical appraoch, Styles as the over confident deluded small guy and Sheamus as the tough-as-nails warrior. If the triple threat match is given time it could be excellent and Braun as an addition to Team RAW would make perfect sense. Logical booking done so in a fun and interesting manner, great work from RAW.

Braun Strowman defeats Sheamus & Keith Lee via pinfall in 14:21, to qualify for the RAW Survivor Series team.

  • Captain Styles is on commentary for the match.
  • All three men show off their power early on with a serious of large strikes and body slams.
  • Lee goes aerial with a dive over the top rope to take out Sheamus and Strowman.
  • The Monster amongst men wipes everyone out with a splash through the barricade.
  • Sheamus and Lee team up on Strowman, using the steel steps to lay the former Universal Champion out.
  • Commentary and Styles are concerned at the condition this match will leave the RAW Survivor Series team in.
  • White Noise gives Sheamus a near-fall over Strowman.
  • Keith Lee hits Sheamus with an incredible standing belly-to-belly only to be caught with a bicycle knee from Sheamus for a two-fall.
  • A huge lariat from Lee takes The Monster down for two.
  • Strowman catches Sheamus with the running powerslam to pick up the win and qualify for the RAW Survivor Series team.

Analysis: This was a great match, three big guys beating each other around the ring for about fifteen minutes as Styles begs them simultaneously to stop and continue on commentary. Keith Lee’s gear and theme may be off putting for some fans, but he remains one of the best speakers and performers on the planet. Strowman and Lee putting their differences aside for the benefit of team RAW is good storytelling and i wouldn’t be against the two forming a tag team in the fall out of Survivor Series.

The Firefly FunHouse with Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss.

  • Bray and Alexa tell us todays show is about the three most important letters in sports entertainment…RKO
  • Abbie the Witch responds that for what he did to Bray, Randy Orton can go **** himself.
  • We get flashbacks to the fire of the Wyatt Compound caused by Orton.
  • Bray states although he has forgiven Randy, The Fiend never forgets.
  • Alexa shows us a trick, as she turns a glowing red and her tongue stretches down to the ground as we go to the ads.

Analysis: As always with the FunHouse, i have no idea what i just watched. However, what i did understand was clever and well conducted story building relating to Wyatt’s history with Orton. The PTSD style flashbacks Wyatt has when The Viper mentioned is an excellent story telling mechanism to remind us what we saw several years ago.

Nia Jax defeats Lana in pinfall in 4:13.

  • Before the match starts Shayna immediatly takes the cover off the announce table.
  • Nia dominates Lana who is no match for the Tag Team Champion.
  • Jax has the match won on several occasions however breaks the pinfalls up at two each time to continue the punishment.
  • A samoan drop later and Nia keeps Lana down for the three count.
  • Lana is no longer on the WWE RAW Survivor Series team.
  • Post match beat down ensues and Lana is put through the table once again.

Analysis: At this point this is becoming genuinely uncomfortable to watch, Lana was simply beat around for five minutes before Nia eventually put her out her misery. This doesn’t feel like it will end with Lana getting her revenge but just a mean and unpleasant segment.

The Hurt Business defeat The New Day via pinfall in 10:14.

  • We open with The MVP Lounge, MVP puts over the dominance of The Hurt Business and in particular Bobby Lashley.
  • Cedric warns Sami Zayn that if he is Intercontinental Champion come Survivor Series that he will be destroyed once again by Bobby Lashley.
  • MVP states that The Hurt Business dealt with RETRIBUTION and their rewarded will come in the form of the RAW Tag Team Championships.
  • The New Day come out to talk down to The Hurt Business.
  • Kofi points out that he has won more titles than The Hurt Business combined.
  • Xavier states that although Kofi lost the title in eight seconds, according to Lana, Bobby Lashley doesn’t even last that.
  • MVP refers to the video of himself celebrating Kofi’s title win, that video of course featured the late, great Shad Gaspard.
  • MVP joins commentary as Benjamin and Alexander take on The New Day.
  • Kofi and Alexander trade Monkey Flips in a one ups-man ship battle, with Alexander being spiked on his head during his attempt.
  • Woods and Kingston control the match early on dominating Alexander with fluid tag wrestling.
  • The momentum is switched as Benjamin hits a step-up knee strike onto Woods to the outside.
  • The Gold Standard is able to help his young understudy regain control, working over Woods and isolating Kingston.
  • Kingston attempts to clear Benjamin out the ring only to be caught out and beat down on the outside.
  • A blind tag allows Benjamin and Alexander to hit tandem finishers to pick up the win for The Hurt Business.

Analysis: A fantastic match combining a wonderful pre match segment with excellent in ring story telling. MVP was a gift on commentary and developing the story of Cedric Alexander as the young lion of The Hurt Business is a great touch. If this match had gone a bit longer and kicked up a gear higher we could have had a top tier television match however it still delivered well. Only The New Day and MVP could have made such a long promo segment work but they smashed it. I would happily watch this match, week in and week out on RAW! It was a real treat.

RETRIBUTION lay out Ricochet following a pinfall victory over Tucker.

  • Tucker debuted a new look in all black leggings and no singlet.
  • He received no entrance and was quickly defeated by Ricochet in a nothing match.
  • RETRIBUTION lead by former friend Mustafa Ali beat down Ricochet as Ali tell’s him his sins are not forgiven.
  • Full segment lasts less than five minutes.

Analysis: Good to see RETRIBUTION do something and succeed however it appears they have just given up with The Hurt Business. I will give it a week or so and see how they do, as long as they dont lose to Ricochet next week it should get better for Ali’s faction.

Sheamus tries to recruit Drew to RAW’s Survivor Series Team

  • A short but effective segment in which Sheamus and Drew reminise backstage.
  • Sheamus talks about how proud he is of what Drew has become and that he has no doubt Drew will be champion again.
  • The Celtic Warrior continues to say that Drew should redirect his focus from The Miz and join him in a Celtic Connection at Survivor Series.
  • Drew goes from backstage to the ring as he takes on The Miz and John Morrison in 2-1 handicap action in our main event.

Analysis: A short fun but enjoyable segment, since Sheamus got drafted to RAW i have been looking forward to their interaction and the fact they remain friends despite a heel face split is perfect. Drew should 100% be on the Survivor Series show and if it is in the Survivor Series Match, even better.

Drew McIntyre defeats The Miz and John Morrison via pinfall in 8:14

  • Initially Drew is able to overcome the two-on-one disadvantage using his size and strength advantage.
  • However, as the match goes on The Miz and Morrison are able to use their numbers advantage and under handed tactics to ground the big man.
  • Morrison hits Startship Pain for a near-fall.
  • Taking inspiration from Sheamus, Drew strikes the chest of The Miz over the top rope.
  • The former WWE Champion fires up, hitting Morrison with a spider suplex before hitting Mr Money in the Bank with a series of strikes.
  • Miz connects with the Skull Crushing Finale for a very good near fall.
  • The Future Shock DDT gives us our second near-fall before The Claymore Kick gives Drew the win to end the show.
  • Randy Orton strikes from behind hitting Drew with an RKO as The Fiend’s laughter plays over the speakers.

Analysis: A dominant performance from the former WWE champion, the character of The Miz allows him to take this loss and not feel illegitimate as a result. The Alabama Slam onto The Miz was great and both the Starship Pain and Skull Crushing Finale near-falls were really well done. The post match angle initially felt overdone however the added factor of The Fiend’s laughter adds a whole new element to the surprise attack and the potential of Drew vs The Fiend leading to revising the WrestleMania match between Bray and Orton excites me.

Overall, a solid show from WWE RAW. The good on this show was really enjoyable, with the opening segment, The Hurt Business vs The New Day and the Triple Threat Match being the highlights of the show. All three segments elevated everyone involved and added new layers to the performers involved, especially Alexander.

Lana and Nia is becoming uncomfortable to watch now and not in a Cody being whipped by MJF style uncomfortable where it is clear the face will get his revenge. But rather the sort of uncomfortable where you don’t want to watch it anymore because nothing good can be seen coming out of it.

Inside The Ropes will keep you updated with all the news coming out of RAW as well as all the latest WWE news generally.