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WWE RAW Results – January 25 2021

WWE RAW Results

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE RAW results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida with the culmination of the build to the upcoming Royal Rumble event.

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Matches and segments announced for the show include:

  • Drew McIntyre and Goldberg make their RAW returns to go face-to-face ahead of their Royal Rumble showdown
  • Charlotte Flair vs Shayna Baszler
  • Riddle vs Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander & MVP in a Gauntlet match – If Riddle wins, he can challenge for Bobby Lashley‘s United States Championship
  • Asuka (c) vs Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Championship

Inside The Ropes will have live coverage of the show when RAW kicks off at 1am GMT on January 26th.

Drew McIntyre Opens WWE RAW, Adresses Goldberg, Goldberg arrives.

  • Drew opens WWE Raw reminding us of the importance of respecting the government guidelines and doing our bit to defeat COVID, dedicates his Rumble performance to all those fighting COVID.
  • The Miz and Morrison interupt doing the schtick of stating that they are going to leave the Royal Rumble as the WWE Champion regardless of which of Kong [McIntyre] or Godzilla [Goldberg] wins their match.
  • Goldberg interrupts stating “You me, Sunday, You are Next’ before as a reward for their interruption The Miz and Morrison are hit with a Claymore Kick and a Spear from Drew and Goldberg respectively.
  • The two giants stare down to end the segment after around ten minutes.

Analysis: Predictable, 100%. Effective, 100%. I do not care about WCW, I am far too young to have any nostalgia regarding Goldberg but this segment was still very effective at making me excited for the title match on Sunday. If I was to make a educated guess I would put money on Goldberg losing and then entering the Royal Rumble at #30. Fun opening to the show even if it is a return to what we know from every week on RAW.

Charlotte defeats Shayna Baszler [w/ Nia Jax] via DQ in 00:15, Charlotte & Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke defeat Lacey Evans & Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler via count-out in 4:11

Lacey Evans & Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler then defeat Charlotte & Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke via pinfall in 7:36

  • This is announced as a first time ever match-up between the two former NXT Champions.
  • The match ends in a DQ after fifteen seconds following Nia Jax’s interference.
  • Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke interfere to save Charlotte from a beatdown only for Lacey Evans to equal the numbers for the heels.
  • Shayna and Charlotte [our original match up] are the focus of the early exchanges.
  • Shayna sells the leg early on and the two former NXT Champion brawl outside only for Shayna [seemingly in a moment of miscommunication] to get counted out as Charlotte gets back in at the count of nine.
  • Adam Pearce has restarted the match meaning this segment has gone from DQ finish to Count Out finish to Match Restarting
  • On Restart Mandy Rose nearly gets a huge pinfall victory over Nia Jax however Shayna breaks the pinfall up leaking to Nia Jax beating down the former NXT Superstar before picking up the pinfall via leg drop.

Analysis: Truthfully, this was a bit of a cluster. It is classic RAW booking with a brawl leading to a multi-person match and then the tag match exclusively features the two original competitors and ends in a count out due to a possible error from Shayna. Nobody benefited here and nothing was advanced, I feel really sorry for the competitors if this was an error as Shayna was 50% in-ring when the ref called for the bell and could have easily been continued without it looking scripted. Not a great opening to RAW. The restart was a mistake, this second segment took half an hour… this should have been scrapped after the miscount and then just addressed during a WWE backstage segment. Not a great start to RAW.

Slapjack [w/ Retribution] vs. Xavier Woods

  • Pre-match Ali criticises Kingston for stealing his WrestleMania moment and stating that he has in return taken his Rumble moment away this year.
  • Slapjack takes control early on following a picture perfect rolling DDT onto the former Tag Team Champion.
  • The match is very even for the most of the match with Slapjack and Woods in a speed deadlock.
  • Shining wizard following a communication error from Mustafa Ali and the rest of RETRIBUTION leads to Woods picking up the win.
  • Following the match Mace and T-Bar hit a huge double sit-out Chokeslam onto Woods before Ali sends Slapjack for the chair on the outside.
  • Ali goes to hit Woods with the chair before stopping and instead sitting down and speaking to Woods.
  • Mustafa Ali confirms he will be replacing Kingston in the Royal Rumble and says as much as Woods talks about KOTR he is nothing but a peasant.

Analysis: The pre-match promo to this was incredible and shows when not hindered with a nothing/ no investment gimmick Ali could be a main event star anywhere in the world. This is the 3rd match we have seen this pairing but I feel like its leading to something. If WWE do a KOTR event with the right build I think Woods vs. Ali for the US Championship could be great and then Woods vs. a heel Big E would make perfect sense for Clash of the Champions. For the meanwhile this was totally fine and completely inoffensive viewing.

MVP Hosts a Celebration with The Hurt Business, Truth interrupts

  • Initially Lashley is discussing the importance of MVP in the rise of The Hurt Business, Benjamin and Alexander take turns cutting over one another.
  • Lashley then presents MVP with gold of his own in the form of a THB 24 Carot Gold necklace.
  • Alexander and Benjamin argue before 24/7 Champion R-Truth interrupts, R-Truth think this is a party for him.
  • Truth states he over heard them discussing the THB necklace and thought it stood for Truth… Happy… Birthday
  • As Lashley and MVP plan to attack Truth the 24/7 Title Division run out and attack Truth.
  • Riddle takes advantage of the distraction and hits MVP with the Final Flash Knee.
  • The segment ends with Truth escaping and The Hurt Business running Riddle off ahead of the gauntlet match tonight.
  • Post match R-Truth is booked to take on AJ Styles for an opportunity to enter the Royal Rumble which Truth refers to as the MITB

Analysis: This segment, pre Riddle, was fantastic. The inner tension between THB was great and Truth was genuinely [as always] hilarious. I do not understand why Riddle is the face when he keeps jumping THB from behind. I said this on twitter so worth reiterating, in regards to 2020 Rumble returns… MVP has been more impactful and important than Edge. He is 100% HOF worthy and deserves a title of his own down the line.

Edge is announced as appearing on WWE Raw to address his status in the company

  • Edge in a heart felt promo announces he has entered the 2021 Royal Rumble match.

Analysis: The promo was simple, but exceptional, he addressed The Brood, Backlash, his history, and stated this is his final chance before entering the Rumble. I nearly cried.

Sheamus defeats John Morrison [w/ The Miz] via pinfall in 9:17, The Miz and John Morrison vs Sheamus

  • Sheamus dominates the early exchanges using his height and power advantage, however as Morrison enters the match he uses his agility and balance advantage to counter Sheamus’ power.
  • Morrison works over the former WWE Champion in the corner before connecting with a huge strike.
  • The Irish Curse Backbreaker gives Sheamus our first near fall of the show however Morrison kicks out at 2.5.\
  • Despite the clash of styles Sheamus [who recently stated he has no issues fighting McGregor] is unable to take advantage of his power due to the immense speed of Morrison.
  • It is worth noting that former Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie [who is also the wife of John Morrison] is reportedly a free agent following her conviction to prison on IMPACT TV [in story of course].
  • Sheamus eventually connects with White Noise to pick up a win, however, ever the stubborn villain, The Miz challenges Sheamus to a 2-1 handicap match again Himself and Morrison to allow Sheamus to prepare for the Rumble.
  • As predicted, the 2-1 handicap match initially takes the role of Miz and Morrison having fun taking turns working over the former Rumble Winner.
  • Sheamus does eventually get back into things dominating Morrison however due to the Tornado rules of the match, Miz is able to dominate Sheamus with a Skull Crushing Finale and pick up the win.

Analysis: This would have been a nice simple match with a good win for Sheamus but due to the COVID complications and require isolation RAW needed to fill more time [completely understandable] and therefore me needed a 4th rematch already tonight. Sheamus is a future HOF and is fantastic in-ring ALWAYS but this was just a bit unnecessary.

AJ Styles defeats R-Truth via Submission – If Truth wins he enters the 2021 Royal Rumble

  • Initially R-Truth does a good job of avoiding Styles signature offence, however Styes does a great job regain control.
  • Truth due to his wandering mind does not get distracted by the 7’3 enforcer of Omos.
  • The two exchange a great counter sequence with truth hitting the five knuckle shuffle before Styles forces the tap-out via Calf Crusher.
  • As a result of his loss, Truth will not enter the 2021 Royal Rumble.

Analysis: Surpisingly very solid In ring with some excellent comedy work from Truth, if his John Cena addiction does not end with Cena beating him for the 24/7 Title I will be upset. R-Truth and Styles worked a surprisingly solid match given Truth’s role as a comedy act on WWE [see last weeks WWE Raw Results] for further expansion, I believe this shows AJ Styles ability and why he is one of the GOATs of in-ring performance.

Matt Riddle defeats The Hurt Business in a Gauntlet Match [Cedric Alexander, MVP and Shelton Benjamin] via pinfall in 14:01

  • Benjamin starts things off against Riddle, the two immediately exchange a fury of high paced offence with Riddle most hitting his Final Flash Knee early on.
  • The former US Champion [Benjamin] manages to deal a significant amount of damage to Riddle early on as MVP berates commentary from the outside.
  • Alexander attempts to provide a distraction to assist Benjamin however all he achieves is providing the distraction needed for Riddle to eliminated Benjamin AND MVP.
  • As we head to an Ad-Break Benjamin [who as specified in last weeks WWE Raw Results is likely to be the break away star from The Hurt Business] is the sole survivor as THB take on Riddle.
  • Cedric does a great job regaining control over Riddle however he is not focused and regularly spends time back chatting his team at ringside.
  • What follows is a incredible mini match between Cedric and Riddle with MVP shouting legitimately fantastic feedback from ringside! The exchanges between Riddle and Cerdric and truly amazing!
  • Riddle rolls up Alexander to run the gauntlet and pick up the win, however his win is short lived as Lashley attacks him on the ramp.

Analysis: This was amazing and I don’t use that term lightly! Story telling 101 with Riddle not appearing superior to THB but rather was only fighting against a series of individuals rather than a team. I hope either Alexander or MVP eliminates Lashley from the Rumble leading to more tension in the group!

Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka for the WWE Women’s Championship

  • Asuka briefly shows fear to Alexa before attacking her with a confidence we haven’t seen since NXT.
  • Alexa laughs as attacked showing her new sadism and lack of fear towards pain.
  • Mid-match Alexa Bliss has just appeared on a rocking horse however as the ad-break ends the horse is gone and ignored.
  • Very even match although at no point does Alexa get presented as dominant or superior to Asuka which I appreciate!
  • Bliss is able to gain control as mid-match she teleports then appears in her face ring gear to counter before appearing in the crab position in her Fiend gear.
  • Alexa appears to have the match won when Orton appears from behind and hits her with an RKO, the show ends with this occurrence with the assumption Alexa wins via DQ.

Overall, this was honestly… a very fun episode of RAW.

Read over any previous WWE Raw Results and I state my disappointment however… this show felt 1 hour long

Stand out moments include, the opening McIntyre vs. Goldberg exchange, Riddle vs. The Hurt Business including the R-Truth segment and the closing main event and Orton’s shocking RKO.

In terms of could do better, get Asuka and Charlotte dropping the titles to Dakota and Raquel on NXT and I am happy. No Keith Lee is wrong and honestly DO SOMETHING with Mustafa he is amazing!

Edge return and opening and closing segments have me hyped for Sunday!