WWE Ranks Top Of Surpising Internet Record

WWE logo over roster

If you think the constant changing landscape of WWE is too fast-paced, you should check out Wikipedia.

The Twitter account “@depthsofwiki” recently shared the listing of the “most edited articles of all time” and what category sits at the “head of the table” but “List of WWE personnel.” That category holds that cherished crown with a total of 56,914 revisions, beating out notable topics such as “United States,” “Jesus,” “Barack Obama,” and two WWE Hall Of Famers in The Undertaker and Donald Trump. The 45th President of The United States is at #4 with 40,527 revisions while The Deadman ranks in at #14 with 28,326 revisions.

Suprisingly enough, The Undertaker’s younger brother Kane makes the list as well at #34 with 23,593 revisions and the category “List of Impact Wrestling personnel‏‎” comes in at #27 with 24,621 revisions.

What All Does ‘List of WWE Personnel’ Feature?

There’s a good reason as to why this category is #1 as it is a pretty big catch-all for everyone that works for the company in front of the screen and behind it. The page has a full list of all active members of the current rosters including WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown and WWE NXT. However, it also contains anyone in management, creative, the commentary teams, producers, WWE Performance Center staff, referees, music department, ambassadors and even trainees. What adds another wrinkle for elements to edit is a “notes” category in which users can list injuries or different types of work status. Knowing the stringent passion of wrestling fans, that will always keep the page constantly updated.