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WWE Producer Departs The Company After Short-Lived Run

Jimmy Wang Yang WWE

Former WWE and WCW star Jimmy Wang Yang has called time on his tryout to become a producer in WWE despite having only been doing the job since October.

James Yun was one of the success stories of the WCW Power Plant training facility, debuting as Yun Yang for the company in 2000. He is best remembered in WCW as part of the Jung Dragons group as simply Yang where he teamed with Kaz Hayashi and Jamie Noble.

Following the closure of WCW in 2001, Yang joined WWE where he resurfaced in 2003 as the evil Akio. Teaming with Sakoda, the two men were joined by Tajiri in the short-lived Kyo Dai faction.

In September 2006, Jimmy Wang Yang was born as Yang portrayed a cowboy from the southern United States. He competed with his trusty cowboy hat for four years before departing WWE and joining All Japan Pro Wrestling.

PWInsider.com has reported that Yang began a tryout with WWE in October for a potential producer role with the company and has already decided that the position isn’t for him and has left the company once again.

In 2021 before his run began as a producer, Jimmy Yang has taken to teaming with his daughter Jazzy Yang in tag team bouts on the independent circuit.

Jimmy Yang is not the only backstage producer or coach to leave the company recently with Scotty 2 Hotty also leaving his position at the Performance Center. The former WWE Tag Team Champion is set to return to the ring as he looks to inject fun back into his career.