WWE Pays Homage To Iconic Attitude Era Ad During Super Bowl LVII

WWE Attitude Era logo over roster

Back in late 1998 with WWE flying high they created one of their most famous commercials that aired during Super Bowl XXXIII in January 1999.

In the ad set at WWE headquarters, the likes of Steve Austin, Sable, The Rock, and The Undertaker claim that the company is simply wholesome entertainment and doesn’t promote overt sexuality or violence. The pleas come against a backdrop of pure chaos with office workers being thrown through windows, hit with chairs, and thrown from balconies.

The commercial was incredibly popular at the time and remains a nostalgic favourite among fans.

Fast forward to 2023 and WWE tipped its hat to the commercial with a new ad during Super Bowl LVII. The ad for SmackDown saw an office worker get increasingly annoyed with a colleague and dream of hitting him with a chair as a fight erupts in the background. The commercial ends with the tagline “We’re All Superstars” as Charlotte Flair’s music plays.

WWE Sends Custom Title To Super Bowl Winners

The commercial wasn’t WWE’s only brush with the Super Bowl with The Undertaker appearing alongside Tony Hawk and Kevin Hart in an ad for DraftKings. While the company also sent a custom WWE Championship belt to winners Kansas City Chiefs and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes who were pictured celebrating and posting with the title.

It was far from an easy day at the office for Mahomes who limped through the second half after aggravating the ankle injury that threatened to rule him out of the game altogether in the build-up. Despite the injury and trailing by ten points at halftime, Mahomes led the Chiefs to their second Super Bowl win in four years.

Mahomes completed 21 of 27 passes for 182 yards and three touchdowns, adding 44 rushing yards as the AFC champions ran out 38-35 winners. Despite ending up on the losing team, Philidelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts threw for over 300 yards and ran in three touchdowns of his own.