WWE Paying For Alexander Wolfe’s Return To Germany

Alexander Wolfe

Alexander Wolfe has revealed how WWE are paying for his return to Germany, and noted that the company has taken care of him after his departure was confirmed.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy just two days after news of his WWE exit broke, Axel Tischer – formerly Alexander Wolfe – opened up about the circumstances that led to him leaving WWE and his subsequent departure.

Tischer confirmed that he was not “released” per se, and that his contract ends on June 15th. He was told he will not be used on WWE television again before his contract expires, thus the situation is similar to that of a 30-day non-compete.

“Yes, yes, yes. WWE didn’t release me but it was not my choice. It wasn’t my choice. If I had the choice, I probably would stay with WWE because it’s the biggest company and again, it’s very comfortable to work for them because you make a lot of money with doing nothing. I still went to the Performance Center and used the facility as a tool for life for my own, like, brand. But yeah, WWE told me, ‘Hey, we will not release you but your contract is up on June 15th, so we will let you run out the contract and then, on June 16th, you’re off to go,’ which I really appreciate because I kind of got the 30 day complete a no compete clause, but not really. So they give me the heads up four weeks ahead.

Tischer noted how he’s getting his house in order before moving back to Germany, adding that WWE paid for his flights back as he must leave the States after his visa expires, but noted that the company paid up the remainder of his contract in a lump-some.

“I have a lot of work to do now just to get rid of all the household and then just move back to Germany. Yeah, it’s OK. But like, fair enough. I have to say, even if a lot of people just spitting venom right now and say, ‘Yeah, F— WWE,’ and everything, so they always take care of the talents and they are even fair enough because I will go back to Germany because I need to because of visa reason, they paid for my flight back. They are very kind in communicating with me just, for example, because of moving reasons, I ask them to pay me out completely out of the contract – that I not get still the weekly salary and they are cool with that. They even asked me if I want to have it.”

The former SAnitY star added two words to WWE – “fair play” for being professional and kind.

“So you can be negative about as much as you want but even me being pissed off about the reason they let me go, I have to say fair play to them because they always took care of me, they always been very kind and very professional.”

Our full interview with Axel Tischer, formerly known as Alexander Wolfe, is available to read here – where we discussed his WWE departure, friendship with Nikki Cross, and WALTER’s insistence not to move to the United States, among other things.

Meanwhile, you can follow Axel Tischer on Twitter here and book a Cameo from him here. Thanks to Axel for taking the time!