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WWE Officially Sold; Live Fallout, Reactions & Latest News

Welcome to the April 3rd Inside The Ropes Live blog, bringing you the latest news surrounding the sale of the WWE!

Today’s other top stories include:

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Matt Riddle Set For WWE Return

Solo Sikoa Matt Riddle

Today just doesn’t get any quieter, just as the news of the WWE sale and Cody Rhodes mystery partner begins to die down another story emerges.

PWInsider Elite has reported that Matt Riddle is in Los Angeles ahead of tonight’s Monday Night Raw with him seemingly set to return on during tonight’s show.

Riddle has not been seen since he was written off after a brutal attack from Solo Sikola in order to write Riddle off allegedly while he attended rehab.

With Riddle’s history with Solo Sikola, it is very possible that he will be Rhodes’ mystery partner during tonight’s show.

Writing in via ‘Get Involved’, Ian Rushworth thinks that this is the case and is confused why so many people are overlooking Riddle as the obvious partner for tonight.

“Why is everybody ignoring the obvious re Cody’s mystery tag partner. I think it’ll be Matt Riddle as he has heat with Solo who was credited with Riddle’s storyline exit.”

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Rip Fowler

Rip Fowler & Jagger Reid Released By WWE

In an update from an earlier story this afternoon – following the breaking news that Schism’s Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid (FKA Grizzled Young Veterans) has requested their release form the WWE, Dave Metlzer of the Wrestling Observer can now confirm that the NXT duo have officially been granted their release from the company.

The duo lasted competed for the WWE just two days ago at NXT’s well received Stand and Deliver Network Special, as they teamed with Joe Gacy and Ava Raine (daughter of WWE Legend Dwayne Johnson) to take on Chase University and Tyler Bate.

After the event Fowler (formerly Zack Gibson) took to Twitter to post a cryptic tweet regarding the duos future.

“Dark match. Pre show. Main show. Different names. It doesn’t matter. We’ll always deliver. We’ll always be 𝗚𝗿𝗶𝘇𝘇𝗹𝗲𝗱.”

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Cody Rhodes

Who Will Team With Cody Rhodes? (Continued.)

Seth Rollins Raw entrance

Following on from our discussion regarding potential partners for Cody Rhodes during tonight’s historic episode of WWE Raw, Martin has written in with his views on how the angle might go about.

“Someone who also has some history with the bloodline could team up with Cody and eventually lead to Cody pinning Reigns and then there could be another title match issued for down the road.”

I could see this happening, Roman and The Bloodline have beaten a lot of people over the past almost 1000 days. One name I didn’t mention in the early post is the possibility that Cody will team with his greatest rival since returning to the WWE in the form of Seth Rollins.

Seth has a victory over Roman Reigns (via DQ) at the 2022 Royal Rumble that was never actioned, what if Cody calls on his rival to help get even and that leads to a possible three way match between Reigns, Rhodes and Rollins at WWE’s Backlash PLE in Puerto Rico?

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Cody Rhodes

Fans Speculate On Cody Rhodes Mystery Partner For Raw

Social media has entered a frenzy following the leaked information revealing that on tonight’s episode of Raw, Cody Rhodes will be teaming with a mystery partner to take on Solo Sikola & Roma Reigns.

Here are our thoughts on some of your guesses so far!


“Wouldn’t it be interesting if Cody’s tag team partner tonight was his brother could we see a Goldust return this evening” –  Bruce, via ‘Get involved’

Goldust would be a major shock, although he isn’t the big name star that his brother is, his contract status with AEW would make it a moment to remember. However, unless Tony Khan is getting something in return I don’t see this one happening tonight.

Matt Cardona

“Matt Cardona will be joined by Cody Rhodes’s tag team” – @Kentayvon121

Matt Cardona is another of the most common names creeping up following this news. A Fightful report earlier in the day had a segment confirmed showing Cody Rhodes ‘making a call’, so the partner will need to be someone worth teasing and with a link to Cody of which Cardona fits. Cardona recently said the time is not right for him to return to the WWE, which if previous wrestlers are anything to go off means it will be him tonight but it would be a massive position to put him into, a main event with Roman Reigns. I would like this one, it give it like a 50% chance of happening.

Randy Orton

“It’s obviously Randy Orton” – @Ym672Bel

Randy Orton is the most sensible pick, in the manner that he is an established name, has been out for almost a year and massive history with Cody and The Bloodline. However, although reports have circulated that he was in Los Angeles for WrestleMania weekend, reports also stated he would prefer a WrestleMania return over a Raw return and that he is not yet in a position to compete in ring yet as he continues to recover from his back issues. If all the information reported over the last week is true, it simply cannot be Randy Orton.

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Sheamus Shows Off Brutal Aftermath Of WrestleMania 39 Clash.

Sheamus added another banger to his recent string of bangers, after bangers, after bangers, when he clashed with Drew McIntyre and WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther at WrestleMania 39.

In a match that many are calling match of the night, Gunther successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship in a brutal match that pushed competitors to their very limit.

‘The Celtic Warrior’ has now taken to Twitter show off the brutal aftermath of the clash, showing off his bruised and battered chest alongside best friend Drew McIntyre.

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny Set For WWE Raw

Bad Bunny WWE

The news surrounding tonight’s historic episode of Monday Night Raw continues to unfold as Fightful Select is now reporting that Bad Bunny is set for Raw.

This likely ties in with WRKD Wrestling’s report that the LWO [Formerly Legado Del Fantasmo] will be joined by a special guest with Bad Bunny likely that guest as WWE look to build to the Backlash PLE in Puerto Rico next month.

During WrestleMania 39 Bad Bunny prevented Dominik Mysterio and Judgement Day cheating during Dominik’s clash with his father WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio.

Do you think the LWO’s special guest will be Bad Bunny or do you think WWE has something else up their sleeve? Let us know using the ‘Get Involved’ feature at the top of the page.


Huge Plans Leaked For Tonight's WWE Raw

Cody Rhodes enters WWE WrestleMania 39

New information has been leaked containing plans for tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

The Raw after WrestleMania is always a spicy affair, however add in the news of the WWE sale and the negative reaction to Cody Rhodes WrestleMania 39 loss and tonight’s show could be legendary.

WRKD Wrestling has reported a handful of plans for tonight’s show, including an opening announcement from Triple H, a mystery partner and a special guest joining the LWO.

“Tonight’s #WWERaw will open with an announcement from Triple H…

Other highlights for tonight’s #WWERaw after Mania include:

– Roman Reigns and Solo vs. Cody Rhodes and a mystery partner.

– A special guest joining the LWO.

– Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn defending their newly won tag titles.”

Who do you think will be Cody Rhodes mystery partner? Let us know using the ‘Get Involved’ feature at the top of the page!


WWE Shares Backstage Photographs From WrestleMania 39

WWE has taken to Twitter to keep the WrestleMania 39 hype going!

WWE is currently live updating a thread containing previously unseen photos from behind-the-scenes at WrestleMania 39.

The thread includes an incredible close up of Finn Balor’s Demon body paint, Beth Pheonix backstage with Edge and Bianca Belair preparing for her incredible entrance.

You can check the twitter thread out in full, here.


Dana White Comments On WWE x UFC Merger

Dana White UFC

UFC President Dana White has commented on the news that WWE and UFC have now merged following the sale of WWE to UFC parent company Endeavour.

Zuffa LLC sold a controlling share of the UFC for $4 billion back in 2016 and since then UFC has seen a massive rise in revenue and viewership numbers internationally.

White would praise UFC’s growth under Endeavour over the past six years before going on to state that the acquisition of the WWE will help ensure there is no limit to what this company can ensure.

“This company has been on fire for the last seven years and now that we will be adding WWE to the portfolio, I am excited to take this to another level.

Vince is a savage in the wrestling space, Ari is a beast at what he does, and then add what we at UFC bring to the table and there is no limit to what this company can accomplish in the next five years. “

You can read more about the WWE x UFC merger, here.

Rip Fowler

Grizzled Young Veterans Request WWE Release

The Grizzled Young Veterans James Drake Zack Gibson celebrate as NXT UK Tag Team Champions at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool

WrestleMania 39 may have come and gone but WWE news is not slowing down any time soon.

Following the news of WWE’s sale to Endeavour, Fightful Select has reported that Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler (Formerly James Drake & Zack Gibson) have requested their WWE release.

Reid and Fowler are former NXT UK Tag Team Champions and competed on the pre-show of NXT Stand & Deliver during WrestleMania weekend.

More information to come.

Triple H

Triple H Remaining WWE's 'Chief Content Executive'

Triple H WWE

WWE is attempting to cool some of the concern surrounding today’s sale, John Pollock has revealed that Vince McMahon sent and email to all WWE employee’s clarifying that Triple H will be remaining as the companies ‘Chief Content Executive.’

Pollock would also report that there is a WWE all-employee Zoom meeting scheduled for 4pm ET to discuss the sale and next steps for the company.

It was also revealed in WWE’s sales filing that Paul Levesque is set to net a monster $5,000,000 bonus following the finalisation of the companies sale.

You can read more about Triple H’s role, here.


WrestleMania 39 Smashes Multiple Records

Austin Theory stands over John Cena at WrestleMania 39

WrestleMania 39 is being dubbed by the WWE as ‘the most successful WrestleMania of all-time’ after breaking multiple records in less than 24 hours.

Triple H took to Twitter to share come of the incredible records broken by WrestleMania 39, including:

  • The largest audience in WrestleMania history.
  • Record sponsorship revenue of $20m, double the WrestleMania 38 earnings.
  • Record gate earnings with $21.6m.
  • All time record for merchandise sales, up 20% from WrestleMania 38.
  • Most social WrestleMania ever with 500m + views.

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Vince McMahon

WWE Fans 'Concerned' Over Vince McMahon's Involvement Following Sale

We asked you over on Twitter if you were; excited, concerned or not bothered about the WWE sale.

The overwhelming response is that fans are ‘concerned’ particularly surrounding Vince McMahon’s ‘higher’ role in the WWE creative process.

Here are some of the most popular responses:

Sgt Slaughter, Jim Duggan, Vince McMahon, Mr Perfect, Bobby Heenan

“Very concerning now that Vince is back at creative” – @Nin10doGod

Snoop Dogg appears at WrestleMania 39

“Little bit concerned, especially the fact that Vince is back in creative and how it influenced WM. At the same time excited for tonight’s RAW after Mania, we might have a hint where is WWE heading.” – @PoetAnderson182

WWE Money In The Bank 2023

“I’m concerned by PLEs potentially being ridiculously overpriced” – @oajmatt16

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Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Vince McMahon

Whilst speaking with CNBC, regarding the sale of WWE to UFC parent company Endeavour, Vince McMahon has addressed the sexual misconduct allegations surrounding him that initially let to his WWE departure back in 2022.

McMahon would address the allegations, stating that he has made mistakes in the past but he has owned up to them, learnt from them and then moved on.

“I have made mistakes obviously personally and professionally throughout my 50 year career. I have owned up to every single one of them and then moved on.”

On January 19th it was reported that McMahon had reached a settlement with former referee Rita Chatterton. The settlement was in relation to a 1986 incident where Chatterton alleged that she was raped by McMahon. Chatterton had been seeking $11.75 million but the agreement is said to be worth less than that amount.

The news of the agreement comes after it was reported in 2022 that McMahon had reached a number of legal settlements with former employees in relation to other allegations. In one instance he paid a former wrestler $7.5 million after she claimed that he had coerced her into giving him oral sex.

Read more about Vince McMahon’s comments, here.

Nick Khan

Nick Khan Set To Earn $15,000,000 Following WWE Sale.

Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan

The WWE sale is set to make a handful of people a very pretty penny and at the top of that list is the current WWE President Nick Khan.

Khan, alongside Paul Levesque and WWE Chief Financial Officer Frank Riddick III, is set to earn a mammoth bonus following the successful sale of the WWE.

Item 5.02 of WWE’s sale filing notes that  Nick Khan is set to earn a monster $15,000,000 as a WWE sales bonus, with Paul Levesque and Frank Riddick III both set to earn an equally mammoth $5,000,000.

“For Messrs. Khan and Levesque, the amount of their Bonuses is equal to $15,000,000 and $5,000,000, respectively, with 100% of such amount payable as soon as practicable following the closing date of a Qualifying Sale Transaction, subject to their continuous employment through the closing date(except as otherwise noted below).

For Mr. Riddick, the amount of his Bonus is equal to $5,000,000, with 60% of such amount payable as soon as practicable following the closing date of a Qualifying Sale Transaction and 40% of such amount payable as soon as practicable following the six-month anniversary of the closing date of a Qualifying Sale Transaction, subject to his continuous employment through each such date (except as otherwise noted below).”

You can read more about the WWE sale, here.


WrestleMania 39 Sets All Time Viewership Record!

Rhea Ripley celebrates winning the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship at WrestleMania 39

WWE has more good news to announce following their successful $21b merger with Endeavour earlier today.

In a press release to investors on WWE.com, it was noted that WrestleMania 39 became the most-successful and highest-grossing event in company history.

WWE would expand on the statement, revealing how they track the metric and what led to the international success of WrestleMania 39.

“The two-night, sold-out event at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles set new records for viewership, gate, sponsorship, merchandise and social media…

WrestleMania 39 generated a gate of more than $21.6million, breaking the previous record by 27 percent, with 161,892 in attendance at SoFi Stadium over the two nights.”

What did you think of WrestleMania 39? Did the final WrestleMania of the WWE Era deliver or did the main event result leave you with a sour taste in your mouth? Let us know using the ‘Get Involved’ feature at the top of the page.

Vince McMahon

"Get Me Pictures of Spider-Man" - Vince McMahon, 2023 (Not Really.)

Vince McMahon WWE Sale J Jonah Jameson

NJPW Announcer Chris Charlton has taken to Twitter to compare former WWE owner Vince McMahon to iconic Marvel character J Jonah Jameson, following the billionaires appearance on CNBC.

Charlton, best known for his in-depth play by play commentary for NJPW, would reference J Jonah Jameson’s iconic meme/catchphrase while quote tweeting a photo of Vince McMahon on CNBC complete with his new ‘creepy’ moustache.

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon Plans To Be Involved In WWE Creative "On A Higher Level"

Triple H, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon

Speaking on CNBC, Vince McMahon was asked if he plans to be involved in WWE’s creative process following the companies sale to Endeavor.

Vince McMahon’s WWE involvement has slowly reverted following his shock ‘retirement’ in 2022, and based on his response it won’t be stopping any time soon.

“Yes and no. On a higher level, yes. In the weeds, no. Can’t do that.”

Following Roman Reigns’ shock WrestleMania 39 win over Cody Rhodes and Omos’ ‘clash of the giants’ with Brock Lesnar, many fans have already been claiming that Vince McMahon is already back influencing decisions within the company.

Do you think Vince McMahon still has something to offer creatively or do you think it’s time he took a full step back and allowed Triple H and the creative team to do their thing? Let us know using the ‘Get Involved’ function below.

Aiden English

"Bring Back The ICOPRO" - Former WWE Star Aiden English Reacts To The WWE Sale

Former WWE star Aiden English has reacted to today’s breaking news, regarding WWE’s Endeavour takeover, by jokingly calling for the company to bring back one of it’s most infamous spin offs… the ICOPRO!

Back in 1991, Vince McMahon launched the World Bodybuilding Federation just before scandal erupted regarding steroids in the WWF.

The WBF hosted PPV events in Atlantic City attempting to merge bodybuilding with sports entertainment and naturally…it did not succeed.

1992 following Vince McMahon’s abrupt ban of steroids in the WBF, WWF would launch a new bodybuilding supplement ‘ICOPRO’.

Over 30 years late, following the sale of the WWE to Endeavor, former Tag Team Champion Aiden English has called, in jest, for WWE’s new owners to bring back the iconic supplement!

Is the WBF and ICOPRO Vince McMahon’s greatest failed project? Let us know using the ‘Get Involved’ function at the top of the page.


"That's Some Sort Of Relief" - Fans React To The WWE Sale

We have asked you guys over on Twitter what your initial reactions are to news of the WWE sale.

Throughout this afternoon we will be showcasing some of those answers, do you agree or disagree with these comments? Let us know using the ‘Get Involved’ feature at the top of the page.

“It’s not Saudi. So that’s a relief of some sort I guess. Guessing within the next year the WWE we knew before today will look insanely different. Be incredible to see where the business is in 12 months now” – @Ryan_Gooner97

Writing on Twitter, one user has expressed relief that the Saudi Arabian Investment fund is not taking of the WWE and that they expect WWE will look ‘insanely’ different within 12 months.

Relief regarding the SAIF’s lack of involvement in this feature is a common answer of on Twitter with people less concerned now with the WWE sale than they were at the start of 2023 with the SAIF were reported as the most likely buyers.

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon Comments On WWE Sale

Vince McMahon has formally commented on the WWE’s sale and future aims in this new merger with Endeavor.

“Given the incredible work that Ari and Endeavor have done to grow the UFC brand – nearly doubling its revenue over the past seven years – and the immense success we’ve already had in partnering with their team on a number of ventures, I believe that this is without a doubt the best outcome for our shareholders and other stakeholders.”

Although Vince McMahon is excited for the long term benefits Ari and Andeavor will bring to the WWE financially, in the immediate pre-market WWE’s stock prices were down 6% with Endeavor’s prices remaining unchanged.


WWE Officially Sold!


Good Afternoon!

Following reports yesterday that WWE’s sale to the Endeavour Group was set to be announced today, the news has become official.

Around 12pm this afternoon the filings for a $21b merger between WWE and the Endeavour Group were made public, formally announcing the sale of the WWE.

In a press release published by the WWE, the new publicly listed company will consist of 51% ownership of Endeavour and 49% of existing shareholders of the company.

Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel has commented on the reasons behind the merger:

“This is a rare opportunity to create a global live sports and entertainment pureplay built for where the industry is headed.”

Are you worried about what the WWE sale means for fans and talent or do you think this is the beginning of a new era? Let us know using the ‘Get Involved’ feature at the top of the page.

You can read more about WWE’s sale and what it means for fans, here.