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WWE NXT Results – November 18, 2020

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results will be updated live as they occur so check back throughout the show!

Keep up with all of tonightโ€™s WWE NXT results as the showโ€™s 430th episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida for the final NXT show before Survivor Series!

Already announced for tonightโ€™s show is:

Leon Ruff defeats Johnny Gargano via disqualification in 5:03, to retain the NXT North American Championship

  • The former NXT North American Champion interrupts Ruff’s hype package before jumping him with a series of cheap strikes.
  • Ruff utilises his innovative high-risk offence to throw Gargano off his game.
  • Gargano turns the tide of the match with a huge series of Lawn Darts onto alternating turnbuckle pads.
  • Priest appears on the entrance ramp allowing Ruff to utilise a schoolboy rollup for the two-count.
  • Gargano hits a superkick before following up with the One Final Beat.
  • Priest apologises to Ruff before slapping him across the face to prompt the disqualification and hand Ruff the win.
  • Damian Priest is talking about his recent actions backstage with an irate William Regal.
  • Ruff overhears Priest refer to it all as “A joke”.
  • Upset by the comments and believing if he cannot retain the title he shouldn’t be champion Ruff offers to handover the title.
  • Regal declines the offer and says he has earned it.
  • Ruff slaps Priest and warns him he is nobodies joke.

Analysis: The Ruff Dream continues…for now. This match and story has been a delight to watch so far, Priest acting as the thorn in Gargano’s side whilst manipulating Ruff as a pawn in his side is fantastic storytelling. It is clear that Priest will only allow Ruff to retain as long as it is convent to him and I look forward to the moment Ruff overcomes the odds once again and retains over Priest in singles action. Ruff is legitimately superb in-ring and he is getting more and more time to shine each week and that is a fantastic benefit of a storyline that he is not even a major player in.

Dexter Lumis vs Cameron Grimes ends in a non-finish, in 4:45

  • Grimes does a series of comedic spots early on, overconfidently missing strikes as he is unable to see his opponent.
  • Whilst blindfolded Grimes strikes down ‘Zombie Ref’ and utilises the ‘Orton Stomps’ on whom he believed to be Dexter Lumis.
  • The Caveman removes his blindfold in an attempt to gain a cheap advantage, however, Lumis removes his and is able to gain control.
  • Lumis attempts to throw Grimes over the barricade however Grimes grabs on and climbs over the fence and scatters away to end the segment.

Analysis: A short but sweet segment, this avoided being overburdened by the gimmicky stipulation and allowed the Grimes character to shine whilst protecting Lumis. This duo has potential as a mismatched tag team down the line however we have some story wrapping to get to before then.

NXT TakeOver: WarGames confirmed for December 6th

Analysis: Firstly, the Shotzi Blackheart vignette for this was a really cool and great use of Shotzi. WarGames is always a bad time for NXT due to the massive detour of it, however, we have some good match potential.

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell defeat Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter via pinfall in 4:14

  • Initially the formal tag-team are able to gain control using stereo high octane offence.
  • However, as LeRae and her new Gargano Way prodigy become familiar in-ring with one another momentum begins to turn.
  • Kacy takes Indi out on the ramp with a big suicide dive.
  • As LeRae regains control in the ring, Hartwell hits Kacy with a beautiful Big Boot at ringside.
  • LeRae hits the Wicked Stepsister for the pinfall victory.

Analysis: Add LeRae and Hartwell to the list of reasons the WWE Women’s Tag Titles should be on NXT, both teams managed to leave this short match looking better than they did going in. I am very excited for the duo of LeRae and Hartwell developing week-to-week and they can only get better as they become familiarised with one another. Candice will likely find herself in the Women’s WarGames match with Raquel, Dakota and Indi Hartwell and honestly, as WarGames has issues there is a great match in the making within the women’s division.

Kushida defeats Arturo Ruas via pinfall in 5:25

  • Ruas is back after a brief stint drafted to RAW.
  • Commentary put over the intensity of both competitors referring to this match as “As close to the octagon as you will get on NXT”.
  • The match is very even in the initial periods with both Ruas and Kushida exchanging very well executed stiff strikes and expertly timed grapples.
  • Ruas demonstrates a high level of prowess with martial arts, implementing capoeira kicks and strikes to throw Kushida off his game.
  • Kushida regains the control with a huge stiff strike before attempting to lock in the Hoverboard Lock.
  • The Time Splitter transitions from a knee-bar into an incredibly unique cradle pin for the victory.

Analysis: This was a pleasantly surprising match, we all know Kushida can go but I did not expect this from Ruas. Maybe I am just unfamiliar with Ruas’ work but what I saw in this match was an extremely raw and talented performer who should be developing into a player in NXT as opposed to treading water on Monday Nights. I assume with the discontinuation of RAW Underground that Ruas will be an NXT player once again and based off this match, that’s a good thing.

Toni Storm and Ember Moon defeat Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez via pinfall in 12:11

  • Toni and Ember are interviewed backstage prior to the match, they agree that they both have a common enemy in Raquel and Dakota.
  • The former NXT UK Champion is quick to tell The Shenom that she has no friends when it comes to the NXT Women’s Championship.
  • As we head into the matches first Ad-Break Storm and Moon are on the back burner as the sheer power of Gonzalez allows her and Kai to control the initial exchanges.
  • Ember Moon is isolated by the heels who utilises a range of underhanded tactic to help separate The War Goddess from her partner on the apron.
  • Gonzalez demonstrates a great level of agility as well as power as she cuts the ring in half to isolate Moon.
  • Storm eventually makes the hot-tag, immediately taking down Raquel with a series of headbutts before Moon hits a huge Tornado DDT.
  • All four competitors are down following a duo of stereo clotheslines.
  • As Ember takes Raquel out with a Tope, Storm rolls Kai up for the win.
  • LeRae and Hartwell jump the victors on the apron immediately after before feeding them to Raquel and Kai.

Analysis: Firstly, this match was superb! Clean and fluid offence from all four competitors, Storm finally looks back to her pre-2020 best and Ember Moon continues to be Shenomenal since her return to NXT. The build to WarGames is somewhat painfully transparent but at least it feels natural and promises to be an excellent match. There does seem to be an empty slot on the face side of things and this could potentially pave the way for a shock return to NXT for Mercedes Martinez. It is also worth mentioning is at this point, including the main event that is to come, twelve female athletes have appeared on tonight’s edition of NXT. Each performer is unique and presented differently to everyone else on the roster, it is truly incredible how stacked the NXT Women’s Division is. I do not know if this is controversial but as a division, this current crop of talent is the best version of the NXT Women’s Division. Furthermore, this is arguably the best Women’s Division in WWE History.

Timothy Thatcher defeats August Grey via submission in 3:12

  • Thatcher throws his jacket over the face of the former Anthony Greene as the bell rings.
  • Grey takes control briefly with a series of striker before Thatcher quickly regains control with a belly-to-belly.
  • The master of Thatch-as-Thatch-can locks in a quick guillotine to pick up the submission victory.
  • As Thatcher beats Grey down after the bell, the familiar Heartbeat monitor sounds of Ciampa play.
  • Ciampa walks down to the ring with purpose staring down a scared Thatcher.

Analysis: It was nice for Grey to get somewhat of a pay-off to his mini-story with Thatcher that has introduced him to audiences. However, the main take away here is that after months of treading water we are finally getting Thatcher in an interesting story with a top tier opponent. Ciampa has admittedly not been at his best in recent months, mainly due to a disappointing feud with Dream, however, he is still Ciampa and he is still capable of creating in-ring poetry with the right opponent. Build this feud well and we could have something spectacular.

Leon Ruff gets the better of Gargano and Priest

  • As Priest comes down for a match against an unannounced opponent, Gargano attacks him from the side.
  • The two brawl around the ringside until Ruff comes out to get involved, he accidentally hits Priest with a chair who responds by trying to take out the North American Champion
  • Ruff avoids attacks from both me whilst taking them both out with a series of hurricanranas.
  • Priest and Gargano stare on in shock as Ruff leaves victorious.

Kevin Owens announced as a guest commentator for next weeks episode of NXT

  • Barett cannot attend NXT next week and he does not want to be the bringer of “Bad News”
  • He announced Kevin Owens as his replacement.

Analysis: If this is truly just a one-off NXT appearance it is still a great treat. If this is the beginning of Owens returning to NXT then this could be incredible. Either way, I am excited for next week.

Boa is shown in hiding from a mysterious force

  • Regal knocks out a door in NXT accommodation, a very ill and scared Boa answered who has not responded to the PC in a week.
  • Boa says “She is coming” and when Regal asks if he means Xia he says that Xia is hiding as well.
  • As Regal tries to reason with Boa he slams the door closed and says he must hide from “her”.

Analysis: Same minimalistic analysis here as last week, I have no idea what this is or who “She” is but I am invested, I am curious and I am happy to see NXT using lower-level talent in new creative ways.

Rhea Ripley vs Io Shirai via pinfall in 22:55 to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

  • Heading into this match, Finn Balor is yet to make his announcement regarding the status of the NXT Championship.
  • As the announcers put over the importance of the match to both competitors Rhea and Shirai but heads over the title.
  • Rhea dominates early on utilising her size and strength advantage to isolate and ground Shirai.
  • We cut to Balor entering the venue during the match.
  • Shirai attempts a huge top rope power bomb onto Ripley however she instead utilises a spider-german suplex instead.
  • The Joshi Judas converts a slick roll up into a double stomp as she begins to ascend to dominance during the match.
  • Ripley’s stretched ear snaps open following a drop kick from the NXT Women’s Champion.
  • In response to beginning to bleed heavily, Ripley paints war paint on her face with her own blood.
  • Throughout the entire match Shirai works Ripley’s elbow and arm joint to remove the power game of the challenger.
  • The joint manipulation and isolation becomes almost typically heelish in nature from Shirai and beautifully uncomfortable to watch.
  • Ripley attempts to lock in her patented cloverleaf and despite having a weakened power game she is able to lock it in.
  • Shirai counters a Riptide attempts into a arm-bar onto Ripley’s weakened arm.
  • The NXT Women’s Champion hits a beautifully sold DDT onto Ripley who spikes herself in the process.
  • At this point the show has around three minutes of airtime left with Balor still set to appear.
  • Shirai converts a through the middle rope sunset flip into a power bomb through the announce table.
  • As Ripley gets herself back into the ring at the count of 9, Shirai hits the Over the Moonsault and picks up the win over Rhea Ripley.
  • Ripley and Io hug out their differences on the ramp as Ripley raises Shirai’s hand.

Analysis: This was an absolute spectacle of a NXT Main Event. This match perfectly represented what makes a world class title match, internal in-ring story telling that makes perfect sense and balances the strengths of both competitors. Shirai isolated Ripley’s arms and connecting because that is the source of her overwhelming power advantage and removing this prevents Rhea from utilising her signature offence. It is great to see a sensible champion who implements this without being portrayed as a heel. The visual of Rhea fighting on whilst bleeding from a facial wound perfectly illustrated the driving force and passion behind the Nightmare and will no doubt be all over WWE social media this week. Shirai continues to be possibly the best women’s wrestler in the West right now and I am intrigued to see where she goes from here. I had initially expected a Ripley heel turn in the afermath of defeat however, it may be the case she remains face to slot into the upcoming Women’s WarGames match.

Finn Balor addresses the NXT Championship situation

  • Balor starts by congratulating Shirai on her title defence.
  • As Balor begins to discuss his match against Kyle, Pat McAfee and The Kings of NXT interrupt.
  • The Leader of The New Kings of NXT runs down what Balor has missed since he was sipping milkshakes through a straw.
  • The four man group ambush Balor in-ring and demand Balor hands over the title.
  • Balor states that it is easy for the mice to play while the cats away, well sorry boys but the cats home.
  • Finn continues, stating that he has dragged something in with him… enter Undisputed Era.
  • The Undisputed Era attack The Kings of NXT as the show ends.

Analysis: I will start by saying I think it was a poor choice to interrupt the main event on two occasions to update the audience on Balor’s arrival, however, I assume this was done to prevent panic that it had been forgotten about or cut from the show. The segment its self was the perfect trio in wrestling, Short, Sweet and Effective. This segment let us know Balor is here and he is still NXT Champion, it let us know that The Kings of NXT are after the title and finally it let us know that The Undisputed Era are back, and they are face. Say hello to our second WarGames match come December, 6th.

Overall this was an absolutely phenomenal episode of NXT, start to finish pretty much everything was an absolute delight to watch and everything made sense, and I cannot stress how refreshing that is to see in a product of WWE this year.

The slow building of Leon Ruff has been fantastic and he is now in a position that even if he was to lose the belt in the upcoming Triple Threat he no longer feels like Leon Ruff the enhancement guy. He has slowly built his own character and personality by interacting with two very established stars and it has worked perfectly.

I once again am left baffled by what this Xia Li/Boa story is, but baffled in a good way. In a, ‘tell me more’ sense, I do not know who this mysterious lady is or why she is coming but I want to know and therefore I will watch to find out. The true success of this angle does rely on the reveal and the following weeks and if it is underwhelming or disappointing then read all of this with a tone of what if. However, if there is one writing team in wrestling I trust to come up with something great, its the NXT writing team.

The main event was, as discussed in length, a spectacle to behold and Io Shirai as the future of WWE at her finger tips and I am excited to see where she goes from here.

Main areas that could have been improved on the show are, Firstly, the timing/pacing of the show. There were several segments that flowed together far too quickly with little digestion time in between and this harms the impact of anything occurring within the time frame. Leon Ruff defeating Gargano to Dexter Lumis and Johnny Gargano and then back to Ruff backstage all happened within like five minutes of one another, and this makes it really hard to digest your enjoyment of each angle. Ad-breaks could have been better utilised, I think, to help the flow of the show and the pacing of the segments.

The second area that could have been improved/didn’t hit as well as it could have, was the Blindfold Match between Grimes and Lumis. As mentioned in the main body of texts this match was short, sweet and achieved most of what it set out to do. With that being said, it was never cut back to or addressed after this and later in the show we just cut to Grimes saying he though Shirai would win the main event. Surely, from a logical thinking perspective, Lumis would have pursued Grimes or Regal [who was very prominent in other segments] would have demanded he gets back in the ring and finish the match. It is a small issue but it is slightly illogical and wrestling is at its best when it is made to make sense.

Finally, I the decision to detract from the focus of the main event by cutting repeatedly to Finn Balor and discussing the NXT Championship during a blockbuster NXT Women’s Championship match was a bit of a questionable choice from the NXT production side of things. I have no issue cutting to things like this throughout the show but don’t do it during a major main event, it makes the match being watched appear less important and diminishes the value of those involved.

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