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WWE NXT Results – November 11, 2020

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT results will be updated live as they occur so check back throughout the show!

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results as the show’s 429th episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida for the penultimate NXT before Survivor Series!

Already announced for tonight’s show is:

Leon Ruff defeats Johnny Gargano via Pinfall in 4:11, capturing the NXT North American Championship

  • Gargano rigs the wheel to land on the unproven roster member.
  • Ruff comes out – i believe- to a new theme.
  • Leon Ruff expertly navigating the ropes with a series of springboards to avoid Gargano’s offence.
  • A very well executed near-fall occurs as Priest distracts a taunting Gargano allowing Ruff a roll-up attempt.
  • Further distraction from Priest allows Leon Ruff to hit the crucifix bomb for the three count.
  • Leon Ruff defeats Gargano to capture the North American Title.
  • Priest and Ruff celebrate on the ramp as Ruff drops the belt.
  • Ruff escapes in Priests car as Gargano and Priest fight backstage.

Analysis: This was fantastic and a wild unpredictable start to this weeks NXT. Leon Ruff emerging as Gargano’s opponent made perfect sense, especially with the rigged wheel. Even then nobody expected the shock of Leon Ruff picking up this win. Firstly, i am a huge fan of Ruff’s and think he has been excellent in everything he has done on NXT. However, i do expect to see Gargano ‘do a Trump’ and demand a recount/ question Ruff’s win leading to Leon being stripped of the title. Either way this segment gripped me on a day when all eyes are on AEW.

Santos Escobar defeats Jake Atlas via pinfall in 12:41, to retain the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

  • This match was added late to the show, built on Atlas jumping LDF with a Steel Pipe prior to the show.
  • Commentary put over the new ruthless personality of Atlas, whilst also discussing Devlin as the ‘True Cruiserweight Champion’.
  • LDF on the outside attempt to get involved with a steel bar, Atlas turns the odds and takes Wilde and Mendoza out with his current signature weapon.
  • Springboard Blockbuster gives Atlas a near-fall as we head to the first ad-break.
  • Wilde and Mendoza dismissed to the back as we return to action.
  • Atlas attempts a rope walk arm drag only to be spilled to the outside by Escobar and take a heavy bump on the Announce Table.
  • On several occasions Atlas is nearly counted out only to sneak back in at the last minute.
  • Atlas hits a desperation dive, almost clipping his foot on the middle rope on the way out but recovering well.
  • Escobar reverses the Rainbow DDT into Legado to retain the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Analysis: Fantastic match here, both men showed what they are capable of in ring but Atlas especially showed a real skill for in-ring story telling. The desperation building in Atlas throughout was fantastic and even the near-botch on the dive added to this story. Escobar should now move on to a new challenger as NXT continue to attempt to build towards Escobar vs Devlin at NXT UK TakeOver: Dublin, which still seems [based on commentary] to be the plan.

Xia Li no shows for her match with Raquel Gonzalez

  • Raquel comes out to face-off against Xia, following Xia calling her out last week.
  • Boa comes out to explain Xia can’t be here tonight.
  • Raquel beats Boa around as punishment.
  • As Gonzalez leaves a White Dragon surrounds Boa and a Old man emerges to hand Boa a letter [similar to the ones Xia has been receiving] and mark his hand with Black ink.
  • The man leaves, as Boa panics on the ground.

Analysis: Firstly Raquel beating Boa around the place was great and did a wonderful job legitimising her threat. As for the events surrounding Boa, i have absolutely nothing in terms of a prediction or insight for this… but i am extremely excited and invested to find out what it all means, and that is a good thing!

Candice LeRae defeats Toni Storm via pinfall in 10:14

  • Toni Storm dominates early on, utilising her superior power game to control the speed and technical prowess of The Poison Pixie.
  • The Matriarch of The Gargano Family switches the momentum temporarily by utilising the ten count on the outside and turning the former NXT UK Champion’s momentum against her.
  • As we return from the ad-break Storm has regained control with a sliding forearm strike.
  • Candice pulls a fast one, she converts a roll-up into a dirty pin with her feet on the ropes.
  • Post match an irritate Toni Storm attacks CLR, only for Ghostface to make the save.
  • Shotzi evens the odds however CLR and her companion come out on top.
  • Ghostface un-masks and it is none other than Indi Hartwell.

Analysis: The match itself was slightly underwhelming given what we know these two are capable of. However, i imagine these two will meet on a TakeOver show down the line and really show us their full potential. The story here is building very simply but effectively with CLR and Shotzi constantly getting in each others business. Indi makes perfect sense for the reveal and CLR taking the Australian Sensation under her wing makes sense both in Kayfabe and in story. I love it when stories make sense.

Timothy Thatcher defeats Dexter Lumis via Pinfall in 12:23

  • Match is announced following a small segment earlier in the night in which Thatcher attacked August Grey and in the process destroyed one of Lumis’ paintings.
  • The two exchange technical holds early on with Thatcher coming out on top in the initial exchanges.
  • Lumis’ superior striking game allows him to counter several of Thatchers attempted submissions.
  • Very slow and methodical British Style fight, wouldn’t look out of place in the Old British Indie Scene.
  • Dexter Lumis sells a damaged bicep throughout the second half of the match.
  • Grimes appears on the apron to provide the distraction Thatcher needed to roll Lumis up and pick up the win.
  • The Caveman attacks Lumis after the bell, before receiving a beating of his own.
  • Grimes puts a straw sack over Lumis’ face to hide his power before hitting him with a Cave-In onto a Steel Chair.

Analysis: This was extremely refreshing to see from both performers, the match was rough and methodical without being slow and lethargic as they both sometimes appear. Wade Barrett added great input into this match from behind the desk as he compares it to the work of British Wrestling legends that he grew up around. The added story of Lumis’ damage bicept added another layer to this matches story. Grimes attacking Lumis and hiding the face he fears so much makes perfect sense after the events of last week.

Ciampa addresses the NXT locker room

  • Ciampa reminisces over his time training with tough guys like Kowalski and Race.
  • Continues to say everyone in the NXT locker room talks and acts like they are a tough guy.
  • He is tired of the 2020 culture of NXT and he will change the culture.

Analysis: Short and Sweet so not much to add. Ciampa as the NXT gatekeeper is a sensible character alignment and helps put him on a inevitable collision course with Kushida and possibly Balor. Interested to see what is to come.

Prime Target with Shirai and Ripley.

  • Ripley discusses her failings as NXT Champion and how her year crumbled at WrestleMania at the hands of The Queen.
  • Shirai discusses how she is the single best performer in the world and she is many things but scared of Nightmares is not one of them.
  • Sara Del Ray describes Shirai as a once in a life time talent.
  • Robbie Brookeside brings up Rhea’s mental state and says she is tougher than ever.
  • Next week Shirai vs Ripley for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Analysis: Short and Simple, extremely effective for building hype and drama for next weeks title match. Cameos from Del Ray and Brookeside was a nice touch. Most importantly, i left this segment not knowing who will win next week.

The Kings of NXT defeat Breezango in 10:11, to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.

  • McAfee is on commentary throughout this match.
  • Breezango are fully focused on the match, no dancing, outfits or games today.
  • Dunne, Lorcan and Burch have a bit of a Everything is Essex tan on thanks to McAfee.
  • Breezango control the offence early on as Lorcan and Burch make mistakes due to over confidence.
  • McAfee attempts to provide a distraction but instead Maverick comes out to set Fandango up for a Last Dance.
  • The Leg Drop provides a very strong near fall.
  • Maverick is brutalised by Dunne on the outside as punishment.
  • Dunne sets Lorcan and Burch up for the vintage Orton for the win.
  • As The Kings of NXT celebrate Maverick and Breezango attempt to attack them after the bell.
  • However, Dunne unleashes aggression we haven’t seen since his time in PROGRESS as the leader of BSS.
  • Maverick is victim to an Xplex onto the announce table and is further attacked by McAfee who hits the Punt to close the show.

Analysis: What a fantastic end to a fantastic episode of NXT. The Kings of NXT are Nexus levels of destructive right now and it is truly captivating. Pat McAfee is one of the best talkers in all of wrestling right now and that is a massive achievement for the sports broadcaster. Pete Dunne is back to his BASTARD best and Lorcan and Burch feel fresh once again. This was a wonderfully crafted and executed showcase for TKoNXT.

Overall, this was a very strong episode of NXT that will suffer from the pre-hype of AEW due to Khan’s teasing of a huge announcement. The show opened with one of the biggest upsets and feel good moments in NXT history as Ruff defeated Gargano to capture the North American Title. We got immensely intriguing storylines evolving in the women’s division as the White Dragon of NXT appeared and confronted Boa, following his destruction at the hands of the ever impressive Raquel Gonzalez. Even the sections of the show that in previous weeks have been lows and huge areas for improvement, delivered this week. Thatcher and Lumis put on a extremely unique and hard hitting match that perfectly illustrated both performers unique strengths and addressed the major issues both men have had in the past.

The two video packages [Prime Target and Ciampa’s address of the NXT Culture] were a little weak all things considered, both needed just a little bit more time and increased intensity to take them to the level they were capable of. Additionally, Atlas losing clean to Escobar could be a poor long term decision if a fresh challenger to LDF is not already planned and ready to go.

Next week we have Finn Balor addressing the title situation, Rhea vs Io for the Women’s Championship and very likely Shotzi and Toni vs Candice and Hartwell. Very possible that Gargano vs Ruff is also set for a rematch next week, although that might be left for another week.

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