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WWE NXT Results – March 17, 2021

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results will be updated live as they occur so check back throughout the show!

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results, as the show’s 447th episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida and features the WWE NXT Debut of LA Knight.

Already Announced For Tonight’s Show:

Live Results and Analysis Provided by ITRWrestling Writer: Liam Stewart

Summarised Results:

  • Dexter Lumis defeats Austin Theory via submisision
  • Legado Del Fantasma defeat Breezango via pinfall
  • Devlin vs. Escobar at NXT TakeOver made official
  • Dakota Kai [w/ Raquel Gonzalez] defeats Zoey Starke via pinfall
  • Io Shirai vs. Raquel Gonzalez for NXT Women’s Championship Confirmed
  • Tommaso Ciampa defeats Marcel Barthel via pinfall
  • WALTER returns to NXT
  • LA Knight debuts defeats August Grey via pinfall
  • Zoey Starke and Io Shirai vs. Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai confirmed for next week
  • Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan defeat Finn Balor and Karrion Kross – NXT Tag Team Championship Match


Finn Balor kicks off WWE NXT, Tag Team Championship main event confirmed.

  • Finn Balor kicks of the St.Patricks Day special edition of NXT, states that he has destroyed everyone in NXT and there is only one man left…Karrion Kross.
  • Kross states that this about more than getting back what he never lost, but also about informing everyone as to who the real man, the real champion is in NXT.
  • Balor states that Kross doesn’t have the balls to beat him, Kross responds stating at NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver he will choke Balor out.
  • As the segment comes to a close, the NXT Tag Team Champions Lorcan and Burch come out to tell Balor that he should be fighting Pete Dunne -the best technical wrestler NXT has ever seen.
  • Scarlett has a premonition of Balor and Kross draped in gold at TakeOver, leading to her challenging Lorcan and Burch to defend their tag titles against Kross and Balor tonight.
  • Lorcan and Burch agree to the match as the segment ends.

Dexter Lumis defeats Austin Theory via submisision

  • Theory dawns new gear sent to him by Gargano, it is the current gear that Gargano himself wears.
  • The Way phone in via iPad to tell Theory he has got this and that this is the last step of his therapy.
  • Austin Theory controls the match early on although he is nearly caught off guard by the submission expert in Lumis.
  • Eventually momentum switches in favour of Lumis who gets a near fall following his kip-up leg drop.
  • Theory attempts to hug his one time capter only to be denied the hug and locked in Lumis’s signature submission hold to pick up the victory.

Adam Cole calls out Kyle O’Reilly

  • Cole storms down to the ring, demanding Kyle gets out here and signs his death warrant for costing him the NXT Championship next week.
  • Regal demands Cole calms down, informs him O’Reilly is nowhere near medically cleared and he has been banned from the CWC until he is healed.
  • O’Reilly appears over the titantron and tells Cole, he will find him be it at home, at the shops or buying video games and he will end him once and for all.

Legado Del Fantasma defeat Breezango via pinfall, Devlin vs. Escobar at NXT TakeOver made official

  • Breezango are all business, coming straight down to the ring with minimal entrance related comedy.
  • Mendoza connects with a strong knee strike to the jaw of Breeze before Wilde follows up with a Crossbody.
  • LDF are distracted by the arrival of NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin just before the match begins.
  • Breeze shows shades of Lance Storm transitioning perfectly into a Single-Leg Boston Crab onto Wilde who despite his best effort cannot space the hold and is only released when Breeze transitions into a Slingshot over the top rope.
  • LDF pick up a huge win over Breezango following distraction from Escobar who then calls Devlin out over the commentary microphone.
  • Devlin states that he didn’t need to come here and jump Escobar from behind because Escobar can tell everyone he is the King of this division but the Ace has come home.
  • Escobar states that he has redefined what it means to be a Cruiserweight and while Devlin was sat at home, he has made history time, after time, after time.
  • The two agree to clash at NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver to crown the true NXT Cruiserweight Champion.
  • Segment ends with Devlin headbutting Escobar and following up with the Devlincide.

Dakota Kai [w/ Raquel Gonzalez] defeats Zoey Starke via pinfall

  • Pre-match NXT confirms that Sarray [the former Sareee] is coming soon to the black-and-gold brand.
  • Starke manages to use her superior power capabilities to control the tempo of the match even flattenign Kai with a vicious lariat.
  • Starke hits a top rope Crossbody onto Kai on the outside before avoiding interference from Gonzalez to recover and gain control of the ring prior to the ad-break.
  • Although Starke has many opportunities to end the match, Kai appears to have her number at every opportunity with a well placed counter or interference from Gonzalez.
  • Kai connects with the Go To Kick to pick up the win over the newcomer.
  • Post match Shirai storms right past Kai shoving a contract into the face of Raquel Gonzalez and telling her she wants her next.

Tommaso Ciampa defeats Marcel Barthel via pinfall, WALTER returns to NXT

  • Thatcher is taken out before the match [in relation to the alleged COVID outbreak] in an attempt to equalise the odds, Ciampa takes out Aichner before the match with a well time steel chair shot.
  • Barrett references Ringkampf and their work with Thatcher stating:
  • Barthel dominates Ciampa following interference from a recovering Aichner, however the former NXT Champion is able to hit a series of Lariats to recover control.
  • A well time Knee strike from Ciampa allows him to remove Aichner from the eqauation once again.
  • Ciampa hits the Willows Bell onto Barthel to pick up the victory.
  • Before Ciampa gets the chance to celebrate WALTER returns to NXT making his full entrance and orchistrating a destructive attack onto Ciampa.

LA Knight debuts defeatsAugust Grey via pinfall

  • Knight dominates early on before Bronson Reed makes his way to the ring and destroys the signature jacket of LA Knight.
  • The distraction is not enough as Knight handily puts away Grey with a huge front facing DDT as commentary tell us over and over that this is the biggest debut in NXT history.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan defeat Finn Balor and Karrion Kross – NXT Tag Team Championship Match

  • Kross and Lorcan kicks things off with Kross’ power and height advantage immeditly coming into play.
  • Balor sarcastically supports Kross from ringside as Kross traps Burch in a bear hug.
  • Kross counters a tag team Suplex attempt into a Suplex of his own onto both Lorcan and Burch as Balor makes little effort to get involved.
  • The Boston Brawler is left to fight himself for the middle portion of the match as Burch is looked over by medical personnel for a dislocated shoulder injury .
  • Slingblade on the outside from Balor before hitting the Shogun Dropkick onto Lorcan which in the process wipes Scarlett out on the entrance ramp.
  • Infuriated by Balor’s attack of his partner, Kross lays out Balor allowing Lorcan to hit the spinning uppercut for the win before laying out both Balor and Lorcan to close the segment.