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WWE NXT Results – January 20, 2021

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results will be updated live as they occur so check back throughout the show!

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results, as the show’s 349th episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida and features the commencing rounds from the inaugural Women’s Dusty Classic Tournament.

Ahead of tonight’s show the former Priscilla Kelly and three other independent wrestlers were confirmed as having signed to WWE NXT and they will be participating in tonight’s opening rounds.

Summarised Results:

Live Results and Analysis provided by ITRWrestling writer Liam Stewart

Leon Ruff & Kushida defeat The Way [Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory] via pinfall in 14:45

  • Beth Phoenix is revealed to have made her return to the physical NXT Commentary booth following months working from home.
  • Kushida and Austin Theory kick things off in-ring with the former Time Splitter coming out on top of the initial exchanges before Theory’s power game kicks in and he is able to regain control.
  • Commentary are quick to point out that Kushida and Blackheart defeated The Gargano’s at NXT New Years Evil
  • There is a beautiful chemistry between Theory and Gargano who isolate Ruff from his tag team partner and work the former NA Champion.
  • A basement dropkick allows the heel team to remain in control however Kushida is able to gain momentum and work over Gargano in an incredible exchange.
  • A float over suplex from Kushida allows himself and Ruff to pick up the shock win via pinfall.

Analysis: This was an absolutely incredible opener with Kushida and Gargano in particular shining massively. That is now two pinfall victories Kushida has over Gargano and he should almost certainly be the next in line to the NA Title and should leave Takeover finally having captured a title in NXT.

Karrion Kross [w/ Scarlett] defeats Desmond Troy [w/ Ashanti Adonis] via pinfall in 1:55

  • Kross opens dominating with a series of vicious strikes and BJJ strikes.
  • He continues before hitting the Saito Suplex and following up with the ‘Hidden Blade’ style elbow strike to the back of Troy’s scull.
  • Scarlett instructs Kross to attack Adonis on the outside, and the unbeaten monster obliges.

Analysis: A simple yet effective method of establishing Kross’ dominance, however, it must be said I am somewhat over the repetitive squash matches. Kross is the complete deal but please bring him into a story because otherwise it feels like we are back at the stage he was pre-debut.

Lucha House Party vs. Imperium

  • Prior to the match a Borat inspired video package is shown hyping up the recently debuting MSK [FKA The Rascalz]
  • Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez cut a quick promo on Kacy and Kayden stating that they aren’t friends and they don’t need to be! They don’t need to be making Tik Tok’s or using EZ Bake Ovens.
  • Commentary immediately remind the listener that Imperium made the Dusty Rhode’s semi-final last year.
  • The match is billed as the battle of polar opposites as wrestling purism meets Lucha Libre.
  • Dorado is tossed from the shoulders of the former CWC finalist as Imperium are shocked by the immediate flurry of speed and offence from the WWE RAW Superstars.
  • Imperium regain control with a huge tag team manoeuvre onto Metalik who Bennett confuses for Dorado leading to discussion on the gear of the duo.
  • Lince Dorado takes the role of the isolated babyface to Imperiums’ dominating heel paring.
  • Metalik eventually makes the hot tag manipulating the ropes perfectly as he hits and incredible double bounce moonsault.
  • The match takes the format of Imperium being unable to adjust their game plan to the incredible innovative offence of LHP, Metalik hits an incredible assisted Moonsault.
  • Dorado hits a killer shooting star press to pick up another shock win in recent weeks.
  • Post match as Imperium go to leave, Alexander Wolfe returns to NXT and he is not pleased with Walter’s generals.

Analysis: This match was incredible, I expected a glorified squash with the somewhat cold team of Imperium predictably advancing. Instead what we got was some incredible tag team wrestling with a pure clash of styles and following the shock babyface win we got a new story unfolding involving Imperium. The question that is now raised is how long until Walter is back over in WWE NXT because all signs point there now.

Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro defeat Mercedes Martinez and Toni Storm via pinfall in 10:01

  • Early on Martinez’s experience and superior power advantage allows her and Toni to control the two much smaller competitors.
  • Kacy and Kayden utilise their plethora of recent teaming experience and speed to have bursts of control and offence before the power disadvantage comes into play once again.
  • Commentary discuss Bayley’s invite to Phoenix to enter the tournament as a team, Beth uses this opportunity to talk about the draw and attractiveness of NXT to all calibre’s of performers.
  • Catanzaro hits a huge avalanche ‘Rana onto Martinez and after several minutes of being worked over Is able to get the hot tag to the slightly taller Kayden Carter.
  • Catanzaro hits a beautiful corkscrew springboard splash to Martinez on the outside in an attempt to allow Carter to regain control.
  • Io Shirai returns from her time off injured and takes Martinez out on the outside.
  • Kacy Catanzaro hits an incredible multi-rotation spinning moonsault into a 450 [it’s really hard to describe] and once again the underdogs pick up and incredible win.
  • Post match Finn Balor requests to take on Lorcan and Burch in 2-1 action, however, Balor tells him he must find a partner even if it means finding an old enemy to keep close.

Analysis: This was a really, really good tag team match and most noticeably completely unique to the other two tag matches on the show. Kacy and Kayden have unreal chemistry and showed it well, they benefit massively from this win and due to the nature and grander scheme of things it does no harm to Storm or Martinez to take the loss here. Dakota Kai and Raquel likely await the duo of Carter and Catanzaro in the semi’s which could be an incredible clash of styles and storytelling.

Bronson Reed defeats Tyler Rust [w/ Malcom Bivens] via pinfall in 4:09

  • Rust went over the head of his representative to make this match and regrets it immediately as the dominant Reed uses his size and power advantage to throw the grappler around the ring.
  • We cut to Shirai and Storm brawling backstage following Shirai’s interference.
  • Although Rust attempts to use his wrestling brain to gain advantage it is unable to prevent the might Bronson Reed hitting a huge Tsunami for the win.

Analysis: Nothing too much to analyse here, standard NXT glorified squash match that we have seen for years now. Rust and Bivens are a good pairing and Reed needs to sink his teeth into this story with Swerve ASAP.

Timothy Thatcher defeats Tommaso Ciampa via submission inside the Fight Pit

  • NXT do an incredible job making the fight pit feel like a HUGE deal, and really make the consequences feel severe.
  • Immediately as soon as the bell rings Ciampa and Thatcher climb onto of the fight pit and attempt to throw one another down onto the hard canvas below.
  • Ciampa teases the Willows Bell from the top of the cage however Thatcher [obviously] escapes.
  • Thatcher takes repeated chain shots to the upper body and head as Ciampa hit a series of running knees onto the former Evolve Champion.
  • The two brawl around the Lionscage-esque structure with Ciampa holding his own against the trained fighter of Thatcher.
  • Thatcher falls victim to an incredible Willows Bell from Ciampa who utilises a prone Referee as the leverage point.
  • As Thatcher regains control a well timed [and perfectly legal] low blow from Ciampa turns the tides of the match once again.
  • Ciampa gets trapped in the joining of the cage as he attempts to escape the Fight Pit allowing Thatcher to lock in a knee-bar onto the dangling Ciampa and force the tap out from the former NXT Champion.

Overall this was a top drawer episode of WWE NXT, I am not someone who usually enjoys tag-centric wrestling shows and therefore the Dusty Classic time period is usually a drag for myself however, this show delivered in all three matches. Three-huge upset wins but each on making perfect sense both in-ring and from a story development point of view.

Firstly, Kushida and Gargano reminded us why they are some of the best technical wrestlers on the planet. Kushida has been floating for too long and needs a bit push or significant story [hopefully a North American Title win].

I think we got three very unique, incredibly good tag matches on NXT tonight Not something that we have been able to say for a while, The Dusty Classic is off to a fire so far. MSK were incredibly endearing in their Borat inspired [kind of stoner but more so goofy] promo vignette.

Lucha House Party finally backed up my weeks of undying praise as they showed why with the right in-ring story they can be great. The contract between European pure style wrestling and showmanship centric Mexican Lucha Libre was a fantastic, simple story. The post match angle featuring the tease of WALTER and the return of Wolfe adds a great justification to Imperium’s defeat from a character development perspective.

The fight pit was solid, it’s not really my cup of tea but I appreciate the work done to sell the legitimacy and threat of the feud ender however I just wish I cared about the feud at all going into this match.

My only primary criticism of NXT at current would be that there are a few people in NXT right now on the cusp of something great who need a big meaty feud to sink their teeth into. Kushida, Reed and Kross really need to be doing something different to what they are doing now in order to elevate themselves to the next level. Kross in particular is back at the start from a booking perspective, I have seen the man defeat Ciampa and Keith Lee handily there is no reason for me to be impressed that he defeats Ashanti Adonis or Desmond Troy with ease. The Priest match and short story was great but there needs to be more sooner rather than later.

Lot’s of great stuff announced for next weeks show including:

  • Curt Stallion vs Santos Escobar for the Cruiserweight Championship
  • Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez vs. Aliyah and Jessie Kamea
  • Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Danny Burch and Only Lorcan
  • Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell vs The Debuting Priscilla Kelly and Elayna Black.