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WWE NXT Results – December 23, 2020

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WWE NXT Results will be updated live as they occur so check back throughout the show!

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results, as the show’s 435th episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida and features the continued build towards the New Years Evil Special.

Summarised Results:

  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeat Killian Dain & Drake Maverick to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship (12:14)
  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeats Jake Atlas via pinfall (6:56)
  • Rhea Ripley defeats Dakota Kai via pinfall (11:31)
  • Leon Ruff defeats Timothy Thatcher via pinfall (3:58)
  • Bronson Reed defeats Ashante “Thee” Adonis via pinfall (1:05)
  • Tyler Rust (w/ Malcolm Bivens) defeats Ariya Daivari via submission (4:33)
  • Adam Cole defeats Velveteen Dream via pinfall (13:19)

NXT Tag Team Title Street Fight: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeat Killian Dain & Drake Maverick to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship (12:14)

  • Before the tag champs could make their way to the ring, Dain and Maverick jump them from behind to take control from the start.
  • The Furry and the Fury go for weapons and set up tables which allows Oney and Danny to take back control.
  • Teams are tagging in and out, despite it being a no disqualification street fight.
  • Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch making use of steel chairs, keeping Maverick isolated in the ring.
  • Killian Dain is sent through a table on the outside to go to commercial
  • Back from the break and the tag champions are whipping Maverick in the ring with a belt.
  • The Beast of Belfast with a hot tag and starts to clean house.
  • Dain is knocked off the apron and lands on tables setup on the outside, the tables don’t break.
  • Drake Maverick hits some low blows and begins whipping the champs.
  • After a cricket bat shot to Maverick, Lorcan and Burch hit their double team finish to retain.

Analysis: Solid way to kick off the show. Maverick and Dain showed fire and took the fight to the champs. But Oney & Danny managed to isolate their opponents and through quintessential english weapons (a handy cricket bat), got the convincing and decisive win. Love seeing Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch thrive and Killian and Drake’s story continues to bubble away. Good Stuff.

A Very Gargano Christmas

  • Gargano is playing a Piano. It’s a ‘Gargano on a Piano”.
  • This is a proper family christmas, complete with video camera to film the opening of presents.
  • The rest of the members of The Way gift Austin Thoery protein powder. ‘The Way Protein Powder’.

Analysis: This is just the start of many more segments throughout the night. I can’t explain how much I love the dynamic of this team. They refer to each other as family and they’re all in awful Christmas jumpers.

Video Package for Finn Balor vs. Kyle O’Reilly

  • Not much to report on here, big hype package for their title match in two weeks.

Malcom Bivens & Tyler Rust Backstage Interview

  • Malcolm Bivens hypes Rust by saying he took Ciampa to the limit last week.
  • He believes Tyler is a ‘Diamond in the Rust’ and says “let’s make some money.” as they leave.

Analysis: This pairing is intriguing. Bivens wants to make money and believes he can with Tyler Rust. Tyler appears to be just there for the ride and is willing to follow him. Let’s see where this goes…

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeats Jake Atlas via pinfall (6:56)

  • Scott’s new aggressive attitude gets him the control of the match with ground based offence.
  • Atlas regains control and sends Swerve to the outside, Swerve looks frustrated as we head to commercial.
  • Back from break and Swerve is back in control, until a quick sunset flip bomb from Atlas to get a near fall.
  • A poison hurricanrana from the second rope from Atlas is reversed as Scott lands on his feet. Very impressive.
  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott lands a rear headbutt and lands his finisher the ‘Confidence Boost’ to pin Atlas.

Analysis: Decent match, but I’m more focused on this story of the change in attitude of Swerve. The cruiserweight division has felt cold for me for a while, but this story could inject the life it needs. I’ve always liked Swerve, but wished we were shown more about him outside of being a good wrestler. This is great progress.

Undisputed Era Interview, Velveteen Dream returns

  • Adam Cole & Roderick Strong talk about how Kyle has changed since his match with Balor.
  • Velveteen Dream returns to interrupt and taunts Cole before getting slapped in the face.
  • Cole challenges Dream to a match tonight.

Analysis: Well, Velveteen Dream is back and he’s back in a weird hat… or shower cap. This does not excite me as we’ve seen Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream already this year and it was pretty dull. Hoping a new dynamic might help it.

Timothy Thatcher Promo

  • Thatcher says he is going to take liberties with Leon Ruff and begs Ciampa to stop him.

Analysis: I’ll be honest and say that this Thatcher and Ciampa story is not doing anything for me. Thatcher needs a win and needs one badly, but I don’t know if he’s going to get one over Ciampa. I guess that remains to be seen.

Rhea Ripley defeats Dakota Kai via pinfall (11:31)

  • Raquel Gonzalez is banned from ringside for this match.
  • Rhea started strong before Dakota managed to smash Ripley’s arm into the apron and sending her into the ring post to go to commercial.
  • The Nightmare takes back control of the match, using her power and impressive kicks.
  • Dakota gets her offence reversed into the inverted cloverleaf by Ripley
  • Kai hits the Kairopractor for a near fall.
  • Ripley hits the Riptide on Kai for the pinfall as Rhea stares of Raquel who is on the stage.
  • After the match a stare down between Gonzalez and Ripley turns into a fist fight which become a pull apart brawl.

Analysis: Lovely stuff this. Rhea and Dakota work so well together so the match was good. But the story here is Rhea and Raquel who are just on fire as of late. Pull apart brawls can be overdone in WWE, but I like the use of it here. They had a brilliant match at Halloween Havoc and to get Raquel vs. Rhea again is something to salivate over.

A Very Gargano Christmas II

  • All the member os The Way have their own stockings. Indi Hartwell’s has her neck brace.
  • Indi opens her gift and it’s a PlayStation 5! But the box is empty, the PS5 is for Johnny.
  • Gargano christens her “Indi Wrestling” as Austin Theory tears up

Analysis: These four are magic. They’re just magic. I can’t say anything else other than they’re magic. MAGIC.

Toni Storm Interview

  • Toni gloats about beating Rhea Ripley and being on the winning team of War Games.
  • She says now she’s going to take the NXT Women’s Championship from Io Shirai
  • The Mae Young Classic is brought up and Toni says Io can’t beat her.

Analysis: Natural progression of the story, which is good. I’m glad Toni brought up the Mae Young Classic. Toni has been hit or miss since her return, but hopefully a big time match with Io Shirai will be the shot in the arm she needs.

Xia Li & Boa continue to be tortured

Analysis: Many weeks later, I still have no idea what they’re doing. Why are they being tortured? Who is doing this? I don’t know but I love it. More please!

Bronson Reed defeats Ashante “Thee” Adonis via pinfall (1:05)

  • Very quick squash match. Reed wins with the ‘Tsunami’ splash from the top rope.

Analysis: Not much to go off here, nice to see Bronson Reed back. Let’s give him a story soon though, no more squashes.

Io Shirai calls out Toni Storm, Mercedes Martinez returns!

  • Io Shirai enters the ring to call out Toni after her comments moments ago.
  • Out of nowhere, Mercedes Martinez attacks Io from behind.
  • Martinez sends Io through the side of the announce table.

Analysis: Well this was a swerve I wasn’t expecting. Mercedes Martinez inserting herself into the women’s title picture is a huge get for NXT. There are so many title contenders heading into the new year and I’m very excited by this.

A Very Gargano Christmas III

  • The last gift goes to Candice LeRae as Johnny gives her the last remnants of Shotzi Blackheart’s first tank.
  • The Way take a Christmas Card picture in front of the tree, Theory coughs out protein powder to ruin it.

Analysis: A lovely way to close the segment. These four are highlights of NXT every week. Indi Hartwell and Austin Theory have a purpose now serving Johnny and Candice. My dream for Candice LeRae to be women’s champion in 2021 remains stronger than ever.

Leon Ruff defeats Timothy Thatcher via pinfall (3:58)

  • A lot of stiff strikes in this one, which is to be expected.
  • Leon Ruff is such a perfect sympathetic opponent for heels on this show.
  • Thatcher continues to lay into Ruff with Uppercuts.
  • Timothy is distracted by calling out Ciampa and pointing at the empty chair at ringside, which allows Ruff to inside cradle Thatcher for the upset win!
  • Post-match, Ciampa attacks Thatcher and says he’ll see him in the Fight Pit.

Analysis: This Ciampa and Thatcher story is really not for me. I don’t find either performer particularly interesting at the moment. However the announcement of another Fight Pit match could be a game changer. The first Fight Pit was one of the best of this year, they could easily do that again.

Dexter Lumis painting

  • Lumis paints an image announcing a Last Woman Standing match between Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez.

Analysis: We knew they were heading for a big match and a Last Woman Standing match feels huge. Not my favourite stipulation admittedly, but the NXT women’s division is magic most of the time. They could easily make this brilliant.

Tyler Rust (w/ Malcolm Bivens) defeats Ariya Daivari via submission (4:33)

  • Impressive back and forth between the two up and coming talents.
  • Tyler Rust is attempting to prove himself by putting on a clinic.
  • Ariya gets over confident and Rust takes advantage hitting a flipping snapmare into an inverted Rings of Saturn to get the submission victory.

Analysis: After an impressive showing last week against Ciampa, getting a new manager and a win over Ariya Daivari is a solid bounce back for the new guy in NXT. Not sure he has the most charisma in a performer, but that’s why Bivens is there. Bivens can do the promo legwork while Rust continues to impress in-ring.

Leon Ruff Backstage

  • Ruff leaves William Regal’s office to announce that he’s been granted a rematch for the North American Championship.
  • Leon says the Gargano curse is real and he’ll keep it in tact next week.

Analysis: This is going to be a real test for Johnny Gargano and the rest of The Way. After Ruff was able to secure yet another upset win this week over Timothy Thatcher, it shows he can easily do it again. Hoping for a longer match between the two next week as I would like to see what Leon Ruff can do in a longer formed match.

Adam Cole defeats Velveteen Dream via pinfall (13:19)

  • Early control of the match goes to Velveteen Dream, however Cole gets it right back.
  • Cole hits a pump kick and Dream takes an impressive bump to the outside.
  • Pete Dunne comes out to attack Roderick Strong at ringside and hits the Bitter End on the apron to go to commercial.
  • Back from the break as Dream misses an elbow from the top rope.
  • Dream dives to the outside but gets hit with a superkick from Cole for his efforts.
  • Adam Cole nearly hits a superkick on the referee, Dream gets a roll up for the near fall.
  • Purple Rainmaker Elbow from Velveteen Dream gets another near fall.
  • Cole lands the Last Shot on Dream for the win
  • Post-match, Adam Cole says the NXT Title is coming back to Undisputed Era as we go off the air.

Analysis: Weird main event choice, this. It kind of felt like this match should have been happening in 2018 NXT rather than nearly 2021 NXT. The match was perfectly fine, nothing memorable though. It felt like these two were in the main event for who they are rather than actually deserving the main event slot.

Overall a pretty solid building block episode of NXT this week. The card for New Years Evil is taking shape and it’s looking stacked. Ripley/Gonzalez in a Last Woman Standing match and Ciampa/Thatcher in a Fight Pit match have boosted this upcoming show in two weeks to an absolute must see.

A Very Gargano Christmas was everything it was advertised to be. It really established The Way as the one’s to watch in 2021 while also providing incredible entertainment and comedic value. It’s quite impressive to see how Johnny Gargano grows and changes his character in NXT despite being there for nearly five years. Also a big shoutout to Mercedes Martinez for making her shocking return tonight to take out Io Shirai. Another shot in the arm the NXT women’s division didn’t necessarily need, but is absolutely welcomed.

Only a couple of negative points this week as the main event this week wasn’t the most exciting offering. Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream has been done time and time again. It does feel like it’s time for Velveteen Dream to go to the main roster as he just doesn’t fit in NXT anymore. He’s been gone for months and I didn’t notice, which is not a good sign.

New Years Evil is in two weeks time with a number of huge matches and intriguing stories still bubbling away and they could all go in a number of different exciting directions which is an excellent position to be in heading into the new year.

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