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WWE NXT Results – December 16, 2020

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results will be updated live as they occur so check back throughout the show!

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results, as the show’s 434th episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida and features the continued fallout from NXT TakeOver WarGames.

Summarised Results:

  • Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano [with Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell] defeat Kushida and Leon Ruff via pinfall in 13:45
  • Tommaso Ciampa defeats Tyler Rust via pinfall in 10:11
  • Kyle O’Reilly [with Roderick Strong and Adam Cole] defeats Pete Dunne [with Lorcan and Burch] via pinfall in 24:01.
  • Shotzi Blackheart defeats Indi Hartwell via DQ in 4:20
  • Karrion Kross [with Scarlett] defeats Desmond Troy via submission in 1:05
  • Toni Storm defeats Rhea Ripley via pinfall in 12:02

NXT Results and Analysis provided by ITRWrestling writer Liam Stewart

Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano [with Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell] defeat Kushida and Leon Ruff via pinfall in 13:45

  • Austin Theory kicks things off for ‘The Way’ outwrestling the former North American Champion – Leon Ruff.
  • The opening structure of the match takes the form of Ruff being isolated and worked over by Gargano and his protégé Austin Theory.
  • Kushida saves his partner from a Double Suplex attempt setting Ruff up for a big outside splash.
  • Ruff loses his feeling on the outside dive, plummeting to the outside and tweaking his ankle in the process.
  • Theory notices the miss and is quick to cover it up pouncing on Ruff and working him over on the apron.
  • The former Evolve Superstar [Ruff] hits a huge Snapping Tornado DDT onto Theory and attempts a pin only to realise Gargano is the legal man.
  • Kushida manages to gain control for his team for the middle duration of the bout, working over Theory’s arms to set up for the armbar.
  • Ruff and Gargano exchange signature offence back and forth before Theory gets the blind tag.
  • Theory takes down Ruff from behind before connecting with a new finishing move, something akin to a twisting flip out facebuster and picks up the win. [A quick research shows the move is called Ataxia and was his Evolve finisher].
  • The win ends Theory’s losing streak since returning to NXT.
  • Post match Dexter Lumis is shown sitting at a silhouetted table with a drawing tablet hooked up to the titantron.

Analysis: This was a fantastic opening match to kick start NXT, I often state in the WWE Raw Results that I do not enjoy shows opening with slow segments, so it was great to see NXT jump right into the action once again. ‘The Way’ is a fantastic utilisation of new raw talent and experienced main event talent, Indi and Theory are immediately legitimised through association and the comedic elements to the foursome is a great touch. As stated in many weeks WWE NXT Results articles, Ruff has gone from enhancement star to NXT regular thanks to the programme with Priest and Gargano and this match continued to show he is not out of place in this role. The stumble from the top rope was unfortunate and I am sure Jim Ross will have something to say about it, but they performers covered it well and almost made it look natural and planned.

Shotzi Blackheart is coming for Indi Hartwell

  • A short minute or two promo, Shotzi states that she is proud of what they achieved at WarGames despite their failure.
  • She develops this statement further saying that she is still coming for Candice and she is going to start by breaking her best friend.
  • Indi Hartwell vs Shotzi Blackheart is confirmed for later tonight

Analysis: Another short promo segment designed to set-up a match for later in the night, Shotzi seemed more comfortable in this promo segment than she has in previous weeks. The match should be a good tester of where Hartwell is at in her development and I am glad that we are not done with CLR and Shotzi Blackheart just yet because those two work great together.

Tommaso Ciampa defeats Tyler Rust via pinfall in 10:11

  • Tommaso sets up a chair at ringside, draping over a Thatcher T-Shirt as an invite for Thatcher.
  • Rust and Ciampa exchange chain wrestling on the mat early on as commentary introduce the audience to Rust.
  • Tyler Rust utilises a moveset designed to illustrate he has been training under Thatcher.
  • Barrett confirms that due to last weeks attack, Cameron Grimes is out for four-six weeks.
  • Thatcher eventually accepts Ciampa’s invite and after an accidental attack from Rust nearly goes to blows with Ciampa.
  • Referees and Officials escort Thatcher to the back, the distraction allows Rust to connect with a twisting arm-breaker as we head to the Ad-Break.
  • As the match goes longer Rust begins to dominate, Ciampa is unable to escape the expert base game of Tyler Rust and is almost put away by a Flipping Neck Breaker.
  • Ciampa manages to find some space at the ropes, the distance created between the two allows Ciampa to connect with Willows Bell and to pick up the win via pinfall.
  • Post match Thatcher attempts to attack Ciampa but is held back by referees and officials.
  • Bivens is shown post match recruiting Rust.

Analysis: This is a wonderful introduction to Tyler Rust. I was [as most would have been] expecting an absolute squash but this has been a really fun, competitive match. If NXT pair Rust and Bivens then we could be onto a new potential mid-card star in NXT. Ciampa and Thatcher still does not interest me much but if it leads to more matches and segments such as tonights then I will give it a chance.

The Grizzled Young Veterans reintroduce themselves to WWE NXT.

  • Drake and Gibson recap their ending of 2019 and beginning of 2020, including highlights such as defeating Alex Shelly and Kushida.
  • They say COVID may have dented their momentum but it has not changed the fact that they are the best tag team in the world.
  • Continuing on the state that its time they get back on track in WWE NXT.

Analysis: I appreciate that NXT are not afraid to remind us that GYV were placed in a very dominant and important position before the pandemic, it is often too easy to try and ignore the build that individuals/teams have. Instead we have a great team reminding us that they should be at the top of the division. I am not sure how we get GYV in the title picture with Lorcen and Burch currently also very much heels but I am willing to buy a ticket for the ride.

Kyle O’Reilly [with Roderick Strong and Adam Cole] defeats Pete Dunne [with Lorcan and Burch] via pinfall in 24:21.

  • Before the bell, Killian Dain and Maverick lay out Lorcan and Burch, Undisputed Era join in the brawl before the retuning Breezango clear all the teams out.
  • We are left with only Kyle and Dunne, one-on-one in the ring alone.
  • Predictably the two athletes kick things off with an exchange of strikes before devolving into mat wrestling.
  • A very close nine count nearly counts both contestants out however they get back in just in time
  • The match is shown without ad-breaks instead utilising a single picture-to-picture break.
  • Barrett on commentary is fantastic during this match, referencing the range of disciplines that both men are trained in and how this could effect the match.
  • Pete Dunne takes a vicious knee strike from O’Reilly which knocks out a tooth and leaves the former NXT UK Champion bleeding from the mouth.
  • ‘The Bruiserweight’ works over the left arm of the former RedDragon member, leading to Kyle being unable to hit a range of his signature offence.
  • O’Reilly attempts to hit an Avalanche German onto Dunne, however, through joint manipulation Dunne is able to escape and tie Kyle up in a tree of woe,
  • Pete hits a series of stomps to O’Reilly’s head before hitting a incredibly athletic dropkick to the knees of O’Reilly dropping him from the ropes onto the back of his head.
  • The duo take it in turns bashing each others skulls into the turnbuckles, Dunne comes out on top and once again pounces on the skull of O’Reilly.
  • A huge McIntyre-esque headbutt from Dunne takes both competitors to the floor reseting the momentum of the match.
  • Dunne snaps the fingers of O’Reilly before tying him up in the ropes and attempting a bitter end on the apron.
  • O’Reilly turns Dunne’s momentum against him and hits a huge brain buster onto the apron.
  • What follows is a flying knee strike from O’Reilly onto the back of the skull of Dunne allowing Kyle to pick up the win via pinfall.

Analysis: This was absolutely world class, this is as close to a NJPW WK Main Event as you will get in North America. Every movement, choice made, strike and grapple was conducted with the intention of hurting the opponent and gaining control of the match. If you think modern wrestling is too gymnastic looking and over coordinated then watch this match because it is two performers creating a symphony of destruction whilst looking like they were working against each other. Pete Dunne is an absolute star and although him vs Finn would have been fantastic the story isn’t their just yet, instead I believe at NYEvil we will get a purists dream in Balor vs Kyle and the UE will implode to start the next arch of NXT TV.

Xia Li and Boa are Punished Further by Their Master

  • Xia and Boa are shown crying in anger as they are forced to attack each other repeatedly.
  • Boa is shown heavily bleeding from the face and body as Xia hits him repeatedly with stiff kicks.
  • The segment ends with a close up on the masters spooky face [Most likely Karan Q]

Analysis: Standard Xia Li review rules apply here, I am not going to try speculate what this is about because It is impossible. What I wills say is that this is shot incredibly and is arguably the best looking segment in all of wrestling.

Shotzi Blackheart defeats Indi Hartwell via DQ in 4:20

  • Earlier in the night Hartwell removed her neck brace, however, Blackheart still attempts to target the weakened area of Hartwell early on.
  • Although the far more experienced Blackheart controls the match early on, a huge missed Cannonball allows Hartwell to take the momentum advantage.
  • Hartwell hits Blackheart with a very rough looking Full Nelson Slam.
  • CLR attempts to distract the referee enabling Hartwell to attack Blackheart with the Gargano’s trophy, however, the referee catches them and hands Blackheart the DQ victory.
  • Post match LeRae and Hartwell hit Blackheart with a Double Wicked Sister to close out the segment.

Analysis: This was a fairly weak segment, which I think says more to the quality of NXT than it does the segment itself. Hartwell looked rough around the edges for the first time in a while, but that is fine because she is still fairly fresh and the reason she is working with a perfectionist like LeRae is to help her improve. I enjoy the fact she messed up and got caught because it suits her role as they misfit child of the Gargano Family. It looks like Blackheart is going to need a hand to even the odds against ‘The Way’ and although someone like Ember Moon is incredibly likely, I feel that Mercades Martinez could be brought in as Shotzi’s partner given their real life friendship. This would allow MM to be brought back in as a face before turning on Shotzi and setting up a natural storyline down the line.

Bronson Reed to Return Next Week.

  • Very Short Hype Package announcing that the Colossal Bronson Reed will return to NXT next week.

Karrion Kross [with Scarlett] defeats Desmond Troy via submission in 1:05

  • Kross’ opponent is Desmond Troy aka Denzel Dejournette
  • The Angel of Doom dominates Troy with an immediate series of strikes before hitting the Doomsday Saito
  • The Kross Jacket in under two minutes gives Kross the win.
  • Post Match: Kross vs Priest is confirmed for New Years Evil.

Analysis: I know Kross has just returned but I feel like having him return to sub five minute squash matches is just a sideways step for the character. Although the very short post match promo was great and Kross vs Priest could be great.

Ever-Rise address their loss to the Grizzled Young Veterans

  • Ever-Rise state they have requested corporate strike their loss to the GYV from their record because it was an unfair match.
  • After McKenzie tells them that won’t be accepted they scream that it will before calling out Goldberg and saying that they are coming for his record.
  • The segment ends with the duo screaming “Ever-Rise Rules!”

Analysis: Listen, this was short and a bit random but I think it was effective. It had comedic value especially with the duo calling out a legend like Goldberg, but also it is some much needed development for a duo who have existed as undeveloped enhancement talent for over a year now. This was only a small segment but the fact the team were on the team and afforded a segment shows me that they are going to be getting some development and growth over the coming months.

Toni Storm defeats Rhea Ripley via pinfall in 12:02

  • A back-and-forth pivot for control unfolds early on in the match, with a huge amount of desperation pinfall attempts occurring.
  • Prior to the first Ad-Break, Rhea gains control of the momentum thanks to a series of big strikes including a Twisting Axe Kick.
  • Thanks to assistance from the Steel Ring Post, Storm regains control momentarily.
  • Rhea is able to dominate for the middle section of the bout utilising her signature Texas Clover Leaf and a Barrage of Leg Drops
  • The Unyielding Toni Storm is able to fight out of everything Ripley throws at her.
  • Raquel Gonzalez gets involved to prevent Ripley taking advantage and getting the win.
  • Storm takes advantage of a blindsided attack from Gonzalez and hits Ripley with the Storm Zero to pick up the win and put herself in the driving seat for a match against Io Shirai.

Analysis: This match as a pure in ring contest was arguably only the fourth best match on the show behind both the opening tag tag, Rust vs Ciampa and Dunne vs O’Reilly. However, from a storytelling perspective this segment made perfect sense. Moving forward I would assume we build towards Io vs Storm in a MYC Final Rematch with Storm a cemented heel this time, meanwhile, I stand by the statement in previous weeks WWE NXT Results articles that Ripley will debut on the main roster following the Rumble and her loss to Raquel at NYE will be her last in NXT.

Overall I thought this was a really strong episode of WWE NXT, outside of a couple of underwhelming segments I thought this show was a delight to watch start to finish. The opener was a fantastic display of established characters and in-ring athleticism, Ciampa vs. Rust was legitimately a career making performance and Kyle O’Reilly and Pete Dunne showed why they are the best on the brand right now.

Special shoutout to the incredible cinematography and slow build featuring in the Xia Li and Boa segments, I liked Li but had not reason to care about her two months ago and now she [and Boa] are talking points every week.

In terms of what could have been done better, I think Kross took a sideways if not backwards step this week returning to incredibly short squash matches that exist solely to establish dominance in an easy and overly simple manner. We have seen him go toe-to-toe with Ciampa and Lee now, that has legitimised him and hasn’t been forgotten already we need not return to these type of matches to re-establish his dominance.

Additionally I thought the main event underdelivered from a purely in-ring perspective given the calibre and pedigree of the performers involved, however, that does not mean it was a bad match in any sense of the word but rather that I was left wanting more.

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