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WWE NXT Results – December 09, 2020

WWE NXT Results

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Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results, as the show’s 433rd episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida and features

Already announced for tonight’s show:

Finn Balor addresses the WWE NXT Roster

  • Balor states that the time for WarGames and team games is over.
  • The Prince states that anyone in the back who doesn’t like him should come out and address him to his face
  • Pete Dunne’s Music hits and he marches to the ring with purpose
  • The former NXT UK Champion addresses Balor, starting by stating that he respects him before stating his time is over.
  • Kyle O’Reilly interrupts Dunne throwing his name in the hat and saying he beat Dunne on Sunday and he has broken Balor’s jaw, he should be next in line.
  • Looks like we are in for a multitude of competitors as Damian Priest marches out and a promo battle unfolds between the three competitors
  • As Balor leaves, he states it’s Regal’s problem to decide who he will face but it will be at NXT New Years Evil
  • As Finn poses on the entrance ramp a familiar choir music plays, it’s Karrion Kross…well…Scarlet and she is here to warn Balor [without saying anything] Tick Tock.
  • Priest speaks the last words telling Scarlet, if her boy is board waiting in the car come and fight him
  • Scarlet laughs silently to end the segment

Analysis: This was a picture perfect opening segment, the NXT Champion came out opened the floor and some of the best possible candidates answered. The initial shock of a possible Pete Dunne vs Finn Balor match got me excited, then Kyle coming out tantalised the taste buds further, Priest was a bit of a “Fine, I guess” moment and then Scarlet setting up the possible Demon vs Kross dream match was the cream of the crop. I feel we will get two singles matches leading to a 1 vs 1 match with Balor vs Kyle the outcome.

Killian Dain attacks Pete Dunne

  • Pete Dunne is interviewed leaving NXT, he states he didn’t come back to NXT just to wait for opportunities
  • As he goes to leave he is attacked by a returning Killian Dain who was last seen around a month ago when he was attacked by Dunne and nearly beheaded on NXT.

Analysis: This made sense, Dain sold the injury for a good length of time which I respect as it doesn’t happen enough in modern wrestling -see Elias falling from 15 feet and being fine a day later-. The match itself will be fine but it will continue to legitimise Dunne’s threat which is a great choice.

Jake Atlas defeats Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott via pinfall in 4:13

  • ‘Swerve’ debuts a new red streak in his hair to accompany his new slightly more aggressive style
  • Unsurprisingly what follows is some incredible light heavyweight style in-ring action.
  • There is a series of strong grabbles and lucha libre sequences from both men
  • As the match gets going the pair engage in a roll-up exchange, with Swerve getting caught and pinned by the underdog Atlas
  • Isiah Scott refuses to shake Atlas’ hand and stares right throw him in a very heel fashion

Analysis: Nice piece of story telling here and a good “swerve” [pardon the pun] to go with it. As I have said every week for around eight weeks now in the WWE NXT Results articles, Atlas has felt like has been leading to a heel turn. Well instead we have switched that up and it appears the former Shane Strickland will be channelling a more aggressive and distasteful route to success moving forward. The turn makes sense, Scott has not truly achieved anything in NXT [in kayfabe] he lost to Escobar and Gargano is his two most notable opportunities and has been forgotten about in favour of Atlas recently.

The Grizzled Young Veterans defeat Ever-Rise and Imperium via pinfall in 8:13

  • Triple Threat Tag Team action takes place building on the developments since GYV’s return three weeks ago on NXT TV
  • Early on GYV and Ever-Rise trade strikes and submission holds with the former NXT UK competitors dominating.
  • Imperium get involved on the outside, taking out Ever-Rise before tagging themselves in and quickly out
  • The former NXT Tag Team Champions turn up the pace of the match using their signature tandem offence to beat down the French-Canadian duo
  • GYV eventually get back in the match however a sequence of power moves from Barthel and Aichner nearly costs them the match
  • Ever-Rise run in following offence from Imperium and nearly steal the win with a great near fall, however GYV connect with the Ticket to Ride to pick up the win and put themselves at the top of the tag contenders in NXT

Analysis: A solid tag team match to keep the show rolling, Imperium and GYV had some excellent in-ring moments, Ever-Rise didn’t have much to write home about in-ring however but they did work as the matches underdog and the near match stealing spot was great. This match did suffer from all 3 teams being aligned as heels prior to facing off, I guess Ever-Rise are the defecto face of the match through underdog status but the real teams in the match are both heel…as are the reigning Tag Team Champions, I do not know if NXT will do GYV vs Lorcan and Burch but it could be excellent

WarGames Casualty Update, Toni Storm adresses Ember Moon

  • Bobby Fish out with a detached tricep
  • CLR has a potentially broken arm
  • Oney Lorcan has sever lacerations to his face
  • Dakota Kai won’t be seen for a while due to neck injuries thanks to eclipse
  • Toni Storm calls out Io Shirai and states that has had enough of hearing about Ember Moon
  • Io appears says she doesn’t have an Issue with Toni she just doesn’t like her, before striking her
  • The two MYC competitors brawl from the backstage area into the ring
  • As Shirai attempts to hit the ‘Over the Moonsault’ Toni rolls out the ring, only to be laid out by Ember Moon from behind who makes her way quickly down the ramp
  • Shirai connects with the patented Moonsault to end the segment

Analysis: First of all on the note of the WarGames injuries, I know it sells the threat of the match and some of the injuries are heavily storyline based but…bragging about how much of your roster is out of action is a strange flex. CLR is on the run of her live and may be out for a while, Dakota was a key player in your division and is out [possibly a purely storyline injury] and finally, Bobby Fish is getting to the point of a injury away from needing to retire another surgery is a bad thing. The delivery and construction of the promo was great, the principle of it not so much for me. Now on Toni Storm, finally a upper level promo from the former MYC Winner and we can now move on hopefully from the Shiny, Shiny era of Storm promos. Io and Toni was strong but overshadowed by Meiko vs Toni, I would be all for a Toni and Io promo now that we have character depth to both competitors,

Tommaso Ciampa defeats Cameron Grimes via pinfall in 10:01

  • Cameron Grimes is relieved to be away from Lumis and is attempting to out wrestle Ciampa early on which doesn’t go well.
  • As the match gets going Thatcher storms down the ramp with a chair and takes a seat to watch, emulating Ciampa’s interference in his match with Kushida
  • Grimes attempts to use the distraction to get the advantage, however, Ciampa doesn’t fall for it and rolls Grimes into the ring as we move to a break.
  • The former NXT Champion gets a rhythm going as he is able to find the speed and strikes required to gain control of the squirming Caveman
  • NXT zoom in on Thatcher to reveal five stitches across his ear received during his fight with Ciampa at WarGames
  • Spanish Fly gives Grimes a near-fall however Ciampa manages to get his arm up in time
  • Tyler Rust attempts to get involved only to be caught by Ciampa, the referee prevents Ciampa following up
  • Grimes attempts to take advantage, however, as he slides in the ring Ciampa catches him with Willows Bell to pick up the win
  • Thatcher attacks Grimes after the match in response to The Caveman getting in his face

Analysis: This was fine, from a progressing the Ciampa/Thatcher story it definitely kept it going but more so in a moving side to side rather than forward manner. I do enjoy Thatcher using his trainees as flying attack forces but I still need something in this feud to make it interesting because just now, it has nothing to it. It’s plain chicken, it’s good for you and there is nothing wrong with it but you don’t want to consume it every week.

Xia Li and Boa are punished by their Master

  • Xia Li and Boa are shot being struck repeatedly with a Kendo stick, close ups show heavy heavy bleeding of the eyes, mouth and face
  • It is an extremely graphic segment, especially for the WWE product
  • The events are shot beautifully over a cinematic style back beat

Analysis: It is all but confirmed that Karen Q is set to be unveiled as the master behind this punishment and I thought that would have a negative impact but nope, this was incredible. A genuine work of cinematic art and something completely unique to anything else on WWE TV. Lucha Underground-esque.

‘The Way’ Celebrate WarGames, Kross returns.

  • Johnny Gargano reveals his family to the crowd, unveiling Candice, Austin Theory, Indi Hartwell and himself as ‘The Way’
  • We get a comedic one line from Theory who states they are ‘The Milky Way’
  • Gargano asks for a drum-roll at which point Indi does a drrrrrr with her mouth before Gargano make ‘Tim’ the sound guy play one over the PA system
  • The new NA Champion reveals a custom made trophy to celebrate Candice’s victory a cheap trophy with a green haired Bratz? Doll on top
  • The Way reveal their new line, if your not with ‘The Way’ get out our Way
  • As Priest makes his way down the ramp to get revenge for Theory’s attack at WarGames he is jumped from behind by a slightly aesthetically repacked Kross.
  • Kross leaves in a black sports car with Scarlet laughing manically

Analysis: Another fantastic segment, The Way were hilarious and had picture perfect comedic timing. The drum roll from “Tim” as well as Indi’s impression was superb. Candice and Johnny are the master of this style of segment and now they have a set of understudies to help elevate which is perfect for them. Kross is back which is superb, the new look leather jacket and metal rocker look is a nice change although I hope the character itself doesn’t change too much. Priest vs Kross has potential, especially in promo segments and backstage/out and about segments.

Malcom Bivens approached Tyler Rust

  • As McKenzie attempts to interview Tyler Rust on his relationship with Thatcher, the former Stokely Hathaway approaches.
  • He states he likes Rust’s gusto and initiative and that they should talk business
  • Rust says he is looking for representation as the segment ends.

Analysis: Only a short segment so not much to analyse, with that being said, it’s great to see Bivens back and on the show as he is one of the best managers in the game. Indus-Sher seem to be done with, I am assuming due to the Keith Lee spoiler situation. I enjoy new stars featuring on the show despite the US deal so pairing the likes of Theory, Hartwell and Rust with bigger names is a great way to elevate their segments.

Pete Dunne defeats Killian Dain via pinfall in 11:14

  • Dain immediately goes after Dunne, attempting to get some justice for Dunne’s brutal assault in November.
  • The Beast of Belfast utilises his superior power advantage to out muscle and throw around the Brusierweight,
  • Dunne is able to get back into the match with joint manipulation and underhanded tactics such as eye pokes and back rakes, proper foundational heel work.
  • Returning from the break the momentum returns in the Northern Irishman’s favour, a single handed power bomb takes Dunne down.
  • Dain misses a cannonball attempt which allows Dunne to gain control via a series of facial stomps from the Kings of NXT enforcer
  • Avalanche Fisherman Suplex from Dain gets a near-fall, however, Dunne gets an arm up at 2.5
  • Lorcan and Burch come out to attack Dain and assist Dunne
  • Maverick comes with a chair to even the odds, however, the distraction cost Dain as Dunne picks up the win.

Analysis: A nice enough segment, possibly Dain’s best match on pure in-ring judgment since joining NXT again. Dunne looked like a cerebral assassin as he out wrestled out smarted The Belfast Brute. Kings of NXT looked effective again helping their teammate pick up the win and we now look like we have a Tag Title feud after nearly two-months, thank you.

Kushida reveals he will team with Leon Ruff

  • Gargano and Theory were set to take on Ruff and Priest in Tag Team action next week, however, due to Kross’ attack on Priest he is unable to compete.
  • Ruff agrees to fight the match as a handicap match, however, Kushida appears to reveal he will happily team with Ruff
  • The duo share a smile and fist bump as the segment ends.

Analysis: Good short segment, Ruff has fantastic facials and his joy at teaming with someone like Kushida was visible. Glad Kushida is back on the show now that WarGames is done with, hopefully his momentum build can continue. I have stated this in previous WWE NXT Results however it is worth reiterating Ruff has gone from losing to Jackson Ryker to winning the NXT NA Championship and now he is teaming with NJPW Legend Kushida. And not once has he looked out of place since his push, a true star in the making.

Raquel Gonzalez defeats Ember Moon via pinfall in 14:41

  • This is the first time, since her aligning with Dakota Kai, that we have seen Gonzalez alone.
  • Ember Moon throws everything and the kitchen sink at Gonzalez and is eventually able to ground the monster before she rolls out the ring to recover
  • Gonzalez dominates the majority of the first third of the bout, Moon is forced to adapt her game plan and fight from a full guard position.
  • A beautifully unique Tornado Suplex gives Ember a glimpse of control, however, Gonzalez hits a Big Boot to stop the momentum dead
  • Ember hits a Tope to the outside, laying Gonzalez out on the Announce Table.
  • Moon clips the CWC scaffolding in an attempt to put Gonzalez through the table, however, Gonzalez pulls her off the scaffolding catching Moon mid air into a snake eyes onto the LED Turnbuckle coating
  • Gonzalez connects with the single-arm power bomb in the centre of the ring and pins Ember Moon clean.
  • Toni Storm runs down after the bell to beat down Moon
  • Ripley’s music hits and she makes the save, the show ends with a stare down between former RnR team members

Analysis: A wonderful end to a fantastic show. Raquel is a star in the making, I am comfortable saying that not only should she defeat Rhea Ripley when they inevitably clash at New Years Evil, but she should also be the one to dethrone Io Shirai. The Toni Storm vs Ember Moon story has felt natural since the TakeOver 31 column and the following WWE NXT Results in which it was analysed that the two would naturally clash at some point following a turn. The NXT Women’s Division remains stacked and deserving of the Women’s Tag Titles.

As for Rhea I think based of current storylines and timelines:

Raquel Gonzalez will face-off against and defeat Rhea Ripley at New Years Evil. Ripley will then quietly depart NXT turning up at the Royal Rumble, winning the Rumble match and defeating Asuka at WrestleMania for the RAW Women’s Championship, only for Charlotte to return the Monday Night Raw after Mania and challenge her.
This puts Ripley on a course to right her wrongs, gives the main roster [in particular RAW] a much needed star and gives you a huge post mania story as Charlotte and Rhea goes full circle.

Overall this episode was a fantastic return to form for the Black-and-Gold brand, lot’s of high quality segments both in performance and production. Xia Li and Boa in particular was an incredibly unique viewing experience that I hope continues to develop and be afforded more time week-to-week. The return of Karrion Kross is a big boost to the NXT roster that finally has almost all of its main players in the men’s division back, although, now the women’s division has a bit of an injury crisis. Pete Dunne and Kyle O’Reilly look set to clash again shortly and that should be wonderful as should Priest vs Kross.

The only real area for concern/major rethink on this show was the Ciampa and Thatcher continuation and the Three-Way Tag as both felt rather flat but also -more worryingly- a misuse of the competitors strengths. Hopefully Grimes can enter a couple segments with Gargano and they can play off each other, although based off his insertion into the tag match id say Kushida vs Gargano is more likely the direction moving forward.

The New Years Evil card at current will likely take the form of:

Karrion Kross [with Scarlet] vs Damian Priest in a No-DQ format match

Finn Balor vs Kyle O’Reilly for the NXT Championship [Adam Cole heel turn during this match]

Toni Storm vs Ember Moon

Raquel Gonzalez vs Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship

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