WWE NXT Results – December 02, 2020

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Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results, as the show’s 432nd episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida and features Shotzi Blackheart taking on Raquel Gonzalez for the WarGames advantage on the go home episode of WWE NXT before NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

Already announced for tonight’s show:

  • Shotzi Blackheart vs Raquel Gonzalez.
  • Final Members of Team Blackheart to be announced.
  • A special appearance from The Kings of NXT.

Tribute Video and Moments Applause for Pat Patterson

Analysis: Thank You for everything Pat, an absolute legend of the game and one of the kindest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in wrestling. You will be missed.

Damian Priest and Leon Ruff defeat Legado Del Fantasma via pinfall in 10:44

  • The match was originally set to be Ruff and Stallion, however, Legado Del Fantasma attacked Curt in a WWE Network exclusive segment.
  • Legado Del Fantasma represented by Mendoza and Santos Escobar.
  • Johnny Gargano is on commentary for the match.
  • Damian Priest stepped in to ensure Ruff made it to WarGames, and the title triple threat, in once piece.
  • Ruff insists on starting the match,much to Priests anger, and Ruff is able to control momentum shortly before LDF take control via underhanded tactics and two-on-one attacks.
  • The former North American Champion is able to regain control for his team, however, GhostFace is shown in the ground [Gargano dismisses this as a ‘fan’ dressing up] Wilde blindsides Priest with a Suicide Dive as we cut to the ad-break.
  • Mendoza and Escobar work over the knee of Priest who initially refuses to tag Ruff in, following one last Dragon Screw, Priest tags Ruff in.
  • Priest catches Mendoza mid-springboard with a stiff elbow, as he sets up for The Reckoning, Ruff force tags himself in and hits a picture perfect Frog Splash to pick up the pin over Mendoza.
  • Two GhostFaces are shown around Gargano as the match ends.

Analysis: In-ring this match was okay at best, nothing exceptional but nothing poor either. It was pretty much the definition of fine, however, from a story telling/character development POV this was great. Although I find LDF losing again a sign of their failure/under utilisation in NXT, the back and forth between Ruff and Priest was great and helped build towards Sundays PPV well. Gargano was exceptional on commentary and was a clear sign of just how talented a performer he truly is, the reveal of Austin Theory is likely to occur tonight or at WarGames on Sunday and will most likely be the key factor in Gargano leaving North American Champion. I mentioned it in last weeks WWE NXT Results article but it is worth reiterating, this story has cemented Leon Ruff as a full fledged performer and evolved him from enhancement talent. Ruff’s hard work during nothing segments such as squash defeats to Jackson Ryker have paid off and he will be a key player in NXT moving forward

The Undisputed Era Reflect on this year.

  • We get a full length video package recapping the feud thus far [Kings of NXT vs Undisputed Era] with added content of The Undisputed Era meeting following last weeks actions.
  • They state they have never been tested like this before and they need to remember what made them special.
  • Bobby Fish says he is tired of thinking and that it’s time they “Kick Somebodies Ass”.
  • Former NXT Champion, Adam Cole, states that Pat McAfee might be smart, but messing with The Undisputed Era was a stupid thing to do, because on Sunday they are going to make him their bitch.

Analysis: This was incredibly effective, it cemented Undisputed Era as babyfaced performers struggling to re-find what made them click in the first place. I think it could have been more impactful to sell Kyle O’Reilly’s injuries following his massive fall last week more, and play up to that disadvantage on Sunday. However, the anger they showed and hatred of Pat McAfee was excellently channeled. It is going to make. Kyle O’Reilly’s betrayal on Sunday so much more heart breaking.

Cameron Grimes defeats August Grey via pinfall in 3:45.

  • Grimes comes to the ring with a strap around his neck, seemingly comfortable with Sunday’s stipulation.
  • August Grey is able to get some offence in early on, including a picture perfect dropkick.
  • The former Evolve superstar connects with an Arabian twisting moonsault to a standing Grimes.
  • The Caveman responds immediately with a Cave-In to pick up the win.
  • Grimes -in an attempt to intimidate Lumis- straps up Grey after the match and beats him down further.
  • Lumis appears from under the ring and beats down Grimes with the strap.

Analysis: As mentioned earlier and in last weeks WWE NXT Results when discussing Leon Ruff, the ability to be memorable in squash defeats is the key to getting over early on. August Grey demonstrated elements of that during this segment, the dropkick and spiral splash in particular were the most memorable parts of the match and show that the former Evolve sensation can hang in ring. I am pretty cold on Lumis at current, outside of the House of Terror match he is consistently overbooked in long matches which expose his characters limited move set. The former IMPACT Superstar is better suited to short character filled moments, as utilised at the end of this segment. Hopefully, at WarGames, Lumis and Grimes goes sub ten-minutes and is filled with either comedy or over the top character moments as that is what Lumis and Grimes excel at.

Jake Atlas defeats Tony Nese via pinfall in 6:16.

  • Commentary are quick to try and legitimise the threat of Tony Nese, referencing his Cruiserweight Championship reign and previous victories.
  • Jake Atlas dedicates the match to the inspiration, Pat Patterson.
  • ‘The Kings of NXT’ are shown arriving backstage as we cut to a 50/50 screen.
  • Atlas slaps himself over and over, trying to motivate himself to end his recent losing streak.
  • Nese gets a very very close 2 count via spinning heel kick to a kneeling Atlas.
  • Jake Atlas hits the Rainbow DDT to pick up the win and is interviewed at ringside immediately afterwords.
  • The following promo has notes of a heel turn for Atlas, but nothing solid and possibly just babyface fire.

Analysis: Tony Nese is someone who has struggled to find a place in WWE/NXT post 2018 and its unfortunate, physically he is the prime image of a WWE Superstar [if shorter] however he lacks the character depth / unique factor needed to stand out on a overly stacked roster in 2020. Once again, this match was alright but nothing special and the most match interview was more of the same from Atlas, a little bit of spice is needed to take his character to the next level as another babyface vs heel match between him and Escobar just screams NXT running out of Cruiserweight Division ideas to me.

The Kings of NXT Speak about WarGames

  • Pat McAfee starts by paying tribute and respect to the late great Pat Patterson.
  • He then continues to insult the video package we saw of The Undisputed Era earlier on tonight, insulting their tuxedos, limos and restaurant choice.
  • The TV Show host runs through the accolades of his team brought together by money, lots and lots of money.
  • Lorcan and Burch refer to themselves as the greatest ever tag team in NXT, Pete Dunne stands silently staring intensely.
  • Pete Dunne speaks the finals words of the promo, saying that on Sunday they are going to end the Undisputed Era.

Analysis: This was another fantastic promo from The Kings of NXT, Pat McAfee continues to be the best promo in wrestling currently. This segment will sadly be over looked because right now on AEW, Sting has just debuted and that will steal all the headlines. Pete Dunne [A very overtanned, Pete Dunne] once again was presented like an absolute monster and continues to go from strength to strength, if Team Pat are taking the win on Sunday it should come via Pete Dunne to cement his power.

Xia Li and Boa are Waterboarded

  • The old man from last week forces Xia and Boa to drown themselves over and over again.
  • They emerge from the water looking weak and in training gear.
  • The mysterious woman [likely Karen Q] attacks them with a Kendo Stick as the segment ends.

Analysis: Nope, still don’t know whats going on. Check out the WWE NXT Results next week to see if that changes.

Imperium vs Grizzled Young Veterans ends in a non contest.

  • The match is immediately billed to be Drake and Gibson vs Ever-Rise however Imperium attack the Canadians before the bell.
  • Imperium take issue with GYV disrespect of their division and intend to put them in their place.
  • The two teams exchange control early on as they exchange counters to their signature offence illustrating their familiarity from their time in NXT UK.
  • As we cut to the ad-break the two teams argue at ringside as the referee attempts to restore order.
  • Imperium take Gibson out with a unique spider assisted mirror dropkicks.
  • The former NXT Tag Team Champions are able to create separation between Gibson and Drake and work over Liverpool’s number one as Drake is out on the outside.
  • Barthel connects with the assisted Suplex for a two-fall as we begin to close the match.
  • James Drake comes in fresh and clears house however he is quickly rolled up for a 2-fall as Barthel distracts him on the outside.
  • Aichner hits a beautiful Arabian Frog Splash to the outside, however, Ever-Rise recover from earlier and send Imperium into the steel steps to cause a double DQ.

Analysis: This was good until the finish, Ever-Rise lack the Ruff ability to get over in squash matches so swapping out for Imperium was a great choice. The match was picking up after a slow start however it never got into TakeOver or Main Event level quality before the non finish. I would like to say that this is good for Ever Rise being introduced as a full team into the division however, outside of EVER RISE RULEZ they lack the character needed to add anything.


  • Timothy Thatcher prepares for a class on avoiding distractions in-ring, in reference to Ciampa’s distraction costing him last week.
  • The camera pans over and Ciampa has appeared in ring wanting a Ciampa-as-Ciampa-can class with Thatcher as the student.
  • The two immediately brawl with Thatcher’s student helping him gain the advantage.
  • Thatcher is able to lock Ciampa in a guillotine and pass Ciampa out.

Shotzi Blackheart defeats Raquel Gonzales to gain the WarGames advantage in 15:55

  • The story of the match early on takes the former of speed and high risk offence vs power and size, it’s David and Goliath if David had green hair and road a tank.
  • Raquel uses her power advantage to ground Shotzi and work her lower body to isolate and minimise the explosive power of Blackheart.
  • A missed big boot attempt allows Shotzi to get back into the match, as she climbs up the fencing to hit a huge Coffin Drop onto the former MYC competitor.
  • A Sliced Bread attempt from Blackheart is reversed into a vicious front facebuster onto the hardest part of the ring.
  • Neither woman is able to gain definative control as Raquel is unable to keep the death defying Shotzi Blackheart down.
  • Indi Hartwell sets a ladder up around the holding pens to allows Candice and Team LeRae to climb down and assist Raquel.
  • Indi attempts to climb the ladder however Shotzi takes her out.
  • A brutal lariat from Raquel takes Shotzi out and as she ascends the ladder, the NXT Women’s Champion springboards onto her back to take her out.
  • The save from Shirai allows Shotzi to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase providing the WarGames advantage for her team heading into Sunday.

Analysis: In last weeks WWE NXT Results, it was discussed that the attack on Io Shirai made her involvement in the WarGames match fairly obvious, that did not subtract from this segment at all. On a rather flat edition on WWE NXT, this was a shining light. Raquel and Shotzi both took some vicious bumps in this match, in particular the wheel barrow face buster onto the ring apron and the bursting lariat. The face team picking up the win is a nice change of pace and works to the performers in CLR team because they are all with the exception of Raquel, cowardly heels so they suit being on the underhand.

Overall this weeks NXT felt flat, it lacked any real juicy angles or matches up until the last segment. There were points on the show where it felt like the show was treading water, and I write this as a true believer that NXT is home to some of the best writing and performing in global wrestling right now. Between the start of Grimes vs August Grey and the end of the Jake Atlas vs Tony Nese match nothing of notice or importance occurred, this can rather harshly be extended to include the Kings of NXT segment as although the promo was strong it did not add anything new to the rivalry going into WarGames.

I don’t know if WWE wanted to protect higher value matches and segments knowing how strong AEW’s card was this week and thus took their foot off the gas, but I am a firm believer in concerning yourself solely with the quality of your product and making it the best it can be regardless of what is on the other channel. There is a dedicated fanbase of around 500k that watch NXT or AEW each week and around a 500k flex audience that go to the bigger -on paper- show, if the product is allowed to be slow and uninteresting due to acknowledgment that the other channel has the bigger show, then you are simply encouraging your core audience to move over to that show.

There will be NXT TakeOver WarGames results this Sunday on, and then we will return December 9th, 2020 with next weeks WWE NXT Results.

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