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WWE NXT Results – April 13, 2021

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results will be updated live as they occur so check back throughout the show!

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results, as the show’s 450th episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida and features WWE NXT’s debut on Tuesday nights as well as all the fall out from NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver.

Matches and segments announced for the show include:

Summarised Results |

  • MSK defeat Dain and Maverick via pinfall (Assisted Blockbuster).
  • Mercedes Martinez defeats Jessi Kamea via pinfall (Death Valley Driver)
  • Kushida defeats Santos Escobar to become the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion (Roll-up)
  • Raquel Gonzalez Welcomes NXT to the era of ‘La Chingona’, Franky Monet arrives.
  • Rhea Ripley & Bianca Belair return to WWE NXT to celebrate with Raquel Gonzalez
  • Sarray is set to debut on next weeks episode of WWE NXT.
  • Roderick Strong officially departs WWE NXT.
  • Issiah ‘Swerve’ Scott defeats Leon ruff via pinfall (Fold-out Driver).
  • Blackheart, Moon, Lumis and Reed defeat The Way via pinfall (Tsunami)

Karrion Kross Opens WWE NXT on Tuesday Nights

  • Kross compliments Balor and described the respect he feels for the former NXT Champion.
  • Kross continues describing his dominance that is soon to come, states that there are no hungry challengers but he is a hungry champion.
  • He tells anyone who wants a shot to step up and roll the dice because he will knock their heads back off.
  • Nobody comes out and Kross laughs maniacally as the segment comes to an end he reminds everyone that this is a new NXT, his NXT and things are going to change.

MSK defeat Killian Dain & Drake Maverick to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships

  • Carter and Dain start things off, the challengers isolate Carter early on splitting the ring in half to keep MSK apart.
  • Eventually Lee is tagged in and is able to regain control with Carter bringing out the Bronco Buster on Maverick.
  • Dain is brought in and manages to hit a huge Running Crossbody on the outside wiping out Lee before the ad-break.
  • Dain breaks up a near-fall on Maverick before MSK then begin to chop down ‘The Beast from Belfast’
  • Lee hits a Twisting Senton off the top rope however Dain is able to power out before hitting a big Back Bodydrop onto MSK.
  • Stereo Offence from the challengers sets up for the Kamikaze Powerbomb before Carter is pulled out the line of danger by Lee.
  • Dain is wiped out Carter before the former Wentz climbs back into the ring to help Lee hit the Assisted Blockbuster on Maverick for the win.
  • Post-match Imperium jump the challengers, using an opening provided by Wolfe approaching his former SaNitY brother.

Result: MSK defeat Dain and Maverick via pinfall (Assisted Blockbuster).

Exclusive Footage of the fallout from the Unsanctioned Match at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.

  • We are shown a recap of Cole & O’Reilly’s war at TakeOver, before we see new footage showing both men being taken to a local medical facility.
  • As they arrive at the facility Cole screams at O’Reilly that he is done, finished and completely dead now.
  • Neither man is medically cleared and are both still held in the medical facility.

Mercedes Martinez defeats Jessi Kamea via pinfall

  • The match is built backstage as Martinez confronts Robert Stone & Aliyah complaining that she has not been paid for her role in the RBS’ NXT Women’s Championship match a couple of weeks ago.
  • Match last only a couple of minutes despite Kamea jumping the former MYC competitior before the bell.
  • Martinez picks up the win via Death Valley Driver, post-match Mercedes jumps Stone and shakes him down for the money she is owed.
  • To close the segment Martinez calls out the new NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez.
  • We get a video package hyping Issiah ‘Swerve’ Scott, takes places in his recording studio – he once again calls out Leon Ruff and confirms that after tonight they are done.

Result: Mercedes Martinez defeats Jessi Kamea via pinfall (Death Valley Driver)

Kushida answers Santos Escobar’s open challenge, defeats him to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.

  • Escobar starts by mocking Devlin’s failure at TakeOver, he then discusses how he has elevated the division and how he will one day hand it over to his son.
  • Kushida answers the open challenge debuting a new pair of white and orange short tights.
  • Fast paced opening exchange between the two with Kushida coming out on top following a Arm Twister and fake out Suicide Dive.
  • Escobar locks in a Boston Crab across the Steel Steps driving Kushida’s throat into the turnbuckle.
  • Escobar vocally degrades Kushida before hitting a Hurricanrana off the top rope.
  • Kushida hits the Baseball Kick onto Escobars injured arm before attempting to lock in The Hoverboard Lock however Escobar breaks out.
  • Butterfly Suplex from Kushida off the top rope, floats over into a pinfall but Escobar gets a foot on the rope at the very last second.
  • Handspring from Kushida is counter by a Backstabber from Escobar that leads into a Phantom Driver attempt.
  • The duo exchange roll-ups with Kushida coming out on top and stealing a quick victory over Escobar.
  • Post-match, Devlin approaches Kushida referencing his victory over Kushida but states Kushida gets to live a little bit longer because he is heading home for a bit.

Result: Kushida defeats Santos Escobar to become the new WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion (Roll-up)

Raquel Gonzalez Welcomes NXT to the era of ‘La Chingona’, Franky Monet arrives and Rhea Ripley & Bianca Belair return to NXT.

  • “You deserve it” chants from the NXT audience to open the segment as Kai introduces the audience to their new NXT Women’s Champion.
  • Kai and Gonzalez state they dominated the division and gives massive respect to Shirai but states the era of Raquel Gonzalez has arrived.
  • The lights fade to black and Franky Monet [Taya Valkyrie] complete with her adorable puppy Presley.
  • Raquel Gonzalez and the former Taya Valkyrie exchange some heated works in Spanish before Gonzlez states she is lucky that she is in a good mood or that dog would be going up her ass.
  • Rhea Ripley makes a shock return to NXT, her and exchanges a moment of pride and celebration with her former Team RnR member – Raquel Gonzalez.
  • Ripley isn’t the only NXT return tonight as new SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair makes her way down to the ring to join in on the celebrations in an incredibly touching moment.
  • As the three champions celebrate, an image of them on the Pineapple Circuit back in 2018 appears on the LED screen..

Roderick Strong departs WWE NXT, Regal thanks him for his service.

  • McKenzie is interviewing Regal following his announcement that Sarray will be debuting on WWE NXT next week.
  • Regal informs the interviewer that he must take care of some business, as he enters his office we see Strong and his wife and fellow NXT Superstar Marina Shafir waiting for him.
  • Strong hands his contract termination papers as Regal states that he has been a huge part of NXT and he is welcome back any time.
  • Strong walks away as commentary wishes him the best for his future plans and discussed his role in the rise of NXT.

Issiah ‘Swerve’ Scott defeats Leon Ruff via pinfall.

  • Ruff targets Swerve’s arm early on, isolating his shoulder joint and hitting a flatliner on the outside to separate the joint.
  • As Swerve begins to get back into the match, Ruff pulls out his counter-offence to avoid taking any blows before attempting to climb the top rope.
  • Swerve hits a Springboard Side Russian Leg-Sweep to send Ruff crashing to the mat as the show heads to an ad-break.
  • Ruff hits a huge Clothesline before attempting a Springboard however Swerve counters with a Flatliner of his own.
  • Ruff hits a Springboard Cutter before ascending the top rope and going flying over the top rope to the outside before remounting the top rope and flying back in the ring.
  • Huge top rope Hurricanrana from Ruff to Swerve leads to a very close two-count.
  • Ruff counters a DVD attempt into a lawn dart before countering signature offence from Swerve into a Snaprana – for another two fall.
  • Inverted Facebuster from Swerve onto the turnbuckle sets him up for the Fold-out Driver, manages to pick up the divisive victory over Leon Ruff.
  • Post-match, Zoey Starke calls out Gonzalez before being confronted by Mercedes Martinez.
  • Later in the night Ruff snaps laying out Swerve in the locker room- states it’s not over until I say it’s over.

Result: Issiah ‘Swerve’ Scott defeats Leon ruff via pinfall (Fold-out Driver).

Shotzi Blackheart, Ember Moon, Bronson Reed & Dexter Lumis defeat The Way [Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory, Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae] via pinfall/

  • Earlier in the night The Way have a quick promo segment during with Hartwell outlines her intentions to “take care of business” with Lumis in the ring tonight.
  • Lumis and Theory start things off however Theory attempts to tag out quickly with Hartwell eager to tag in, LeRae steals the tag to keep Indi and Lumis separate.
  • Shotzi and Moon work over Gargano, Lumis & Hartwell stare down on the apron almost kissing before LeRae pulls Hartwell off the apron and Gargano jumps Lumis from behind.
  • Chaos erupts as everyone is in the ring, LeRae goes up for a Splash but simply ragdolls off Bronson Reed.
  • LeRae hits a Suicide Tornado DDT onto Lumis on the outside for Blackheart is thrown over the top rope by Bronson Reed.
  • Gargano Superkicks Reed before Hartwell breaks up a Submission from Lumis by pretending to pass out causing Lumis to carry her to the back as she is carried to the back she breaks the 4th wall giving a thumbs up to the camera.
  • Reed and Moon hit a ‘Colossal Eclipse’ before Reed hits the Tsunami onto Austin Theory to pick up the win for his team.

Result: Blackheart, Moon, Lumis and Reed defeat The Way via pinfall (Tsunami)