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WWE NXT Results – 24 February, 2021

WWE NXT Result

WWE NXT Results will be updated live as they occur so check back throughout the show!

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results, as the show’s 444th episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida and features the continued fallout from NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day

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Live Results and Analysis Provided by ITRWrestling Writer: Liam Stewart

Summarised Results:

  • Dexter Lumis defeats Johnny Gargano via TKO [Kata Gatame]
  • Tyler Rust vs. Leon Ruff – Match Does Not Start
  • Io Shiari defeats Zoey Stark via pinfall [Over The Moonsault]
  • Xia Li [w/ Tian Sha] defeats Kacy Catanzaro [w/ Kayden Carter] via TKO
  • GYV defeat Killian Dain & Drake Maverick via pinfall [Ticket to Ride]
  • Karrion Kross defeats Santos Escobar via pinfall [Hidden Blade] – No DQ
  • Adam Cole explains his actions, lays out Roderick Strong

Dexter Lumis defeats Johnny Gargano [w/ The Way] via TKO [Kata Gatame]

  • Gargano immediately goes for The One Final Beat however Lumis counters with a stiff uppercut.
  • Lumis disappears as Hartwell and Theory point out he as reappeared…behind Gargano.
  • Johnny Gargano has the chance to win via count-out but he rolls-out to break the count.
  • Hartwell flirts with Lumis -well attempts to- allowing LeRae and Gargano to team up to hit a middle rope Suicide-Dive.
  • Lumis gets a near-fall off the Kip-Up Leg Drop however Gargano gets a shoulder up in time.
  • The Way attempt to take out Lumis with the chair but Theory freezes in fear.
  • Gargano accidently wipes out Theory allowing Lumis to catch the North American Champion in the Kata Gatame from behind forcing him to pass out.
  • Later in the show The Way are shown backstage, Theory is revealed to have Stockholm Syndrome and Indi states that she thinks “Lumis is Kinda hot”.

Result: Dexter Lumis defeats Johnny Gargano

MSK Hype Package, attacked backstage by GYV

  • MSK describe their journey from opponents to friends to brothers.
  • They discuss their intentions to become the blueprint of the tag division.
  • Nash Carter discusses the loss of his father and the effect it had on his mental health.
  • MSK state that they won’t give in until they are satisfied with their achievements in NXT.
  • As we cut backstage to an interview with MSK, GYV attack the duo with a Steel Chair to lay them out.

Tyler Rust vs. Leon Ruff – Match Does Not Start

  • Rust gets a full intro, as does Leon Ruff for the first time in weeks.
  • Bivens is shown lurking in the medical bay to handpick an injured opponent for Rust.
  • Before the match can start Swerve attacks Ruff and lays out Ruff, forcing the match not to occur.
  • DVD into the apron from Swerve to Ruff leaves the former NA Champion unconscious

Io Shiari defeats Zoey Stark via pinfall [Over The Moonsault]

  • Zoey gets a pre-match promo however technically difficulties cause the screen to freeze, cut to Shirai and then the ring.
  • In a pre-match segment Grimes is shown watching The Million Dollar Man’s Basketball challenge but he stops watching before the end and thus when he attempts to recreate it he forgets to kick the ball away and thus loses a thousand dollars.
  • Io Shiari is matched early on by the incredibly Athletic challenger in Zoey Stark, Stark is able to get several near-falls on the Champion.
  • Stark attempts a 450 however Shirai avoids the high risk offence however before she can take advantage the two clash in mid-air.
  • Shirai hits a sunset flip onto Stark into the middle turnbuckle providing the space needed to connect with the Over The Moonsault and pick up the win.

Result: Io Shiari defeats Zoey Stark

Xia Li [w/ Tian Sha] defeats Kacy Catanzaro [w/ Kayden Carter] via TKO

  • Li attempts to attack Catanzaro from behind however the Ninja Warrior contestant utilises her incredible speed to avoid all strike attempts.
  • Gory Bomb attempt counter into a roll-up, Li kicks out at 2.
  • Catanzaro hits a Miz-esque running clothesline into the corner.
  • Xia Li ‘breaks the knee/leg’ of her former friend by trapping it on the Steel Steps and stomping down.
  • Catanzaro is pulled by the hair back into the ring before Li picks up the win as the referee calls a stop to the match.
  • Carter gets in the face off Mae Ying providing the distraction for Li to hit a spinning axe kick onto Catanzaro sending her back to the ground.

Result: Xia Li defeats Kacy Catanzaro

GYV defeat Killian Dain & Drake Maverick via pinfall [Ticket to Ride]

  • MSK are out for a couple of weeks following a broken hand injury sustained after GYV attacked them backstage.
  • Dain and Maverick control the match early on, seemingly reaching excellent levels of chemistry for the first time.
  • Drake hits a picture perfect Suicide Dive to wipe out Dain on the outside leaving Maverick alone in the ring.
  • Maverick hits the Bulldog onto Gibson however he is quickly caught and laid out with the Ticket to Ride allowing GYV to pick up the win.

Result: GYV defeat Killian Dain & Drake Maverick

Karrion Kross defeats Santos Escobar via pinfall [Hidden Blade] – No DQ

  • Escobar slams a truck door onto the back of Kross, taking the big man down.
  • Kross wields a Pickaxe to remove Escobar from his hiding slot locked inside the Truck.
  • Santos lays out Kross with a Garbage Can before he instructs LDF to drag the former NXT Champion into the arena.
  • Karrion sends Wilde and Mendoza through the plexiglass barricade causing the protective screen to shatter in the progress
  • Escobar initially has a counter for everything Kross offers however as Kross reaches a darker point he becomes more unpredictable.
  • Escobar avoids having his head sandwiched between the steel steps and a steel chair.
  • Saito Suplex from Kross sets up for the Hidden Blade which finally keeps Escobar down for the three-count.

Result: Karrion Kross defeats Santos Escobar

Adam Cole explains his actions, lays out Roderick Strong

  • Cole starts by saying that watching back last weeks attack makes him sick to his stomach
  • He continues saying he does not like who he has become in pursuit of the NXT Championship
  • The former NXT Champion states that he made a stupid mistake last week and that he hates himself for it
  • Enter Roderick Strong- He criticises Cole’s refusal to let him know what was going on for the last 10 days
  • Strong states that the Undisputed Era is over because of Cole he destroyed the values of the UE
  • Balor charges the ring, shoves Strong out the way and pounces on Cole.
  • Strong pushes Balor out the ring before laying out Cole with a Clothesline, Strong looks regretful
  • The two former UE members embrace in a hug however Cole sneaks in a big Low Blow onto Roddy before insulting him to his face calling him stupid and stating that the UE is dead.