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WWE NXT New Years Evil Results

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results will be updated live as they occur so check back throughout the show!

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results, as the show’s 436th episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida and features WWE NXT New Years Evil!

Summarised Results:

NXT Results and Analysis provided by ITRWrestling writer Liam Stewart

Karrion Kross defeats Damian Priest via pinfall in 16:11

  • Rumours speculated online as a result of a recent Fightful Wrestling report that Damian Priest was due to be ‘called up’ before being inserted into this feud.
  • Match was announced earlier in the day as opening the show, along side the information that Thatcher is nursing an injury and as a result Ciampa vs. Thatcher in a Fight Pit is off.
  • Lumis opens the show by pulling a big red lever which transitions the darkened show into full colour and switches him into a red and yellow suit in the process.
  • Early on Kross and Priest brawl around ringside whilst remaining in a collar and elbow tie up, taking turns bumping off the plexiglass surroundings of the CWC
  • The former NXT Champion almost disqualifies himself as he wields the steel ring steps in an attempt to strike Priest who is able to counter with a huge kick and keep the match going
  • Priest begins to target the left arm of Kross in an attempt to reaggrivate the previously injured shoulder joint of Karrion Kross.
  • Kross ties Priest up in the Tree of Woe before hitting a series of bombing knee-strikes to the body and injured ribs of the former North American Champion
  • The Archer of Infamy fights through his injured ribs and is able to hit the Razor’s Edge however due to the sustained injuries he is unable to take full advantage of the pin allowing Kross to kick out at two.
  • The bringer of Doomsday hits Priest with a huge Powerbomb that the latter sells like he was struck down by a truck however it is not enough to take down Priest who refers to Kross as a bitch before being struck down
  • Kross hits a huge forearm to the back of the skull of Priest and this is enough to keep Priest down for the three count.

Analysis: That was a fantastic opener, running it ad-free allowed the momentum of the match to never really dip and instead to grab the attention of those watching immediately. Kross looks dominant and has more importantly a fantastic match on the NXT stage which will help dispel some of the issues created as a result of his lacklustre match vs. Lee in 2020. Priest -should he be leaving- will be remembered as one of the most under appreciated members of the NXT roster constantly overly criticised and possibly one of the most talented hybrid athletes NXT has ever seen.

Santos Escobar [w/ Legado Del Fantasma] defeats Gran Metalik [w/ Lince Dorado] via pinfall in 10:45

  • Commentary communicate the recent achievements of the Lucha House Party on WWE RAW including victories over The Hurt Business and The Miz.
  • Early on The King of the Ropes utilises his superior speed and agility to control the match however an apron ‘Rana is blocked by Escobar and converted into a swing into the ringside barricade allowing Escobar a window of opportunity to regain control
  • We get a sequence of incredibly close near-falls from both Escobar and Metalik in particular a fantastic roll up from Metalik that leads to a kick out at 2.99
  • Escobar attempts to unmask Metalik however Lince Dorado is able to assist him in recovering and taking Escobar out from the top turnbuckle
  • The Crusierweight Champion connects with Legado and pins Metalik in the centre of the ring to retain his Cruiserweight Championship

Analysis: As much as it pains me in particular to say this, this match underdelivered at least compared to what I know Escobar and the former Mascara Dorada are capable of. It simply did not given enough time to pick up to the pace needed to make both mens styles work, ten minutes is barely long enough to achieve anything in modern wrestling and is far to short for a balanced match up like this. Escobar has begun to stagnate with the strap and I think given UK and ROI lockdown rules meaning that Devlin once again is unlikely to get over for the feud they are desperate for it might be worth giving someone else a run with the belt in the meantime. I wouldn’t be against seeing Lince Dorado take a pop at Escobar now to try avenge his tag team partner, we shall see next week.

Xia Li and Boa return to WWE NXT, defeats Katrina Cortez via pinfall in 1:35

  • This segment has been building for nearly eight weeks on the WWE NXT Results with high praise for the artistic presentation and cinematography
  • A mysterious masked figure appears on a throne as Boa and Xia Li in traditional formal wear and suits a like make their way down the ring ramp
  • Xia Li attacks Cortez with a flurry of vicious strikes before picking up a dominant victory following a spinning axe kick
  • Following the match Boa and Li return to the side of their mysterious mentor as the camera fades to smoke

Analysis: This was a perfect example of giving fans just enough to engross interest without giving it all away early, we saw a little more of the mysterious mentor and the visuals were once again incredible. Xia picks up a dominant victory and we need to tune in again to see this explained further, big fan.

Raquel Gonzalez defeats Rhea Ripley via TKO in 17:45

  • We immediately see what this match is going to be like as early on Ripley is swatted out of mid air via a vicious chair strike by Gonzalez
  • Gonzalez is handcuffed by Ripley however she is able to break through the barricade using sheer power and escape returning punishment to her former tag partner with a huge strike across the head with the ring bell
  • The first near count of the match comes in Gonzalez favour as she buries Rhea under the table remains following a huge back body drop through the table, however it is only capable of an eight count.
  • A huge flurry of Kendo Stick strikes leaves Gonzalez back red raw with bruising and lacerations
  • Ripley [as mentioned in previous WWE NXT Results] is rumoured to be moving to RAW or SmackDown following the Royal Rumble, however, she isn’t leaving anything behind in NXT as she is thrown of the stage before putting Gonzalez through a glass pane.
  • The former NXT and NXT UK Women’s Champion tells Raquel to ‘Suck It’ before taking a huge leap off of a stack of lockers to put Raquel through a table.
  • Dakota Kai saves her partner attacking Rhea with a Kendo Stick before being stuffed in a locker for her troubles
  • A nasty moment as Raquel [similarly to Ruff as discussed in last weeks WWE NXT Results] lands on the back of her head following a Samoan Driver from Ripley
  • Gonzalez -standing on a set of Steel Steps- drives Ripley through the ground to the electrics below via the single handed Powerbomb and manages to stand up at the nine count to pick up a monumental win over her former tag team partner.

Analysis: Every week on the WWE NXT Results I reiterate how highly I think of Raquel and how high the ceiling is for her and I am glad that she has been giving this massive victory over a hugely credible opponent. This is one of the best Last Men/Women Standing matches in recent memory it had everything it needed to have and was gripping beginning to end. If this is farewell to Rhea, then what a way to bow out.

Kushida and Shotzi Blackheart defeat Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano [w/ Austin Theory and Indi Wrestling] via pinfall in 12:01

  • The Way come out to officially enter themselves into the 2021 Dusty Classic [Theory and Gargano]
  • Midway through their celebration Shotzi comes out to confront LeRae for her actions pre-WarGames [See previous WWE NXT Results for further information]
  • Austin Theory refers to Shotzi as Mike Wazowski before he is shot in the ‘legacy’ by Shotzi’s Rocket Launcher
  • Lumis rings the bell much to everyones confusion before pointing to the titatron and revealing a hand drawn graphic for a mixed tag match between The Gargano’s and Kushida [who comes to Shotzi aid during the Ad-break] and Shotzi Blackheart
  • Kushida dominates Gargano who is unable to get into the swing of things early on due to ill-preparation similar to how he failed to beat Ruff due to the same issue [see previous WWE NXT Results]
  • Blackheart hits a huge Suicide Dive through Kushida’s legs almost KOing herself in the process however this allows Kushida to hit a European Pinfall onto Gargano to pick up the win for his team

Analysis: This was a fun fast paced match and a clever way to build to both LeRae vs. Blackheart and put Kushida into the NA Title Picture. The Way are truly a gift to professional wrestling and remain a highlight of the week-to-week programming.

William Regal announces the first ever Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic, Valentines Day Takeover Announced

  • Immediately following the mixed tag match, Commentary announce that Sunday February 14th will be the first TakeOver of 2021
  • William Regal Backstage then announces the first ever Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic coming soon to WWE NXT keep an eye on the WWE NXT Results for further information as it unfolds.

Analysis: About time, hopefully this is the begging of getting the Women’s Tag Titles onto WWE NXT.

Finn Balor defeats Kyle O’Reilly to retain the NXT Championship via submission in 19:07

  • Both competitors immediately start by targeting the previously injured body parts, including Balor giving O’Reilly a huge receipt by kicking him across the jaw as O’Reilly is biting the ropes to escape a submission attempt
  • O’Reilly works over the back of Balor including a series of knee strikes to the spinal column of The Prince in an attempt to ground the NXT Champion
  • Balor attempts to get even with O’Reilly by stomping on his jaw repeatedly aiming to break it as O’Reilly did to his at TakeOver:31
  • A series of huge forearms across the jaw continues the targeted assault from Balor onto the Undisputed Era member
  • The former ROH Champion must have read previous weeks WWE NXT Results as he targets Balor’s well documented shoulder injury whilst also beginning to target Balor’s jaw
  • O’Reilly gets a huge second wind hitting a flurry of strikes before locking a Heel Hook and almost getting the win however a well placed jaw strike by Balor wipes O’Reilly’s momentum out.
  • Balor connects with a 1916 into a crossface targeting O’Reilly’s injured face who almost taps however manages to fightout by targeting Balor’s injured wrist.
  • The defending Champion connects with the Shotgun Dropkick and sets up for the Coupe De Grace however O’Reilly counters into a huge Superplex
  • The Brainbuster gets O’Reilly a near fall and he immediately transitions into a well timed armbar attempt however Balor escapes
  • In a throw back to TakeOver:31 Balor hits a well placed liver kick before locking in a vicious abominable stretch and wrenching the jaw of O’Reilly who is forced to tap.

Analysis: Wow, what a main event. Picture perfect storytelling from a story that was never meant to be told. Balor and O’Reilly just beat the lights out of one another for nearly twenty minutes straight before Kyle finally gave in to Balor’s targeted assault. What the future holds for both men is up in the air, however, to reiterate previous WWE NXT Results articles I would put money on the WrestleMania TakeOver show featuring Balor/ The Demon vs .Kross and O’Reilly vs. Cole and it should be fantastic.

Overall and absolutely incredible show that flew by in a heartbeat often in these WWE NXT Results/ WWE RAW Results pieces I complain about how long the shows feel, this was the opposite I could have sat for another two hours. When NXT is on, its unrivalled in match quality and today showed that.

MOTN for me has to go to Raquel vs. Rhea, a true Hoss fight from two of the best women’s performers in the company right now. The only match/segment I would say is skippable is regrettably Metalik vs. Escobar which was a little clunky and never truly reached the heights it is capable of.

WWE NXT Results will return next week as we begin the Men’s Dusty Rhode’s Classic and build towards the Valentine’s Day TakeOver.