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WWE NXT Results – November 4, 2020

WWE NXT Live Results - November 4, 2020

Tonight’s episode of NXT emanated live from Orlando, Florida and features the fall-out and continuation of WWE NXT Halloween Havoc! Here are the results and analysis.

Already announced for tonightโ€™s show is:

Dakota Kai defeats Ember Moon via pinfall in 18:21

  • Match starts of as a very ground based technical exchange, with ‘The Shenom’ controlling the momentum early on.
  • Dakota targets the shoulder joints of Moon, working on separating the joints from the socket utilising her surrounding environment to her advantage in the process.
  • Momentum switches between both performers as they both fight for control.
  • Ember hits a vicious suicide dive to Captain Kai on the outside who bumps heavily into the barricade, Moon goes for a follow up and Kai is able to roll out the way leaving Moon to get a face full of barricade for her troubles – great bump.
  • The War Goddess baits in Kai and catchs her with a cross-face in the centre of the ring, a series of roll-up attempts follow, before Kai manages to turn the tide and lock in a Fujiwara Arm Bar.
  • The returning champion manages to get a foot on the rope, however, Dakota keeps the Fujiwara in until the count of four further injuring the arm of Ember Moon.
  • Ember’s Law comes into effect at she unleashes a vicious flurry of strikers and running offence onto Dakota Kai to regain momentum.
  • Raquel Gonzalez provided the necessary distraction to allow Kai to hit the Kaio Kick and pick up the win.

Analysis:The new very ground based and physical in-ring style from Ember Moon is phenomenal, and it really helps to compliment her new look and personifies Ember’s Law perfectly. Dakota Kai once again continues to be a consistent top level performer in NXT’s world class women’s division. The back and forth momentum shifts made for a very easy to follow match construct and in-ring story. The joint manipulation from Kai to Moon and the suicide dives to the outside looked painful in the best way possible and really sold the intensity and fighting spirit within both performers. Raquel providing the assist once again is the perfect way for Dakota to pick up a cheap win, furthering her momentum and also preventing Ember from being over protected early on into her NXT career.

Kushida defeats Cameron Grimes via Submission in 14:03

  • Prior to the match Grimes is interviewed backstage regarding his loss at Halloween Havoc in the House of Terror match.
  • The King of the Cave-In denies losing any match because you can’t lose if you weren’t pinned and the referee was a zombie.
  • “Lingering psychological effects” are impacting Grimes’ ability to wrestle in the match as he avoids any strikes or locking up at all.
  • Kushida shows his masterful understanding of submission wrestling as he isolates The Caveman in the centre of the ring to minimise the chances of a rope-break escape.
  • Grimes snaps back into reality as the result of a stiff kick from The Time Splitter.
  • Commentary describe Grimes’ psychological torment as Zombie Stress Disorder.
  • A roll up attempt by Kushida is reversed into a rope assisted German to switch momentum into Cameron Grimes favour.
  • Kushida expertly works his way into the ‘Hoverboard’ arm-bar on several occasions, however, Grimes is able to escape barely each time.
  • A near-fall for Grimes occurs as the result of a sit-down powerbomb.
  • A top rope Hoverboard Lock sets up for a referee bump as Grimes gets caught in the modified arm-bar, Kushida gets the visual win however there is no referee to witness the tap-out.
  • Grimes catches Kushida with a standing Spanish Fly as the referee comes out to count the pin.
  • PTSD occurs as the zombie referee [in non zombie form] returns to count the pin, the PTSD allows Kushida to re-lock in the submission and pick up the win.

Analysis: Another really fun showing from two of NXT’s stand out performers this year. Grimes continues to evolve his character using the perfect blend of comedy and in-ring storytelling, the Zombie Stress Disorder might be a bit much for some older school fans but i would remind them that Papa Shango used Voodoo on the regular. Kushida should now be the first name in line for a shot at Finn Balor’s World Title when he is fit to return to TV, he has evolved massively this year and his new edge has provided the missing piece to truly elevate Kushida to the next level.

Io Shirai challenges Rhea Ripley to a NXT Women’s Championship Match

  • We cut to a short video package with Io Shirai asking “What’s Next for Shirai?”
  • The NXT Women’s Champion explains she is not scared of The Nightmare and wants to face her one more time for the title.
  • Shirai appears confident and determained to prove herself the best in NXT.

Analysis: The promo itself was the usual Ghost in a Shell style promo from Shirai which is always wonderful and the promise of Rhea vs Shirai one more time is something i am all for. I hope when that match occurs we see a switch in character from Ripley and potentially a heel turn to reinvigorate her character.

Killian Dain and Drake Maverick defeat Ever-Rise via DQ in 03:12, The Kings of NXT attack.

  • The match itself never truly gets underway however during the short match we do see Dain and Maverick utilise tandem offense to illustrate their progress as a team.
  • We cut to a Pat McAfee operated camera as the newly dubbed ‘Kings of NXT’ as Lorcan, Burch and Dunne jump Dain and Maverick in the ring.
  • McAfee taunts the newly bonded tag team from the outside as his enforces do the dirty work in the ring.
  • Segment ends with a three-way twisting draping DDT to Dain as McAfee informs us “The Kings have arrived”.

Analysis: Although i am disappointed we didn’t get a bit more screen time for Dain and Maverick as they have been a weekly highlight of NXT, everything about the beat down was done well. The overconfident McAfee operating the camera, the vicious strikes and three-way finish, the taunting on the outside and the facial expressions from Dunne throughout.

The Kings of NXT Speak

  • McAfee does the majority of the speaking, informing us all that there has never been a more dominant four-man group in NXT.
  • Continues to say that they are not scumbags so they will pay respect to the group that came before them and that tonight they will hang the banner of the Undisputed Era in the rafters tonight.
  • Pete Dunne justifies his actions by referencing back to Strong’s betrayal of him in the Dusty Classic and stating that taught him to learn to trust the right people.
  • The celebrity mouth piece continues to say that Undisputed Era held everyone else in the locker room back, especially Lorcan and Burch.
  • The Tag Team Champions speak and state that they are tired of being told they aren’t good enough, they justify their actions by the actions they experienced.
  • The team perfectly illustrate the self justifying heel faction as they all feel they are doing nothing wrong and that Undisputed Era had this coming.
  • A short election/democracy reference later and The Kings of NXT have decided they are no longer going to raise the Undisputed Era’s banner but rather bin it and burn it.
  • The segment ends with Pete Dunne trapping Killian Dains head in a car door and crushing it with a kick, Dain is seen with blood pouring from his skull unconscious.

Analysis: This was absolutely perfect, everything from the composition to the imagery worked to make you hate The Kings of NXT but also understand why they feel the way they feel. Heels are much better when their actions are mixed with shades of grey and especially in the case of Dunne it is understandable why he would hate Roderick. However, they them implement horrific acts like the car park assault of Dain to remind you that they are not to be supported, and that makes the characters four dimensional and life like. All four men got some promo time and we got unique characters from all of them, Dunne is the overly aggressive brute, Burch and Lorcan the excited and street fighting duo and finally McAfee is the over confident mastermind who never fails to get his way. I truly believe if their booking continues like it has been thus far, that we could be looking at the greatest faction in NXT history.

Johnny Gargano and Ghostface play ‘A Game of Life’.

  • Gargano starts by stating that he loves wheels and always has, a throwback to the pre Halloween Havoc Dinner With the Garganos.
  • We see that he is playing A Game of Life with Ghostface who assisted him in the title win.
  • He states that the only blemish in his record is that he can’t defend a title, and next week he will defend his title against a worthy contender to prove that wrong.

Analysis: Gargano saying he will defend against a worthy contender to prove he CAN defend his title. Please let him choose a random PC no name to squash before Bronson Reed comes out to lay him out and set up his next feud.

Toni Storm defeats Shotzi Blackheart via pinfall in 11:14

  • Shotzi attacks Storm before the bell screaming that she knows Storm stole/destroyed her tank, The Gold Coast native denies the claims and fights back.
  • Slight botched as Blackheart slips on the ropes, commentary covers it by discussing the fragile mental state of The Ballsy Badass.
  • Commentary emphasise the title implication of the outcome of this match.
  • The Mae Young Classic winner controls the match early on as Blackheart blindly attempts to strike Storm in a heated rage.
  • Shotzi refers a grapple attempt from Storm into a suplex and cannonball to regain momentum, but it is short-lived as Storm hits a serious of German’s.
  • Blackheart responds with a German of her own to set up for the first near-fall of the match.
  • The two compeitors exchange forearms on the apron as they fight for control, Blackheart stands on the top rope and hits a suicide spinning face buster to the outside.
  • Candice appears on the tron with Shotzi’s tank to provide the distraction allow Storm to pick up the win with a bridging European roll up.
  • Candice and Ghostface run over Shotzi’s tank as the ballsy bad-ass screams in anquish.

Analysis: Technically this match was fantastic, two performers with opposite styles but fantastic fundamentals made for an excellent pairing. A few misplaced footings from Shotzi’s early on, however, her high intensity style does make her prone to small errors. The added story of Shotzi’s tank gave the match an added layer of mystery and storytelling that it lacked before. The reveal of Candice made perfect sense given the events of Halloween Havoc, and Toni taking advantage also made sense because she is a serious contender determined to get the win at any cost within the rules. I think this may be the end of Shotzi’s tank and they move her towards a slightly more serious contender, i really like the tank but i can understand why they may move away from it.

Live Thatch-as-Thatch-can class with Timothy Thatcher

  • Today’s class is reversals, a direct response to the events of two weeks ago.
  • Thatcher taps his student out before ‘shooting’ on him and refusing to release the submission.
  • Austin Grey attacks Thatcher saving the trainee and getting revenge for two weeks ago.

Analysis: This was not great, it felt repetitive two weeks ago and now it feels even less fresh. It is nice to see Austin Grey coming into the fold and hopefully we can now move away from the same stuff from Thatcher and just let the talented performer wrestle.


Xia Li discusses her NXT future

  • Xia states that the letters she has been receiving are from her family.
  • She refuses to state what the letters say but states she must turn her future around.
  • Regal presents her with another letter at which point she asks for a match against Raquel Gonzalez.
  • The NXT GM asks Xia if she is sure at which point she says that Raquel dishonoured her and therefore she must.

Analysis: I have no idea where this storyline is going but i am interested and i am enjoying the fact that a respectably lower level talent like Xia Li is afforded story development, when over on AEW Hikaru Shida is in another nothing match against Nyla Rose with zero build.

Tommaso Ciampa defeats The Velveteen Dream via pinfall in 13:14

  • Ciampa and Dream show a detailed knowledge of one another early on, targeting the previously injured neck and arm respectively.
  • The two brawl on the outside with Ciampa faking out on a running knee strike over the announce table.
  • The former North American Champion takes a big spill around the turnbuckle and out onto the barricade.
  • Both competitors have their opponent scouted, avoiding the signature offence of each other early on.
  • Stiff strikes are exchanged from both NXT veterans with Ciampa controlling the momentum in the middle of the watch until dream hits a spring board splash to the outside to regain control.
  • Suicide Suplex to the outside has Ciampa land heavily on his previously injured knee, seemed to be alright.
  • Dream attempts to bring a chair into the equation however Ciampa hits a knee strike before turning a schoolboy roll-up into the Willows Bell in a beautifully fluid sequence.
  • Ciampa then hits the Fairy tale Ending for the pinfall victory in our main event.

Analysis: The main event fell slightly flat but i do feel like some of that is The Dream factor, he has the Austin Theory issue from a few weeks ago of just being on TV too much in a short period of time and maybe needs to have a couple weeks of to prevent this issue. I am interested to see where Ciampa goes from here but my guess would be he either faces Kushida one more time in a contenders match, or if NXT want to be brave, he answers Gargano’s challenge next week.

Another strong episode from NXT, the newly dubbed ‘Kings of NXT’ made their intentions known and created a beautiful work of imagery with Dunne’s brutalisation of Dain. We got a main event quality opener from Kai and Moon as well as a further two fun women’s division segments in the form of Shotzi vs Toni and Xia’s request.

Thatcher needs to start doing something new but it is nice seeing new talent coming through in Austin Grey, so hopefully this evolves [again pardon the pun] into something with a bit more substance and we can allow Thatcher to thrive and show the full range of his in-ring capabilities.

Lorcan and Burch vs Breezango next week for the titles should be great and hopefully we get more mic time from The Kings of NXT as it really helps develop their individual personalities. Additionally, Gargano defends against a ‘worthy challenger’ that is hopefully a no-name performer in a beautifully crafted comedic moment from the North American Champion before Priest and Reed inevitably clash to become #1 contender for the title.

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