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WWE NXT Results – December 30, 2020

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WWE NXT Results will be updated live as they occur so check back throughout the show!

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE NXT results, as the show’s 435th episode emanates from The Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida and features the 2020 NXT Year-End Awards!

Summarised Results:

NXT Results and Analysis provided by ITRWrestling writer Liam Stewart

Bronson Reed defeats Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott via pinfall in 8:03

  • Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott’s new mannerisms and attire confirm the heel turn first debuting in the WWE NXT Results article two weeks ago
  • Reed naturally has the far superior power game, grounding Scott early on with a series of powerful takedowns
  • The Colossal One hits a huge diving shoulder tackle off the apron onto the outside wiping out Scott for a five count
  • Identifying his weakness on the standing game, Swerve begins to isolate and target Reed’s knees in an attempt to remove the power advantage of the Australian native
  • Bronson Reed gets a close near-fall via the reversal of a Sunset Flip into the classic big man sit down attack
  • Almost out of nowhere, Reed responds to a series of strikes with a powerful striking combination culminating in the Tsunami that puts Swerve away for the three count
  • Shotzi Blackheart wins WWE NXT ‘Breakout Star of the Year’

Analysis: This was a fine match, if slightly under whelming. Swerve losing so early into his new attitude would be more harmful had it not been against someone with the quantifiable advantage that Reed possesses. There were a couple of glimpses of quality throughout this match, however, for the most part it was fairly pairing by numbers. Reed and Scott need something sizeable to sink their teeth into and to elevate their character to the next level as both have had really only one major feud since becoming a weekly NXT roster member and it has left them feeling rather unimportant or stagnant.

The Grizzled Young Veterans [Zack Gibson & James Drake] defeat Breezango [Tyler Breeze & Fandango] via pinfall in 10:33

  • GYV receive the ‘already in the ring’ jobber style entrance whilst Breezango receive a shortened version of their usual entrance
  • The former NXT UK Tag Team Champions masterfully split the ring in an attempt to isolate Tyler Breeze and remove the threat of the dynamic Fandango
  • During the match NXT announce that in two-weeks time The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic will return for a tag-team title oppurtunity
  • Fandango ascends the scaffolding on the outside before hitting a big splash to the GYV’s down below, he appears to tweak his left knee in the process
  • Smelling blood The Grizzled Young Veterans being to target the injured knee of Fandango, isolating him from his partner and remove his ability to have a balance equilibrium
  • Eventually Breeze manages to get in the match as the explosive hot tag however his momentum is eventually brought to a halt by the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions
  • A school boy roll-up from Drake onto Breeze gives us a very close near-fall
  • Ticket to Mayhem onto Breeze gives The Grizzled Young Veterans the win in around ten minutes
  • Post match Ever-Rise make their way to the ring challenging the GYV who chase them off the ring ramp
  • The Undisputed Era win Tag Team of the Year
  • Adam Cole and Roderick Strong are the first entrants into the 2021 Dusty Rhodes Classic

Analysis: From a logistical POV/ story telling POV this match and result made sense, GYV seem to be the ascent to the top of the tag division, however, who they will take on remains to be seen. Our current champions are heels but they are also missing their leader, with McAfee set to be off of TV for several months and thus making a feud between the two teams unlikely. I would assume the GYV will go deep into the Dusty Classic next year in an attempt to regain the momentum the team had pre-COVID 19. Additionally, from a semantics perspective, if you want me to understand/realise that a team are dominant and menacing… don’t give them the classic jobber entrance. As for Breezango I feel like 2021 is the year we finally see everyones favourite ‘sexy fashion police’ split and we allow Johnny Curtis a chance to remerge nearly a decade after being repackaged as Fandango

Xia Li and Boa Video Package

  • The duo are shown training in white gis this time looking much healthier and safer
  • The cloaked woman marks the pair with a black line down their nose before blowing smoke through a dragon mask onto their face
  • The figure opens a cloaked exit before leading the two out their prison as the iron tells us the duo will be here next week

Analysis: You should know the drill by now, we don’t like to speculate about this creative story but rather simply appreciate it. New Years Evil is the perfect reveal for the new Boa and Xia Li along side the likely Karen Q. NXT filed several new trademarks that include possible new names for Xia and Boa but I don’t want to spoil that here so I will pop a link here to the article by ITRWrestling writer Matt Tennant.

Mercedes Martinez defeats Valentina Feroz via pinfall in 2:55

  • Very straightforward squash match, Feroz got less than ten seconds of offence in before bumping around the ring for the returning Martinez
  • Post Match Martinez warns the entire roster that they are on her radar “Click, Click”
  • Io Shirai wins Women’s Competitor of the Year
  • Adam Cole wins Male Competitor of the Year

Analysis: Not much to analyse here, it’s great to see Martinez back 0n the Black-and-Gold brand and this was a good way to remind us how dominant she can be. I hope we get Martinez in a meaty and interesting feud similar to what we got between Martinez and Ripley prior to her brief RETRIBUTION call-up.

Pete Dunne defeats Roderick Strong via pinfall in 14:44

  • Commentary are quick to tie this match in with the 2017 Dusty Rhodes Classic during which Strong turned on Dunne to align with The Undisputed Era
  • Wade Barrett points out that this is the first singles match for Strong in over six months and thus the advantage here must be with Pete Dunne
  • The former WWE UK Champion works over the appendages of Strong, looking to remove the grappling ability of the former ROH Superstar and prevent use of the array of backbreakers Strong is renowned for
  • As the match progresses towards the second third of the build, Strong is able to regain breathing room thanks to the first backbreaker of the match.
  • The space created allows Strong to control the momentum momentarily and begin an onslaught onto Dunne
  • Dunne attempts to separate the shoulders of Strong, trapping the Messiah of the Backbreaker in the corner and pulling away at his ligimants
  • A huge exchange of Enziguris from both men gives us a series of near-falls, however, Strong come out the better of the two countering an arm bar attempted into a modified backbreaker
  • The longest reigning UK Champion returns to working over Strong’s shoulder joint with a series of stomps before locking in a triangle choke
  • Dunne snaps the digits and hits The Bitter End in the middle of the ring to pick up the win.
  • Post Match Dunne confronts Balor on his way to the ring and tells him after Kyle fails, he’s next in line

Analysis: The match itself never really kicked into the highest gear that I know both competitors are capable of and that prevented me fully getting invested in it, however, this was a great way to pay reference to the 2017 DRClassic and advertise the upcoming tournament. Additionally this continues the build to Dunne as a WWE NXT main event regular, as much as I have said in previous WWE NXT Results that I am certain either Cole turns on Kyle at New Years Evil or Kyle wins the title… part of me really hopes Pete Dunne is the one to dethrone the Prince because he is arguably the best in ring talent in NXT right now.

Finn Balor Adresses Kyle O’Reilly, Kross and Priest brawl

  • Finn being by addressing that his match against Kyle O’Reilly at TakeOver: 31 has won NXT MOTY
  • He continues stating that he does not deny for one moment that Kyle deserves this as he has proven he belongs in the ring with The Prince
  • Kyle interrupts, states that although this award doesn’t matter to Finn it matters to him, it means he belongs at the top of the show
  • However, O’Reilly continues stating that he sees it as a consolation prize however and he has been receiving those for fifteen years but now he is ready to do whatever it takes to bring the belt home
  • Scarlett and Kross interrupt stating that regardless of the outcome of that match, the result is ultimately the same… the belt comes home with him
  • Priest appears behind Kross and strikes him face to face, calling Kross out for being too much of a coward to do it like a man
  • The two giants continue to brawl around the CWC including a huge double fall through the plexi-glass and a fall into electrical equipment.
  • As the camera pans up Scarlett is sat over the two prone superstars laughing

Analysis: Let’s tackle this in two parts, firstly the promo between Balor and O’Reilly. This was arguably the promo of O’Reilly’s career, the passion radiated around the near empty arena and every word felt true and motivated. Balor played off the perfectly taking the role of the accomplished final boss who understands the journey O’Reilly is one but states he will never reach the mountain top. This got me incredibly excited for New Years Evil. As did the brawl between Kross and Priest, two big men brawling about and kicking the crap out of each other was wonderful. The chanting for Scarlett and the vulture-esque posing over the two decaying men was fantastic and also successfully hyped me for their match at NYEvil. Overall, an incredibly succesful pair of overlapping segments.

A Detailed Video Package recapping the story of Raquel and Rhea thus far

  • Sombre music plays as Rhea discussed feeling alone when she arrived here in America, she states the one woman she trusted and let in was Raquel
  • They reference their days on the house shows and Team RnR including their matching tattoos, she states that she doesn’t let people in often but she trusted Raquel
  • Rhea continues that Rhea wasn’t there for her when she needed her or when she should have been. That she would have been there at the top if the roles were reversed but instead Raquel got jealous

Analysis: This was phenomenal, it is a slight shame it took till the week before for us to get this level of explanation but at least it was delivered in a world class format. The videography and the delivery of the script was incredible, this is arguably Rhea’s best ever promo and it felt incredibly natural.

Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik debut on WWE NXT, defeat Legado del Fantasma via pinfall in 9:01

  • As Legado del Fantasma cut a promo stating that they own Lucha Libre and that although Regal is searching far and wide for Escobars next opponent they won’t find one
  • Suddenly the Lucha House Party Music hits and Metalik and Dorado storm the ring cutting a very strong promo about how nobody owns Lucha Libre
  • Metalik and Dorado brawl with LDF as it is announced that this will now become a tag team match against Mendoza and Wilde
  • We immediately are reminded why LHP are one of the most under appreciated and under utilised talents in all of the WWE
  • The King of the Ropes shows what he is capable of on a wrestling centric tv show, manipulating the ropes masterfully before hitting Mendoza with a massive dropkick
  • Lince Dorado hits Mendoza with a Wicked Poison Rana setting Metalik up for the rope walk elbow drop and allowing them to pick up the win
  • Post Match Metalik signals to Escobar that he wants a title opportunity which Escobar seems to accept

Analysis: For those of you who are unfamiliar with my personal wrestling history, I am a gigantic Lucha Libre fan arguably Scotland’s Lucha Libre expert and therefore I should be completely unsurprising that I loved this reveal this segment and this match. If you follow the WWE Raw Results on ITRWrestling you will have seen me see this week that I hope they use Metalik more as he is a incredible performer you only need to have seen his work as Mascara Dorada to know this. Escobar has been dishonouring Lucha Libre so it makes perfect sense for this to be the route this angle takes. The promo did seem to suggest a built towards Jordan Devlin and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Metalik defeated followed by a couple other Lucha Libre style performers before Devlin appears. My primary hope is that the Lucha House Party are here to stay.

Johnny Gargano vs. Leon Ruff

  • Prior to the match Theory is shown with the fellow Way family members receiving his future star award, he sends Gargano off by mentioning the Gargano curse.
  • This leads to a series of comedic events including Gargano breaking a mirror and walking under a ladder.
  • Indi Wrestling [Hartwell] and Theory share a nice comedic moment as Candice tells Theory to share with his “sister”.
  • As the match gets underway Ruff actually dominates the reigning champion early on utilising his impressive speed to circumnavigate the interferences attempts from the various Way members
  • Gargano beats Ruff down on the outside for a sizeable period of time, however, Ruff eventually manages to jump up onto the barricade and hit an incredible ‘Rana into the steel steps allowing him to regain control of the match
  • The NA Champion is able to get back into the match thanks to a series of interference from his family members, even managing to counter the Cruxific Bomb into a Lawn Dart and Superkick combo
  • Gargano pays a tribute of his own to Brodie Lee as he hits a discuss lariat onto Ruff before locking in the GargaNO Escape however Ruff is able to get to the ropes
  • Ruff hits a nasty Flatliner onto Gargano on the outside before ascending to the top rope
  • Ruff connects with the frogsplash, however Gargano gets his left shoulder off the mat with less than a second to spare
  • Gargano finally beats the curse connecting with the One Final Beat to pick up the win

Analysis: This was an incredible main event that made me bite at many occasions, Leon Ruff is now a certified baller and can now move onto new storylines as he continues to develop more and more. The Way continues to be an absolute highlight of WWE NXT and something I look forward to writing about each week in these WWE NXT Results.

ITRWrestling will be back again next week for another week of NXT Results, however, until then make sure to check out our upcoming Friday Night SmackDown results article. Plus, if you haven’t already head over and read out full results and analysis of tonight’s AEW Dynamite show featuring A Tribute to the late Brodie Lee.