WWE Now Sixth Most Subscribed To YouTube Channel

Triple H On The Computer

WWE continues to go and grow from strength to strength in social media numbers, crashing into the top ten of the most subscribed to YouTube channels on the planet.

With 73.9 million subscribers the WWE YouTube channel is the fourth most subscribed-to channel in the United States and is number one in sports across the globe.

Adding an incredible 1.3 million subscribers in the last thirty days. That number is dwarfed by the number of video views the channel has achieved in the same space of time. Over the last 30 days, the number of video views the channel has garnered is a staggering 1.421 billion. That gargantuan number ranks them 5th worldwide for the number of all-time video views.

Sixth Most Subscribed Channel

Now having the sixth most subscribed to YouTube channel on the platform, it puts WWE in some stellar company. Only a fraction over one million subscribers separates WWE from the massively popular Kids Diana Show in 5th place. Only three channels on YouTube have garnered over 100 million subscribers. CocoMelon Nursery Rhymes and PewdiePie have broken that barrier. As has the most subscribed channel on YouTube, the Indian music label T-Series, that has an unbelievable 174 million subscribers.

Compared to other sports organisations WWE measures up very favourably. The NBA stands at 16.1 million subscribers and the UFC at 11.3 million. The NFL is even further back in the rankings with 7.74 million subscribers. All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube channel is on the brink of reaching 2 million subscribers, having only existed for just over two years.

YouTube provides great exposure to WWE but it also can provide an income with that level of engagement. The current estimated monthly income from WWE’s YouTube channel is anywhere from $280k to almost $4.5 million.

Much like WWE say about the Royal Rumble – these numbers don’t lie and they spell continued success for the leader in sports entertainment.

Inside The Ropes’ own YouTube channel will reach its next milestone when it hits 200k subscribers – make sure you’re one of them so you never miss the great podcasts and stories from the live shows that are on offer.

Credit: Social Blade