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WWE Reportedly Have No Plans In Place For Veer Mahaan To Debut

Veer Mahaan Raw

Veer Mahaan has been “coming soon” to Monday Night Raw for a number of months, but despite this a new report has claimed there are no plans for him to actually arrive.

Rinku Singh signed with WWE in 2018 after becoming the first Indian man to play professional baseball in the United States. During his time in NXT, Singh teamed with Saurav Gurjar as Indus Sher.

In May 2021, Singh arrived on the main roster alongside Shanky, appearing as bodyguards for former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. However, Shanky and Mahal would later move over to SmackDown as part of the WWE Draft leaving the man known as Veer flying solo.

Ever since the Draft in October, WWE have been airing vignettes hyping the arrival of Veer Mahaan on Raw, but the star is yet to appear.

A new report from Fightful Select, has now claimed that there was “no real rhyme or reason” as to why Veer split from Mahal and Shanky, with many expecting him to just quietly move over to SmackDown. Despite the numerous vignettes, there were also “no significant creative plans in place for Veer or his debut.”

The report acknowledges that this may have changed in recent weeks, although WWE are aware of the “comic nature” of stretching the potential debut out. It’s also noted that Veer has been backstage at a number of Raw shows, even though he wasn’t booked.

While Veer Mahan has been missing from Monday Night Raw, he has been quietly raking up the wins on Main Event. In recent weeks, Mahaan has seen off Cedric Alexander and T-Bar, while he dispatched Shelton Benjamin on the most recent episode.

In typically outlandish fashion, the Indian Superstar was recently heralded as the “next Brock Lesnar” by Virgil.