WWE Morale “Highest In A Decade” Following Vince McMahon’s Exit

Vince McMahon WWE Executive Chairman

The wrestling world was left stunned on July 22nd when Vince McMahon announced that he was retiring from his role as WWE CEO.

His departure came against a backdrop of allegations of sexual misconduct which had triggered an internal investigation. With McMahon relinquishing control he was replaced on the wrestling side of the company by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was made Chairwoman and co-CEO alongside Nick Khan.

The investigation was launched into claims that McMahon paid a former employee $3 million in “hush money” after the pair had an affair. More allegations have since been made public, including claims that McMahon paid four women more than $12 million across 16 years as part of similar agreements.

On November 2nd WWE confirmed that the investigation into McMahon had been concluded, and the special committee which had been set up, had been disbanded. WWE’s Q3 earnings report also revealed that the investigation had cost the company $19.4 million.

Vince McMahon Is “Done Done” With WWE

During the investigation rumours persisted that as unlikely as it may seem, McMahon might make a shock return to his role as Chairman. However, a new report from Fightful Select has reiterated once again that McMahon will not be returning to roles that have since been taken over by others.

The report noted that another WWE higher up stated that morale backstage is the highest that they have seen in more than a decade. Another long-time employee noted that while they did have reservations and fears regarding McMahon coming back, this now isn’t the case. This person went as far as to say that a return for McMahon would be a step back for the company.

Since Triple H assumed creative control of the company he has facilitated the return of a number of former Superstars including Bray Wyatt, Karrion Kross, Dakota Kai and more. Wyatt’s return in particular has been seen as a major positive after he quickly became the company’s number one merchandise seller.