WWE Morale “Decimated” Following Recent Layoffs

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It’s a new horizon for WWE following their historic merger with UFC and Endeavor, but it’s unfortunately not for everyone at the company.

As expected with huge mergers, over 100 employees been laid off from the company and this Monday was reportedly a sad one for many of those still employed.

According to PWInsider, it was a heartbreaking scene walking into Titan Towers Monday morning as the realization set in that many of the familiar faces at the office would not be returning following the lay-offs, to which Nick Khan said that there would be no more after this past Friday. Employees were told beforehand to not come to Titan Towers on Friday as the layoffs were forthcoming so there was a somber cloud casted across WWE beforehand. With the massive cutbacks, the workload is going to be daunting for those remaining and a mandatory company meeting with Khan is scheduled for Tueasday.

Those At WWE Reportedly Miss Stephanie McMahon

Whether it’s accurate or not, PWInsider has heard the thought that something like this would have never happened under Stephanie McMahon’s watch. The former WWE CEO worked very hard to create a strong and positive morale with everyone behind-the-scenes. She has been reportedly immensely missed, but as mentioned before, this occurance is basically inescapable. This is especially particular in this circumstance for WWE as TKO Holdings is the majority owner and virtually no one was laid off from the UFC side of things. As much as Stephanie was adored by her employees, she would have no control over the company being sold.

We at Inside The Ropes would like to extend our best wishes to anyone affected by the unfortunate layoffs this weekend.