Ex-WWE Star Compares MJF To Roddy Piper, John Cena & Dwayne Johnson

John Cena

MJF has been tipped to become professional wrestling’s next break-out star and Hollywood leading man in the style of John Cena and Dwayne Johnson. Initially claims came mainly from the man himself, but as more time passes the more realistic those claims appear to be.

The star is said to be involved in the upcoming Von Erich biopic “The Iron Claw” and has made no secret of his desire to become a megastar. However, one former WWE Superstar believes that MJF is more Roddy Piper than John Cena.

MJF Isn’t PC Like John Cena And Dwayne Johnson

In conversation with Wrestling Inc, Chavo Guerrero was asked MJF’s potential to become the next Cena or Johnson, however, he feels the star is more in tune with another, more abrasive legend, Rowdy Roddy Piper.

“I see him more as a Roddy Piper potential. You know how Roddy could just… He was really quick witted. He could really ruffle feathers. And I just saw an old interview of… Because “Territories” are, the Portland episode just aired. So people are posting a lot of old stuff of Roddy because he was all over that Portland episode.

I saw an interview he did, and it was in a Portland news show. Man, he was very straight to the point, antagonistic, keeping kayfabe, but also just was really, he just pushed the envelope better than anybody ever does. Anytime you see Cena or Rock, or Batista for the most part in interviews, they’re very PC in a sense. MJF is not. He’s more like a Roddy Piper. He ruffles feathers and gets people going. It’s cool to see. I love it.

Roddy was Roddy. He was a different cut from a different mould for sure. And there’s only one Roddy Piper. But if I was going to compare MJF to somebody, I would compare him to that as opposed to a John Cena or a Rock or Punk or somebody. He’s cut from his own little mould there.”

Since winding down his in-ring career Chavo Guerrero has become the go-to man for any and all television wrestling projects. The star earned huge praise for his work as wrestling coordinator on hit Netflix series “GLOW” and has since worked on “Young Rock” and “Tales from the Territories.” It has also been confirmed that Guerrero has been working on “The Iron Claw” alongside Zac Efron.