WWE Miss Out On Another Free Agent


It seems as though WWE has missed out on yet another top free agent.

Recently the company failed to secure the signatures of several other major contract-free talents such as Jay White and Kota Ibushi.

The two former IWGP World Heavyweight Champions were reportedly on Triple H’s radar, but White became ‘All Elite’ and Ibushi declared that AEW was his number-one choice in a recent interview.

However, despite missing out on those top stars, there was allegedly another big name on the market that Triple H was keen on securing. But following IMPACT Wrestling’s latest pay-per-view, Rebellion, it looks as though WWE has lost out yet again.

Nick Aldis Appears At IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion, WWE Miss Out

In the co-main event of Rebellion, Steve Maclin took on KUSHIDA for the vacant IMPACT World Champion after Josh Alexander had to relinquish the title due to injury.

Prior to the match, former two-time NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis made a shocking appearance.

He made his way to the commentary table and announced “the deal is done” and he is “back in IMPACT Wrestling” before declaring he has his “sights set on the world title”.

Aldis watched on as Maclin defeated KUSHIDA in a hard-fought battle before entering the ring to confront the new champion in an intense staredown.

Aldis is a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion under his previous moniker, Magnus. He captured the title in 2013 when he defeated Jeff Hardy in the main event of Final Resolution. He held the championship for 128 days.

He left the promotion in 2017, before embarking on his record-breaking 1043-day NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion reign.

He left NWA after requesting his release and publically criticising the promotion’s creative direction, for which he was subsequently suspended.

Following his suspension Billy Corgan granted Aldis his release, which gave rise to the strong rumours he was Stamford bound.

But now Aldi has set his focus on IMPACT gold, it is becoming increasingly clear Triple H has missed out on another major free agent.