Former WWE Manager Recalls Being Handcuffed By Police With The Undertaker

The Undertaker

When you had a career as long as The Undertaker and spent well over three decades traveling the world, it stands to reason that not every trip went totally to plan.

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell recently recalled travelling with The Undertaker before he made his way to WWE in 1990. Although the star is most famous for portraying The Deadman, his career actually began back in earnest back in 1987.

During this period ‘Taker wrestled in World Class Championship Wrestling, the CWA and eventually WCW.

Dutch Mantell Was Pulled Over And Handcuffed With The Undertaker

Speaking on Story Time with Dutch Mantell the veteran recalled leaving a show in Louisville and being pulled over by state troopers.

“So I got out with my hands in the air and backed-up. Guy came over and put me down on the hood, searched me, ‘course he searched Mark too. Handcuffed me, hands behind my back.”

Since The Undertaker retired from in-ring competition more and more behind the scenes stories which had previously been kept under wraps have begun to emerge. Even in recent weeks Jake Roberts revealed that the legend initially asked to travel with him in WWE due to Jake ‘The Snake’s’ knowledge of strip clubs.

Roberts also recalled another incident where The Undertaker was sat front and centre when his snake bit a stripper on the nipple after she began dancing with it.

So I brought it in the bag and just set it on the table. This bimbo walks over jerks him out of the bag, I’m like, holy sh*t, she’s gonna get bit right now. And she gets up on stage and she says ‘See I told you folks, it’s not real. It’s bullsh*t. He’s got some delivery mice over there. He turns it makes it move and stuff. Look at this stupid b*stard.’

As she’s doing this. She starts dancing. She’s going around the pole the third time, the snake struck, perfect. Got the whole nipple in his mouth and he’s biting and she’s screaming but she’s still running around the pole. She lets go this thing is holding on by her nipple. She is screaming her ass off, and that is where I will end the story.”

H/t to Sportskeeda