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WWE Management Impressed By Rising Raw Star; July 31st Live Wrestling News Round-Up

Kevin OWens

Kevin Owens Casts Doubt On In-Ring Future

Sami Zayn Kevin Owens Matt Riddle WWE Raw

Kevin Owens has hinted that his current WWE contract could be his last as an in-ring performer.

Speaking in a new interview with the Toronto Sun, KO admitted that he’s unsure what he wants to do when his current WWE deal expires in 18 months.

While Owens doesn’t know what the future holds and seems more uncertain about his wrestling future than ever, he wants to focus on having fun and giving fans something to remember him by.

You can read Owen’s full comments, here.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho OUTRAGED Over 'Worst' Wrestlemania Match!

Chris Jericho talks exclusively to Inside The Ropes about his outrage towards Vince McMahon over the reception to his final WWE Wrestlemania match against Kevin Owens and how it led to him wanting to leave for AEW!

Check out this never before seen video below!

Cody Rhodes

Triple H Takes Shot At AEW During Cody Rhodes Documentary

During Cody Rhodes’ new Peacock documentary, WWE CEO Triple H took a not-so-sly dig at AEW.

Cody Rhodes’ would use the documentary to clear up rumours about why he left AEW – dismissing the notion he left because of money or other talents.

Rhodes would then reveal that he left because of a personal reason, but noting he won’t be saying what.

Cut to Triple H talking about Cody Rhodes taking a gamble by leaving the WWE and then taking a second gamble by leaving AEW to return home.

Triple H would then take a shot at AEW by stating that Cody Rhodes didn’t want to be the champion in a ‘secondary promotion’ he wanted to be the WWE Champion.

Check out this divisive clip below!

Theodore Long

Teddy Long Fears Nick Aldis Will Be Wasted In WWE

With reports that Nick Aldis may be WWE bound following the expiration of his IMPACT contract, social media has be busy fantasy booking his role in the new WWE.

And as it turns out, WWE Hall of Famers are no different.

Speaking to SportsKeeda Wrestling, former WWE GM Teddy Long discussed a possible future for Aldis under Triple H and emphasized that there is untapped potential in Aldis that should not be overlooked.

While acknowledging Aldis’ potential as a trainer in NXT, Long argued that it would be a waste to confine him to that role. Instead, he advocated for Aldis to be featured on television in compelling storylines.

One popular storyline that has captured fans’ imaginations is a potential feud between Aldis and Cody Rhodes, who previously faced off at the inaugural AEW All In event.

You can read Long’s full comments, here.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch Refused Gimmick Currently Being Used In WWE

Becky Lynch in WWE

Becky Lynch has been ‘The Man’, ‘The Lasskicker’ and an Irish dancer in the WWE…but she was also almost bald.

It has been revealed that it was once pitched for Becky Lynch to shave her hair and undergo “a breakdown” in the WWE, the same gimmick currently being used by Shotzi Blackheart.

Appearing on a recent episode of Wrestling With Freddie, Becky Lynch’s former partner Jeff Dye claimed that before she rose to the main event, WWE didn’t know what to do with Lynch and pitched for her to shave her head, and have an on-screen breakdown.

However, Lynch refused despite pressure from one writer in particular

You can read a full breakdown of the planned gimmick, here.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins Blasts Disrespectful Fan During WWE Live Event

Seth Rollins taught one WWE fan a lesson he will never forget during a recent live event.

During a recent WWE live event in Florida, Seth Rollins successfully defended his WWE World Championship once again against Finn Balor.

Whilst delivering a post match promo, Rollins was blasted by abuse from one fan who claimed he was a “fake ass champion.”

An accusation ‘The Messiah’ did not take two kindly to.

Seth Rollins would then take to the microphone to tell that fan and everyone else why he is a fighting champion and the champion the WWE deserves.

Check out the incredible video below!

Joe Coffey

Joe Coffey Hits Back At Body Shaming Tweet Following NXT Great American Bash

Gallus Wolfgang Joe Coffey Mark Coffey

Joe Coffey has hit back at online abuse following his role in last night’s NXT Great American Bash event.

During the show Gallus would unsuccessfully defend their NXT Tag Team Championship against ‘The Family’ with Tony D’Angelo Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo capturing their first pieces of WWE gold.

However, one ‘fan’ decided that Gallus hadn’t suffered enough and decided it was an acceptable thing to do by body shaming the tag team on social media.

Something that Joe Coffey decided to hit back at.

“Give me more fuel. Love it.”

Coffey would thank the fan for continuing to motivate him before sharing a shirtless picture showing both his incredible physique and just how stupid the original tweet was.


WWE Running 24/7 SummerSlam Marathon

As WWE continues their countdown to the ‘biggest party of the summer’ we continue to take a look at how you can get yourself in the SummerSlam mood ahead of the PPV this Saturday.

Currently over on YouTube WWE is streaming every match from the history of SummerSlam as part of a 24/7 stream running until the event airs live this Saturday.

Currently being shown is Bobby Lashley vs Goldberg and you can check it out for free below!

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley Mocks WWE Star For Looking Like Batman

Rhea Ripley continues to be one of the most entertaining superstars in the WWE in 2023.

During a backstage segment at NXT’s Great American Bash PPV, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio would bump into rising WWE star Dragon Lee.

During a brief exchange Lee would ask The Judgment Day duo if they new who he was, to which Ripley would hilariously respond “Batman!?”

You can check out the clip below!


Eddie Hall Makes His Professional Wrestling Debut

Move over Brock Lesnar, there is a new ‘Beast’ in professional wrestling.

The former ‘World’s Strongest Man’ made his debut at at a Megaslam Wrestling show on the 11th of February, where Hall showcased his immense strength and showmanship to the delight of his fans.

Hall’s debut match took place as part of the Main Event Megaslam Rumble, where he joined Team Megaslam.

You can check out the full video of Hall’s incredible debut below!

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes Reveals His Surprising Pick For His Dream Wrestling Show

Dominik Mysterio & Cody Rhodes

During a recent Twitter Q & A ahead of the launch of his Peacock documentary ‘Becoming Cody Rhodes’, ‘The American Nightmare’ would reveal his surprising pick for his dream wrestling show to watch as a fan.

Twitter user SameerWres asked Rhodes “If you could sit in the front row and watch any wrestling show from history live as a fan, what would it be?”

Many would expect Rhodes to state one of his father’s iconic matches or championship wins or a show featuring his favourite wrestler Triple H.

But the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble winner would instead reveal that he would have loved to sit front row and watch something featuring wrestling legend Terry Funk.

Taking to Twitter Rhodes would reply:

“Probably something with Terry Funk.”

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Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Shoots Down Reported Heat With WWE Superstar Baron Corbin

Kurt Angle Dismisses Reports Of Heat With WWE Superstar Baron Corbin

Ever since Baron Corbin was selected by Vince McMahon to retire Kurt Angle, speculation has persisted online that there was ongoing heat between ‘The Lone Wolf’ and ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ due to Angle’s desire to be retired by John Cena due to the pairs history together.

However, Kurt Angle has clarified once and for all that no heat exists between the two men.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Angle would state that although he doesn’t have heat with Corbin, the former King of the Ring wasn’t Angle’s first choice to retire him.

Angle would go on to discuss issues with Corbin’s character revealing that he feels WWE didn’t give him enough of an opportunity to prove himself.

You can read Angle’s full comments, here.

Bray Wyatt-fs8

Never Before Seen Photograph Shows Off Bray Wyatt's Insane Transformation Into 'The Fiend'

‘The Fiend’ is one of modern wrestling’s most divisive characters with some loving the creativity and uniqueness of the monster and others unable to invest in the superhuman powers of the leader of the Firefly Funhouse.

One thing that most fans can agree on however is that the design for Wyatt’s alter ego is incredible and like nothing we have ever seen in the WWE before.

A new photo, shared by SFX artist Jason Baker, shows off the arduous process Wyatt went through every time he dawned the scorched face of The Fiend.

You can check out this never before seen image below!

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'The Sadist in Sequins"' Adrian Street Passes Away Aged 82

Adrian Street

Sad news coming out of the UK this morning.

World of Sport legend and British wrestling icon Adrian Street has tragically passed away aged 82.

His family has confirmed that he passed away today, Monday July 31st 2023, at Cwmbran’s Grange University Hospital in South Wales.

Street had recently underwent brain surgery following complications suffered from a cancel battle in 2001 and would suffer a stroke during the process alongside colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, which led to sepsis and would cause the passing of the wrestling icon.

Inside The Ropes would like to give our deepest condolences to the friends and family of Adrian Street during this challenging time.

Irwin R Schyster

Mike Rotunda Dismisses Any Chance Of A WWE Return


Mike Rotunda, better known to fans as WWE legend Irwin R. Schyster, has dismissed any possibility of a WWE return “in this lifetime.”

Rotunda has not competed for the WWE in almost 20 years with his final appearance coming in 2004.

However, due to his relationship with WWE Superstars Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas [Uncle Howdy] many have speculated online that he may make one final appearance for the company in the future.

During a K&S WrestleFest virtual signing, Rotunda would dismiss this speculation and confirm that he will never appear in the WWE again.

“Not in this lifetime. I’m pretty much burned out. 40 years is enough. Between wrestling…23 wrestling and 13 producing. It just felt like 40 years,” [h/t Fightful]

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Booker T

Booker T Pushing For NXT Talent To Be Called Up To WWE Main Roster

Booker T WWE NXT

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has revealed that he is pushing for WWE to call up his NXT broadcast partner Vic Joseph.

Speaking in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Booker T would heap praise on “his man” Vic Joseph, explaining that the former NXT UK commentator makes his job easy.

“Vic makes it really, really easy for me, man. I couldn’t do the job without Vic, to be honest. I would not be as comfortable as I am without Vic. He really does all of the heavy [lifting]. Vic, he does all of the heavy lifting, I’m just a star, and I say that giving him props man because I couldn’t do it without him. There’s no way. I couldn’t do it,”

Booker T would continue, revealing that he is actively pushing for Joseph to be called up to the WWE Main roster and to help him “steal somebodies spot.”

He’s my guy. He’s going to be on the main roster, I’m pushing for him… “Well, you can get there but you gotta know how to stay there.

You gotta know how to steal somebody’s job, like me [laughs]. Vic, the next time he gets a chance in that spot, he’s gonna know exactly what it means and how to stay in that spot.” [h/t Fightful]

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Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks Confirmed For AEW Dynamite Episode 200

Match poster for AEW Superstars Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Jeff Jarrett, Santam Singh and Jay Lethal.

On August 2 2023, AEW Dynamite will celebrate it’s 200th episode following it’s launch on October 2 2019.

Tony Khan has begun announcing matches for the milestone event including Aussie Open vs El Hijo Del Vikingo & Kommander for the ROH Tag Team Championships and Toni Storm vs Hikaru Shida for AEW Women’s Championship.

But it wouldn’t be a celebration of All Elite Wrestling without The Elite and fans can celebrate as it has now been revealed that Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks will be competing on the show.

Taking to Twitter, Tony Khan has announced that Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks will be taking on the trio of Jay Lethal, Santam Singh and, WWE Hall of Famer, Jeff Jarrett.

The match will be just Omega’s 5th on AEW Dynamite since March due to various complications keeping him off the show.

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Zelina Vega

WWE Management Impressed By Rising Raw Star

Zelina Vega makes her entrance at WWE Backlash

Much like WWE’s, Zelina Vega’s stock appears to be on the rise.

According to a new report from Fightful Select, WWE management has been impressed by Zelina Vega’s performances following her WWE Women’s World Championship match against Rhea Ripley in Puerto Rico at Backlash earlier this year.

The report reveals that the original plans were for Vega to be squashed by the dominant Ripley, despite the show taking place in Vega’s hometown.

However, management was impressed by the reaction Vega was receiving online and at the event’s in Puerto Rico leading up to the show and decided the change plans, something that Ripley reportedly had no problems with.

Following Backlash Vega has featured prominently on WWE TV as part of the revived LWO and was one of the participants in the 2023 women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, an opportunity that was afforded to her as a result of her “performance and the reception she got from the crowd” at Backlash.

Where Is WWE Superstar Zelina Vega From?

WWE Superstar Zelina Vega, real name Thea Trinidad, was born in Queens, New York, on December 27th, 1990.

She was born to parents Monique Ferrer and Michael Trinidad of Puerto Rican decent.

Her father, Michael Trinidad, was tragically killed as part of the 9/11 attack in 2001 – something Vega has bravely opened up about on multiple occasions.

Zelina Vega

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