WWE Looking For Next Big International Stars, AEW Star Is “Their Best Prospect”

Shinsuke Nakamura making his entrance from WWE Extreme Rules 2019

With reports suggesting WWE is changing their stance on tryouts, they’re now on the hunt for the next international WWE Superstar.

The McMahon-fronted promotion has hosted a number of international Superstars throughout its history with mixed success. From Japanese sensations like Shinsuke Nakamura and Hideo Itami, to English greats like William Regal and Davey Boy Smith, the company has a varied track record, to say the least.

They are, however, now looking for the next addition to that conversation. Per Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they’re specifically looking for someone of Mexican or Japanese heritage to break into those markets once more:

“Regarding reports of WWE being interested in him, and while nobody has specifically told me his name, we were told that WWE is earmarking the idea for a Mexican and Japanese wrestler with good size once again looking for someone that they can promote to the top.

The idea has always been there for both, and they’ve still never found anyone who can be the next generation Rey Mysterio geared for that important market after trying with Alberto [Del Rio]. [Shinsuke] Nakamura is pretty much destined for a mid-level position these days and [Konosuke] Takeshita would be their best prospect.”

Konosuke Takeshita, who recently wrapped up his time with AEW, was reported as having interest from WWE, but the DDT Ace isn’t as keen to join as they are to have him. Instead, Takeshita is hopeful to return to All Elite Wrestling when he’s next in America.

WWE has tried and failed on numerous occasions to create an international megastar akin to Rey Mysterio or The British Bulldogs. The NXT UK brand should, for the most part, be a clear indication of this. Only a handful of those stars have any name value in terms of the WWE audience, leaving the rest to receive the boot.

Who, exactly, WWE turns to in order to fill their international wishes is unknown.