WWE Locker Room “Bubbling With Paranoia” Following WrestleMania 39

Vince McMahon WWE Executive Chairman

Although fears that Vince McMahon would be back running television from the gorilla position on a regular basis appear wide of the mark, many within the WWE locker room are still wracked with uncertainty.

During McMahon’s ‘retirement’ from July 2022 until January 2023, Triple H in his role as Chief Content Officer re-signed a number of former Superstars. The likes of Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, and more had all been released by McMahon in recent years.

With McMahon back overseeing creative, this has led to concern from such talents that their WWE futures could be in jeopardy.

A new report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider (Via PWInsider Elite) has claimed that there is a “slightly bubbling paranoia among talents,” mainly those brought back by Triple H. Those not in major programs fear that they have now been relegated down the card and could be the first to be let go if there are releases.

“Creative sources” note there haven’t been any edicts of that sort, but that hasn’t stopped some talent from being concerned. A feeling of “walking on eggshells” has grown increasingly stronger since McMahon returned.

Furthermore, several backstage segments involving female talents were cut from the April 17th episode of Raw, leaving many of those involved unhappy.

The changes came “very late in the day” and in one particular case, the material had already been filmed.

Vince McMahon Gave Shinsuke Nakamura “Opportunity After Opportunity” In WWE

One man who has had a mixed career with WWE is Shinsuke Nakamura, The star most recently returned to action on the April 14th episode of SmackDown defeating Madcap Moss. After the win, he declared his intention to go after the World Championship. While discussing Nakamura on his podcast, Road Dogg hit back at suggestions that WWE had never gotten fully behind the star, claiming Vince McMahon gave him numerous chances to succeed.