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Trish Stratus Named Greatest Woman Superstar, Top 50 Revealed

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus has been named as WWE’s Greatest Woman Superstar as part of a top 50 list that say Charlotte Flair scoop second and Becky Lynch place third.

As part of their partnership with Peacock, WWE has compiled a list of the ’50 Greatest Women Superstars’ – with only five names left to go to see who sits at the summit!

WWE has outlined the criteria of the list, stating that it is “heavily based on in-ring accomplishments, championship victories, and creating legendary moments” while those who primarily made their mark outside of the ring will also be highlighted throughout.

However, there are “modern era” parameters, with the list beginning in 1993 and running through present day, while unforgettable Superstars from pre-1993 will also be showcased throughout the series. The ranking of Superstars thus far is below.