WWE Legend Believes He Should Never Have Had A Heavyweight Title

WWE Championship

Multi-time WWE Champion Paul Wight has made the surprising admission that he doesn’t think he ever should have held a heavyweight title.

On his debut in WCW in 1995, Wight – then known as The Giant – defeated Hulk Hogan for the WCW Heavyweight Championship. Although the reign was ‘nullified’ the following week due to Jimmy Hart’s interference in the bout, it was still a massive win and set his career up for decades to come.

Wight went on to win the WCW title once more in 1996 for a 103-day reign. In 1999, he made the jump from WCW to WWE where he was known as the Big Show. Within months of his debut for the company, he won the WWE Championship at Survivor Series in a Triple Threat match also featuring Triple H and The Rock. He would go on to win a total of four World Championships during his time in WWE before leaving for AEW in 2021.

Despite having an impressive six World Championship wins under his belt, Wight has admitted on Submission Radio that he doesn’t think he’s the kind of person who should have been at the top of a company.

“I’m not a guy that ever should’ve had a title like that, a Heavyweight title. It’s the tough thing about being a champion is all that responsibility is on your head, and I never wanted that much responsibility. I never wanted to run the whole boat.”

Since joining AEW last year, Paul Wight has provided commentary for Dark: Elevation. He has also taken to the ring on several occasions, most notably at All Out in 2021 where he defeated QT Marshall.