WWE Legend Among Those Unhappy With The Company Over Royalties

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Merchandise is a major source of income for any WWE Superstar, especially those who have now retired from in-ring action.

So naturally, if those royalty payments don’t add up for performers on legends contracts, there’s going to be trouble.

Someone who has never taken a backward step when it comes to trying to secure what he’s worth is Kevin Nash, and all might not be well between WWE and the former World Champion. During a recent episode of his Kliq This podcast, Nash said that he and other veterans have noticed their royalty payments have dipped significantly.

The nWo star added he’s already approached WWE but if the situation doesn’t improve, he’s prepared to take the issue to WWE’s new management.

“I didn’t get a dollar on NWO,” Nash said. “It should be 150% of what I normally get [in the next period], and if it’s not I guess I’ll be putting a piece of paper in Ari’s [Emmanuel’s] hand.”

Nash explained that as something of a peace offering, the company has promised to ensure he’s part of WWE video games, while a Big Daddy Cool Funko Pop is on the way, not that the man himself is too impressed.

“It’s like, I don’t give a f***. I don’t care if I’m getting 7% of the Heinz ketchup packages that you sell to the ballparks, I want the f***ing royalties to what you’re selling to f***ing Walgreens and Walmarts and everyone else in the big 16oz Heinz bottle, I want the bucks,” Nash demanded. “Give me all the Funko’s you want, I don’t get 17% of the Funko’s.”

WWE Legend Kevin Nash Is All About His Money

Speaking on a different episode of his podcast, Kevin Nash sent a message to individuals who wait at airports for stars and get stars to sign mountains of merchandise. The WWE Hall of Famer said that if he’s at the airport he’s likely going to an autograph signing or convention where he’ll be getting paid, so he won’t be signing anything for free.

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