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WWE Official Jessika Carr Makes History At Crown Jewel

Jessika Carr

WWE Official Jessika Carr made history at Crown Jewel when she oversaw the action in two of the event’s biggest matches.

After originally training as a wrestler, Jessika Carr began working as a referee in 2017 after NXT General Manager William Regal encouraged her to switch disciplines.

After two years in NXT, Carr moved to the main roster, becoming the first woman to become a full-time referee on either Raw or SmackDown.

Jessika Carr has now made more history, becoming the first woman to appear as a referee at a WWE event in Saudi Arabia. At Crown Jewel on October 21st, the official presided over the Hell in a Cell match between Edge and Seth Rollins, before officiating the clash which saw Xavier Woods crowned King of the Ring later in the show.

Carr also became the first woman to referee a Hell in a Cell match.

Posting on social media after the event Carr said that she was “blown away” by the opportunity.

In the show’s opening contest Edge finally overcame Seth Rollins in stunningly brutal fashion. The two men crashed through tables, hit each other with chairs, flew from ladders and utilised a thick chain in pursuit of victory.

Rollins appeared firmly in control after wrapping a chain around his foot before hitting Edge with a devastating Superkick. Despite this Edge fought back with a low blow, hitting Rollins with the chain before locking in a cross-face using a wrench across his rival’s face. With Rollins just about to submit, Edge paused then hit a Curb Stomp on Rollins onto a chair.

Later in the show, Zelina Vega won the first ever Queen’s Crown tournament, while Big E, RK-Bro, Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns all retained their championships.