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Former WWE Supestar Jazzy Gabert Reveals She Has Not Had Sex In Two Years Because Men Are “Afraid”

WWE Superstar Jazzy Gabert No Sex

Former WWE Superstar Jazzy Gabert has opened up about her difficulty finding love due to her unique appearance and stature, adding that men are often “afraid” of her and cross the street to avoid her.

In an interview with Bild magazine, a German news and media outlet, former WWE Superstar Jazzy Gabert would open up about her personal life and her troubles finding love in the modern world.

In Bild’s latest piece title “I’m just a woman who needs love” or “Ich bin auch nur eine fraue, die liebe braucht”, Gabert would comment that she is waiting for a “big strong guy” like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson but reveal that in the process she has been single for over twelve years and has not had sex in two.

Gabert, who fans may know best as independent wrestling’s Alpha Female or for her appearance in the WWE Mae Young Classic, would ask Bild magazine readers why are men afraid of her adding that she would like to wake up beside someone but instead the only new addition to her life is her eight-month-old puppy Lucy – who appeared alongside the German native on the Bild magazine cover.

“Why are men afraid of me? I’m just a woman who needs love.”

The Alpha Female would continue revealing that she once had a potential partner put off her after his friends commented that she might hit him if they ever experienced relationship problems.

“They warned him that I might hit him if he had a relationship crisis”.

Gabert is widely regarded as one of the best independent female athletes on the planet with an incredible physique, look and mind for the business, however, she would reveal to Bild that even Alpha Females like to cuddle -especially when it involves ear scratching.

“I love to cuddle. I like it best when the man scratches my ears. My dream would be a big strong guy like actor Dwayne Johnson.”

Inside The Ropes own Gary Cassidy spoke with the former WWE Superstar in 2020, during which Gabert would reveal she regrets re-signing with the WWE and considers it her biggest career regret:

“I don’t like the word “regret” but if you want to call it that, I should have never re-signed with WWE and I should have never agreed to go to NXT UK. It just pains me to think about the time, the wasted opportunities and the behavior of some people there.”

Gabert has taken the magazine article well commenting on Instagram:

Please no applications! Come to my show and say HELLO… I need love at first sight 😜”