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WWE To Be “Heavily Involved” In New “Sanitised” Dark Side Of The Ring

Dark Side of the Ring

A new report has claimed that Dark Side of the Ring is currently on hold, and is set to be replaced by a new project with WWE heavily involved.

Back in early May, it was reported that VICE TV hadn’t yet renewed Dark Side of the ring for a fourth season. This came after Jim Ross, who had featured in numerous episodes in previous seasons said that he had no desire to be included in the future.

The AEW announcer said that he felt “misrepresented” during the show’s episode on the ‘Plane ride from hell,’ and cited some of the show’s editing choices for his decision. Tony Schiavone has also declined to be involved in any future episodes.

Ross’ comments were reportedly played a part in the decision to put the franchise on hold.

However, a fresh report from SEScoops, has offered an update on the show. The report states that following the explosive ‘Plane ride from hell’ episode, it became clear that the show would need to go in a different direction. To this end, creators Evan Husney and Jason Eisener are said to be involved in a new more “sanitised” project.

Furthermore, WWE are also “heavily involved” in the new series. This will give VICE TV access to WWE’s huge archives and contracted talent. Stone Cold Steve Austin has already reportedly filmed content for the series, while more legends will be involved in the coming weeks.

The show has been described by a source as “campfire talks” about wrestling’s past. The new series will be something more akin to WWE’s existing programming on A&E, rather than Dark Side of the Ring’s harder hitting format.

Dark Side Of The Ring has covered the underbelly of the wrestling world over three seasons delving into such topics such as the murder of Bruiser Brody, the life of Dynamite Kid, and the infamous ‘Plane ride from hell.’

After the Plane Ride from Hell episode, Rob Van Dam took to social media to clarify some of his comments on the program.