WWE Introduces New Rules For Superstars’ Social Media Accounts

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WWE has reportedly placed more restrictions on its talents’ social media output.

For a number of years, the company has operated a “no blood” policy, meaning that very rarely will blood be shown on television. There is no blading, with any blood-related injuries being “hard way” injuries, such as Finn Balor being cut by a ladder at WrestleMania 39.

However, while Balor later took to social media to show off the extent of the injury, and the resulting 14 staples in his head, such posts appear to now be a thing of the past.

On the May 2nd episode of NXT, two Superstars including Gigi Doling ended up getting cut and in looking back at the show on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez noted they are now prevented from posting photos on social media.

“There were two segments on this show where somebody ended up covered in blood and apparently there is a new rule that WWE talent are not allowed to take pictures of their injuries and there is an absolute you are not allowed to take pictures of any blood whatsoever.”

WWE rarely uses bloody photos of talent in its galleries or on social media, but when it does the images are presented in black and white.

WWE Stars Return To Twitch

While WWE Superstars will now have to be more careful about what they post on social media, it was recently confirmed that they can return to streaming platform Twitch. The company had previously prevented stars from using the platform via an edict in 2020. However, there is now said to be a “talent-friendly” deal in place.