WWE In Talks Over Legalised Betting On “High-Profile Matches”

WWE Vince McMahon money

WWE fans in Colorado and Michigan could soon be able to bet on the outcome of WWE events.

According to a report from CNBC, WWE is currently in talks with gambling regulators over the issue. The company is working with the accounting firm EY to secure results of matches in the hope that they will be able to convince regulators that there would be no chance of the outcomes being leaked to the public.

Accounting firms PwC and EY, also known as Ernst & Young, have previously worked with award shows such as The Emmys and The Academy Awards in a similar way. WWE is reportedly citing the Oscars betting template as proof that gambling on pre-determined events is safe.

At present, five states allow betting on the Academy Awards, including Colorado and Michigan. The others are Louisiana, New Jersey, and Indiana.

Should WWE succeed, it could alter the way storylines and television are produced going forward. The company proposed that the results of matches would be “locked in” months in advance. In this instance, wrestlers and lower-level production staff would only learn the outcome shortly before the match takes place.

However, it is not uncommon for wrestlers to miss time through injury, and storylines changed as a result, it is unclear how this would be addressed should the proposals be accepted.

WWE To Meet With Potential Buyers

The report also confirms that WWE is set to meet with potential buyers in April as they prepare for the first round of bids. It is believed that Executive Chairman Vince McMahon has slapped a $9 billion price tag on the company, while CEO Nick Khan expects the sale to be a quick process.

There remains no word on who is leading the chase to purchase the sports entertainment giant.