WWE Icon John Cena Praises Unlikely Premier League Star

John Cena getting out of car

When John Cena is speaking to the media about a 6ft 7 giant of an athlete, you could certainly be forgiven for thinking that the 16-time WWE Champion was gearing up for another return to the ring at the next WWE Premium Live Event.

Cena has battled some of the biggest men in the history of professional wrestling, including the likes of The Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane and The Undertaker, so it is perhaps a surprise to hear that in a round of media interviews this week he was actually discussing Newcastle United defender Dan Burn.

John Cena With Surprise Praise For Premier League star Dan Burn

Cena is currently promoting Fast X, the 10th instalment of the Fast & Furious film franchise. The WWE Superstar is set to star in the movie as Jakob Torreto, the brother of Vin Diesel’s iconic character Dom.

Other star names set to feature include British duo Dame Helen Mirren and Jason Statham, with the motion picture set to cost a whopping $340m to produce. The staggering number places Fast X amongst the top 10 most expensive films ever made.

In a clip posted by Burn’s current club Newcastle United, Cena is seen to view a video of the towering central defender driving his undersized vehicle and was quick to praise the former Brighton & Hove Albion star:

“Nice, so I like this. Dan Burn owns a smart car. And he’s six foot seven. People are like ‘no way’.

“This is a conscious effort to make a statement and that’s why cars are like art. They are expressions of who we are.

“This guy knows his self-worth. He looks in the mirror every day and says, ‘I’m enough’. And a fancy car doesn’t define me.

“Dan Burn – nice flex. Sick burn.”

H/T: TalkSport for the above transcription