WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Results

Graphic for Roman Reigns Vs. Jey Uso at Hell In A Cell 2020

WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida tonight as the final pay-per-view event before Survivor Series! Here are the full results and talking points of the night.

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

(Kick-Off) R-Truth defeats Drew Gulak via Pinfall to retain the 24/7 Championship in 5:25

  • Truth and Gulak talk to Lil’ Jimmy until Gulak PUNTED HIM, enraging Truth.
  • Gulak retained the advantage for the majority of the match, locking multiple submissions to keep Truth grounded.
  • Truth managed to retain after rolling up Gulak. Lucha House Party & Akira Tozawa chased him out of the ring before Gulak said that Truth’s childhood hero, John Cena, sucks.

Analysis: A fairly harmless match to kick-off Hell In A Cell. The Lil’ Jimmy skits at the start were fun and the match itself was fine. It’s the same old 24/7 title shtick, which is a shame because I still think there’s a lot of potential fun stuff they can do with the belt but WWE don’t seem to see it that way.

(Kick-Off) Mustafa Ali Challenges The Hurt Business On Behalf of RETRIBUTION

  • Ali says that The Hurt Business are just like WWE: A greedy corporation who only care about profits.
  • Ali proposes a challenge to MVP: One member of RETRIBUTION Vs. one member of the Hurt Business later on the main show.

Analysis: A nice way to fill out the main card and get RETRIBUTION on the show, though I pray whoever they pick wins. After RAW, they need a big win to revitalise them.

Roman Reigns defeats Jey Uso after Jey says ‘I Quit’, retaining the Universal Championship in 29:20

  • Roman overpowered Jey early on but Jey regained the advantage by running Roman into the cell.
  • Roman hits two spears and Jey does not quit. Jey counters Roman’s third Spear attempt, hitting two Uso Splashes.
  • Jey gets a strap from under the ring and strikes Reigns across the back several times before Roman hits a third spear and uses the strap himself.
  • Roman uses the Gullotine Choke but Jay still doesn’t quit. Roman hits the Drive-By Dropkick and Jey refuses again so Reigns hits it again with Steel steps in the way.
  • The referee tries to stop the match but Roman throws him out the ring. Multiple referees and producers storm the ring to try and help, but Reigns locks them in and throws the steps into the ring.
  • Reigns nearly brings the Steel Steps down on Jey’s head but Jimmy protects him. Roman starts crying but locks Jimmy in the Gullotine, forcing Jey to say I quit.

Analysis: A slow, methodical. sadistic and FANTASTIC match. Reigns took his time dissecting his cousin, hitting multiple spears and using the Guillotine Choke to make him pass out. The two exchanged dialogue throughout which made for some fantastic storytelling and Roman would stoop to attacking the still injured Jimmy to get the win. Match of the year candidate in terms of storytelling.

Elias defeats Jeff Hardy via Disqualification in 7:50

  • Jeff taunts Hardy about his alcoholism in his entrance song.
  • The two have a fairly back-and-forth match, at one point, Jeff tries to dive onto Elias after jumping from the steel steps but Elias dodges and Hardy runs rib-first into the barricade which Jeff sold for the rest of the match.
  • Elias tried to bring out a guitar but Hardy kicked it out of his hand and hit Elias with it himself, disqualifying himself.

Analysis: What a weird match, especially to put on right after that fantastic opener. Aside from these two being in a bit of a dead spot after Roman/Jey, it never really picked up. Jeff looks like he was gonna get the win, Elias brought out a guitar and Jeff just decided “Eh, screw the impending win I guess”? I think they were trying to go for Hardy being so caught up in his anger that he cost himself the match, but it just came across very sudden and odd.

The Miz defeats Otis via Pinfall, winning the Money In The Bank contract in 7:25

  • Otis started off stronger, knocking down Miz with multiple running strikes.
  • Miz cheats several times throughout, distracting the ref so Morrison could attack Otis several times.
  • Morrison gets ejected after trying to hit Otis with the briefcase, but as Otis gets caught up in the ropes, Tucker hits Otis with the briefcase. Miz becomes Mr. Money In The Bank.
  • In a backstage interview, Miz puts Drew & Roman on notice and Tucker explains he betrayed Otis because he did everything for the team yet Otis got the spotlight. Otis runs in and brawls with Tucker as we fade back to the ring.

Analysis: Another passable match with a very interesting finish. Neither Otis nor Miz are the stronger in-ring performers so the match itself was fairly by-the-numbers. But the big moment was in the finish when Tucker cost Otis the contract and allowed Miz to become Mr. Money In The Bank.

As much as it’s a bit sudden, I think this is ultimately for the best. Otis has done nothing with the briefcase since winning it and was never going to be a serious champion, even if he did successfully cash in. Miz has the prestige of successfully cashing in before and Otis can go on to have a heated feud with Tucker.

Sasha Banks defeats Bayley via Submission, winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship in 26:35

  • Bayley tries to hit Sasha with a chair as the cell lowers, but Sasha counters with dropkick and the chair flies outside the cell area.
  • There are loads of very creative weapons spots throughout: Sasha sets up a table which she uses to deliver a Meteora against the cell, Bayley catapults Sasha into two kendo sticks suspended in the cell wall, Bayley hits a Sunset Flip Powerbomb into a chair wedged in between the turnbuckles.
  • Bayley brings in a ladder after incapacitating Sasha on the outside and elevates it between two up-right chairs. Bayley tries to deliver an elbow drop but Sasha dodges and hits Bayley with a Bayley-To-Belly onto the ladder for a near-fall.
  • Bayley tries to hit a chair-assisted Bayley-To-Belly, but Sasha counters it into the Bank Statement with the chair around Bayley’s next, causing Bayley to submit.

Analysis: The best women’s match of the year. Easily. Mayeb even of the last five years? I honestly believe if this match had a crowd, it would have eclipsed their TakeOver Brooklyn encounter – Incredible stuff. These two went all out to hurt, brutalise and maim each other, using the weapons and the cell itself to their deadliest effect. They’ve set an incredibly high bar here and if this isn’t the end of their feud, they’ve got one hell of a match to live up to from here on out.

Bobby Lashley defeats Slapjack via Submission, retaining the United States Championship in 3:50

  • MVP accepts Ali’s kick-off show challenge and chooses Lashley to represent the Hurt Business with Slapjack representing RETRIBUTION.
  • Lashley easily overpowers Slapjack, launching him the top rope and delivering several suplexes throughout the match.
  • Slapjack manages to get some offence in after
  • Lashley causes Slapjack to submit with the Hurt Lock but RETRIBUTION swarm the ring before he can celebrate. The rest of the Hurt Business come to Lashley’s aid and drive RETRIBUTION from the ring

Analysis: Another poor showing for RETRIBUTION – Frankly, this match made them look like chumps. Lashley completely dominates Slapjack one-on-one and even when RETRIBUTION have the numbers advantage, they still couldn’t get one-up on the Hurt Business. I could see this leading to an 8-Man Tag at Survivor Series – If so, RETRIBUTION HAS to win.

Randy Orton defeats Drew McIntyre via Pinfall, winning the WWE Championship in 30:35

  • Orton disguises himself as a camera man and tries to sneak attack Drew but Drew catches him. The two brawl outside the cell before Drew manages to drag Randy into the ring to get the match officially underway.
  • McIntyre tries to hit an early Claymore but Orton dodges and lays into McIntyre with multiple chair shots, driving it into Drew’s previously broken jaw.
  • Drew attempts the Air Raid Siren but Orton escapes to the outside. After a scuffle around the cell, McIntyre suplexed Orton into a previously set-up table.
  • Orton manages to find bolt cutters under the ring and uses it to free himself from the cell in an attempt to escape. McIntyre gives chase but Orton manages to knock him down before climbing to the top of the cell.
  • Orton tries to hit Drew with a steel bat but McIntyre dodges. Orton climbs down the side of the cell overlooking the announcer’s table and McIntyre follows, with Orton hitting Drew and causing him to follow through the table.
  • Orton drags McIntyre back into the ring and attempts an RKO but Drew counters into a roll-up. Orton escapes and McIntyre hits a Claymore but Orton rolls out the ring before he can capitalise. Both get back into the ring and Orton counters a second Claymore into an RKO to win the WWE Championship for a 14th time.

Analysis: Another brutal Hell In A Cell match to cap off the night, though probably the weakest of the three. I get it as the main event due to the title change, but I feel like Sasha/Bayley or even Roman/Jey were more deserving of the spot and put on better matches. The critical spot of Drew falling off the cell through the announce table has been done to death the last few years so its shock value is somewhat neutered. Still a very fun match though, with Orton just barely defeating the Scottish Psychopath after one slip-up from the former champion.

Hell In A Cell was an extremely mixed show in that sense that the matches were either very very good or very very average. All three Hell In A Cell matches surpassed my expectations – Roman Vs. Jey & Sasha Vs. Bayley in particular – with the rest of the card feeling a bit throwaway in comparison.

It was very noteworthy show despite this, however, with two title changes; the Money In The Bank contract changing hands; and Sasha & Bayley putting on one of the best women’s matches of the last few years.

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