WWE Hall of Famer Teases 2024 Presidential Run

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Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura has hinted at running for American Presidency in 2024, making him the second WWE Hall of Famer to serve.

Should Joe Biden be unsuccessful in a second term as President of the United States, who, exactly, replaces him will be a focal news story. Biden officially became the 46th President after being sworn in on 20 January 2021, replacing Donald Trump.

Trump was infamously the first WWE Hall of Famer to serve as President, but a fellow Hall of Fame inductee could soon join him in Jesse ‘The Body Ventura’. The former AWA World Tag Team Champion has hinted at running for the role in 2024.

Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004, Jesse Ventura joined Chris Jericho on the latest Talk Is Jericho to discuss potentially serving as the 47th President of America:

“I tell them, ‘Look, if you want the key to whether I’m going to run for office, look at what my hair is doing cause I said, ‘If I’m gonna run, you’re going to see me get a haircut.’

Now it’s more serious than ever. I mean, I dabbled with the Green Party two years ago ’til I found out they were split and were completely dysfunctional. But I’ve been communicating and working very close now with Andrew Yang, and Andrew Yang is the real deal and Andrew Yang is forming what’s going to be called the Forward Party. And we’re calling it that because we want to look forward into the future — we don’t want the past, we don’t want nothing to do with the [Democrats] and [Republicans].

They’re the past, this is going to be the Forward Party, and we’re hoping to get ballot access and candidates on the slate and have a presidential candidate and a convention by the 2024 election. And I’ll tell you why, Chris, right now, 60% of the country doesn’t want [Joe] Biden or [Donald] Trump.”

Jesse Ventura had previously hinted at a Presidential run in 2020 to usurp Donald Trump, but stated that “logistics are not going to allow that to happen.” He’d noted in April 2020 that he was testing the waters for a run, stating that his first choice would be the Green Party.

‘The Body’ hasn’t served in office since January 2003, when he had served four years as the Governor of Minnesota. Previously, Ventura lasted another four years as the Mayor of Brooklyn Park.

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