WWE Hall Of Famer “Spewed Blood” Backstage After Taking A Chokeslam From The Undertaker

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WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is no stranger to pushing his body to the limit, particularly when it comes to his matches with The Undertaker. The pair’s Hell in a Cell bout from King of the Ring 1998 is the stuff of legend, with Foley’s fall through the cage roof forcing a tooth out of his mouth and into his nose as well as giving the star a massive concussion.

However, their Hell in a Cell bout was far from the only time the pair faced off in their storied rivalry, and Foley revealed that a simple chokeslam caused him severe consequences during one of their matches.

Mick Foley Suffered Internal Bleeding From One Of The Undertaker’s Chokeslams

Speaking on a recent episode of Foley is Pod (available early via AdFreeShows), Mick Foley was asked about taking certain wrestling moves and detailed why the chokeslam is a difficult move to take before telling a story of one particular chokeslam from The Undertaker that caused him to bleed internally.

“I didn’t hate it, the chokeslam was difficult, because unlike say, like a suplex, you are absorbing that impact from your shoulders all the way down your lower back, through the buttocks and your feet, right. A chokeslam basically, you’re taking all the impact on, you know, a small section of your back, especially in the old WWE rings before they changed them a few months after the Cell. Just taking a chokeslam, if you land on one side or the other just slightly, you would feel it for a few days.

“And I remember wrestling The Undertaker in Fayetteville, North Carolina, just a regular chokeslam which was not the finish, we went a few minutes more, but I can feel this internal bleeding coming up. And I finished the last couple of minutes looking like Dizzy Gillespie on a hot trumpet solo, you know, because my mouth was just full of internal blood.”

Continuing, Foley explained that he held in the blood until he was backstage because WWE had a strict policy against showing blood on television.

“I made it back to the dressing room. I knew enough, I knew WWE frowned on, you know the blood at that time. Made it back to the dressing room and just spewed blood everywhere, just from a simple chokeslam. That’s not a chokeslam on the ramp or anything of that nature. But that’s the answer. That’s a tough one to take because if you take it wrong, you’re gonna pay for it for a few days.”

Mick Foley paid tribute to his rival when he dressed up as The Undertaker this past Halloween.

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